Story: You are a black ops male agent, sent to eliminate DR. Gallagher, former member of the Black mesa science team, who is hiding in the Dead end night club. You aren't able to find him, but in the warehouse, you hear a .357 Magnum being fired. It was DR. Gallagher, that commited suicide. You pick up the bomb (As seen in the case in Opposing Force, with 2 Black ops activating the bomb), Let yourself captured by the grunts, in the jail, go to a dirty rotten cell. you make your way out, get to Black mesa. When you set the bomb, you are shot by Adrian Shepard, but NOT killed. You see the G-man re-arming the bomb, you wake up, but you must get out of there.

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Uses the Poke 646 mods street textures and other urban areas... which is awesome considering it was the only mod to take place in such areas. To be able to go to these sorts of places again instead of the usual Black Mesa is a real treat.
Its quite a long mod to.
Oddly enough the game doesn't take any advantage of Opposing Force which is a shame, the mod came out way after it and it really could have used a military grade knife and sniper rifle (perhaps even a silenced snipe rifle variant for black ops?)
I also think this was a missed opportunity for fighting along side team mates, I mean we only got a chance for that in Opposing Force.
Theres some non-sensical stuff like finding a shotgun at a crime scene which realistically speaking would have been taken as evidence... and no explanation as to how aliens got into metro city.

Its another one of those mods that seems like it adds alot environment wise, unique premise and gives alot of potential for a good storyline.. but then doesn't deliver.
Its also got some pacing issues, being slow and.. well slow. One would think a Black Operative would know what to do, where to go, and fast.

I think the occasional nude poster was quite... eh interesting XD
The female assassins are quite chesty.
Not to distract myself, I felt like it could have been alot more.


When I began exploring this mod, I was really amazed and was ready to set 10/10 as it really fulfilled my dream of playing as a black operative. Even the red HUD graphics was a logical and nice idea, pretty atmospheric and fitting the style, as well as red night vision goggles and the Black Ops squadron logo with an Omega sign.

However, later on I realized that the mod is actually not covering the overall heavy potential (similar to the Opposing Force one). Yes, it looks neat, it looks polished, but the overall difficulty is so easy with a really large amount of weapons and ammo lying everywhere, and the overall speed of the mod walkthrough is definitely slow-paced with not so many things to keep an eye to. The textures are awesome, but as other reviews say, they don't originate from the Black Ops mod which is definitely a pity. The weapon choice was also good and bad at the same time, when you have a silenced Glock (awesome!) and stupid wooden stick with a nail instead of a cool combat knife or enhanced hand-to-hand combat skills like the original Black Ops had (bad); the sniper crossbow is a nice reimplementation of a beta Black Ops concept, but it's barely needed since the mod doesn't provide many opportunities to go stealth. So that in my opinion, the overall idea has a lot of potential, but in fact we can see just another variation of Blue Shift, yet much easier and casual, which is pity, and even new cool features like keys and items don't save the situation.

The comic style storyline looks acceptable, reminding a bit of that noire feeling, and are a nice solution for modders who were not capable to do decent voice acting (like in Cleaner's Adventures I played just before this mod where the voice acting was done really poor and wasted all atmosphere). The outro, however, is done pretty bad IMO since we don't have the same location with the nuclear warhead like we had in Opposing Force but the mod actually has a clear reference to that scene of Op4; it's also unclear what happened to the protagonist after the end of the story which also does not satisfy the tradition of Half-Life and its addons.

Still, it's a pity that we didn't have something more than that. This mod definitely has a lot of things missing.


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Good classic mod for classic game, very nice level-desing, good gameplay and pretty long playtime. If you like original Half-Life, I think, this mod you'll like too.

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Yea, I know this mod is just awesome.

Great mod. Never dies.

One of the best single player mod I've ever played. I love the scenario and the history. The only bad thing is the definition of the pictures that tells the history of the game, I cant read what is written on them.

Good mod.

Aside from it's weird and downright nonsensical storyline, it houses some decent combat sequences, alright mapping, and some Max Payne-esque comic book cutscenes.

A seven.

This was good but sadly I didn't feel like, besides the end (and even then, there was no moments where we fight barney or scientists), in the boots of a Black Ops, the badasses of the badasses of the HLverse... Cool cinematics, also.

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