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Keeps crashing everytime. Very buggy. Not recommended to download and play yet


Shutsman says

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I was extremely disappointed by this game.
The story was mysterious, the monster was creepy, the game play was innovative, the atmosphere was so thick you couldn't cut it with a knife

It was almost everything I was look for in a horror game

But just before I really started getting into it, just before the mystery begun to unravel, a bomb hidden behind a map kills the player and the credits roll...

Honestly the most slap dash ending to the game imaginable, its as if half way through development everyone got sick of making the game, just cut it off where it was and shipped it.

I was gearing up for a climactic ending, perhaps all the power goes out, and you have to sprint through the snow half blind trying to get to the car with the shadow on your tail the whole time, but no.... Building explodes, Game over

I will never download another mod from this team again


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