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This mod is great !
horrific atmosphere, slow vision range, no flashlight, realistic environement... (Clarisse is pretty !)
The mod is short, the map is small, but you can be lost several times anyway.
I would have give 9/10, but...
The end is too abrupt and frustrating.

A great mod anyway, for peoples who loveto be scared in the dark

really freaky game, enjoyed it alot. although the ending came pretty sudden i enjoyed the story and details. overall great mod!!


This is horror done absolutely spot-on. Congrats to all involved.

very good

Holy ****. If this was done with no coding whatsoever then you've made a breakthrough on what the Source SDK can do!

BEST MOD EVER!! Lots of scares when the shawdow chasing you as you hear the footsteps

I havent played it but it seems cool

Really amazing game! It's scary, creepy and damn entertaining.


Pollution756 says

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This mod is probably one of the best I've ever played. The level design is flawless, the atmosphere is perfect, and the ambient noises definitely give it that extra sparkle. The only thing I can say I didn't like about it was the shortness of it. I would love to see a continuation of this. Not a lot of mods or games scare me, this includes the famous Afraid Of Monsters and Cry Of Fear. The sounds that the monster makes are enough to scare anyone shitless. They clearly paid a lot of attention to detail. -Spoilers Coming up- I played it a second time and found a lot of stuff I didn't see the first time. The black figure at the end is one of them, as well as the "I'm sorry" written under the bomb. I also found a room in the lodging that is blocked by a shelf, which contains a soldier who supposedly shot himself (even though there is no gun in the room). This mod is amazing, and I hope to see a continuation of it in the future, or even a full length game. I'd definitely buy it. 10/10. Much thanks and props to the developer for making such an awesome mod!


Shutsman says

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I was extremely disappointed by this game.
The story was mysterious, the monster was creepy, the game play was innovative, the atmosphere was so thick you couldn't cut it with a knife

It was almost everything I was look for in a horror game

But just before I really started getting into it, just before the mystery begun to unravel, a bomb hidden behind a map kills the player and the credits roll...

Honestly the most slap dash ending to the game imaginable, its as if half way through development everyone got sick of making the game, just cut it off where it was and shipped it.

I was gearing up for a climactic ending, perhaps all the power goes out, and you have to sprint through the snow half blind trying to get to the car with the shadow on your tail the whole time, but no.... Building explodes, Game over

I will never download another mod from this team again

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