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The mod started off well enough, you got tension and mystery. You had to explore well and it gave you a indication of what you can pick up.

The annoyance starts with this arbitrary light switching that makes zero sense why it changes like that, and if your left in the dark you end up being chased around and stuck inside a room with that thing right outside, forcing you to reload without a chance. It moves really fast so you end up dying without a fighting chance as soon as you make a mistake.

Then you realize that what you needed was to get a piece of dark rebar near the kennels. Why did the mod not tell us we could pick it up?

Then we finally make some progress only to find that you can't pick up that lantern that is sitting right there in the generator room. So where not allowed a portable light source? Then why show us one!

After we find a key for some reason it magically makes a shutter open for the kitchen. Why does there have to be such a random bull when puzzle games are concerned.

Then we need to collect x-rays that make zero sense to form a number that you guess on a kpad. Abstract puzzle is not fun.

And then the abrupt ending leaves you with questions with so few answers... actually it doesn't even pose many questions, just 3 that we don't know what the dark human figure means, how to kill that thing, where it came from.

I give it a 5 for atmosphere and subtle use of sounds, and pleasantly done intro cinematic.

Apparently there was a bug for that one pickup able item (that rebar I mentioned).. but in a mod based around finding specific items it's noneless frustrating. Anyway there is a point here I need to make. Logic dictates puzzles, having only one thin strand of logic that is the "correct one" with the rest being wrong is what killed the adventure game genre (or rather made it commit suicide). The way of revolutionizing the genre means having more than one way to proceed, either more than one item/tool or even better, more than one path.


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