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Very good! I'm not hesitant to say that I just like EVERYTHING about it.
It's quite short for a game, I'd really like it to be longer, because I cant help with my LOVE to abandoned scientific station-winter-snowy-horror setting. But I'm not ranking a game, I'm ranking a mod. And as for a mod, it has my 10.
Completed at one scoop, I just couldn't leave it untill. Exciting, brilliant work. I've only reinstalled HLE2 to try this and I was never disappointed.


healforlulz says

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If mods like 'Grey' are the kind of horror games that I like, then mods like 'Black Snow' are the kind that I love. Narrative with non over-the-top, cheesy dialogue, beautifully crafted --no, exquisitely crafted audio that reflects the cold, unforgiving exterior; the wind pressing at the stressed base, which groans at you as you make your way through the frightening interior. The audio alone would score this game a '10' as every ambient effect was perfectly crafted to add to the goal: a truly frightening atmosphere.

The dead bodies strewn about seem to whisper in your ear when you first come into contact with them; the effect was so subtle that it made the dead bodies actually mean something, and be frightening, other than some 'too-spooky' static objects for you to kite around while you look for whatever objective lies ahead of you.

The visual representation of the game was phenomenal. It was wonderfully rendered and artistic and beautiful in so many way's that were I to elaborate I would run out of characters. 10/10.

The only problem I have with this game was a minor glitch in which the 'fog' would get stuck directly in-front of me and pin me between itself and a wall during the light phases causing my immobility followed by getting bludgeoned to death while simultaneously wetting myself IRL.

All in all this game was wonderful on all front's, and as the Dev's have both proved that they are capable of creating a game's-as-art game, AND have stated that they are going to elaborate on this idea and turn it into a longer full-length mod, I will be following everything that they touch in the indi-gaming world.


malidir says

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Nice mod, nice environment. Managed to create a good experience without a single shot!

The single issue is the ending. I mean, STOP WITH THE "all you did mean absolutely nothing" ending... You not only figuratively, but literally blew all our expectations on finding out more about the base, the floating spores, the stuff on the ground... Just don't.

Few technical 'glitches' occurred for me, though overall was a great mod.


Frustration was on the high for the mod. Just because you know what's what doesn't mean the players knows. This mod had a good idea and I love you're thinking outside the box on it but the monster was scary at first but then became annoying. I wanted to explore outside but that was tarnished by freezing up. Those oil barrels should be able to be lit up to stay warm. The environment was good though with an interesting location but the level design was too boxy in design hidden by dark lighting. GG feels like it could of been worked on longer...

Very cool mod! Nicely designed.

I loved the atmosphere the best, it's pretty mind-fucky and psychological.

Great story, great map, okay "spookiness", and good interactive puzzles.

Pros: Story, Intro "cinematic", map design, puzzles, and monster.

Cons: Sounds, abrupt ending.


Lt_Commander says

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Well constructed horror, with a great homage to The Thing. The ending was a bit of a letdown though. Otherwise a great piece of modwork.

scary =D

Extremely cool. Awesome mapping and spot on sound design complement gameplay that brings back memories of Penumbra quite nicely. A little hard to figure out which objects are significant and which are just scenery, making things confusing at times, but most of the puzzles are fairly logical and rewarding.

Short, but creepy as hell and definitely worth a try.

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