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An amazing game! I honestly don't know where to start. It's incredibly atmospheric, and the story clicks together very well.

Can't even play it -_-

This is a fantastic video game title, and is one of the most perfected video game titles of the Half Life 2 engine, the Source Engine.

Almost like Playing The Thing except with great graphics and more bizarre story.

There's not really anything bad, i would suggest adding in a Flashlight which you could find batteries for.


I played through this mod in co-op mode with my friend, even though it was co-op we nearly shat our pants a few times and were almost always afraid of everything, very well done. I think the mod was very thought through and not just something made over the night.
I had tons of fun with it and am looking forward to a sequel/something more!


Chaos_Engine says

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Black Snow was recommended by Markiplier, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm glad I did.

The environments are DARK. I've heard a lot of people complain about the lack of flashlight, but I found that one of the most terrifying aspects. Travelling into the darkness without a light source beyond some flares is tense and nerve-wracking.

Trust me when I say that it looks, and sounds, like you're trapped in the middle of the night in a frozen wasteland. The entire station feels empty... except when it doesn't. Those are some of the most terrifying moments, when you realize that aside from the black fungus chasing you in the dark, SOMETHING else is there with you.

All the while you're hoping, praying, and begging that the light is strong enough to stop the fungus from reaching you, because it HURTS when it hits you. I refer to pucker factor a lot when I play scary games; this mod has one heck of a pucker factor.

Now that I'm done gushing, why only 7/10 do I hear you cry?

Black Snow borrows very heavily from Penumbra, which is totally okay, because it works. However, there's another story entirely in the background, involving a field of sunflowers, and a black silhouette on the horizon. It screams and rages at the chance to be told.

This is then shattered by a completely purportless and abrupt ending.

That could work. It DID, with Bioshock 2. The story had reached a proper ending point in that game, and then caused one heck of a sucker-punch to the player. This time around though, the story goes largely untold. I think Black Snow was meant to be longer. Or there was a sequel in planning that never happened.

If their next project is the full Black Snow (as the post on the main page suggests), I'd buy it. I'd buy it, if nothing else to see how it was meant to end, because DAMN, this was shaping up to be just plain CHILLING.

The ending and short length, coupled with the lack of replay value and a couple glitches are what takes away a perfect score.

Play it anyway.

Really original. Love the non-linear scenario, immersive atmosphere, interactive things and puzzles !

This mod took me a while to finish, mostly because I quit a few times due to lag and crashes on the huge maps. My PC doesn't like maps that big even though they are becoming more common in recent mods. Also, I was a little frustrated at first by the lack of direction (even though I sucked it up and did it anyway). Once I figured out its gameplay style it went easier.

This mod is classic. I loved the detail put into this complete conversion, the sound effects, the models, the textures, etc. Yes, some of it reminds me of Penumbra but that's not a bad thing at all. Also I liked how it was creepy, but not at all in a makes-you-jump way, but like a slow build up of strange events as the player learns the story. In the end I was confused and amazed. That's how I feel at the end of a lot of horror games/mods which is good.

And to think that this was mostly done by a single person... wow!

its the good mod

Great Atmosphere and the Co-op addition was fun too.

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