Run. Think. Shoot. Live. Source. Black Mesa is the Half-Life 2 total conversion of the original Half-Life game. Utilizing the Source engine and its endless array of possibilities and powers, Black Mesa will throw you into the world that started the Half-Life continuum and introduced Gordon Freeman to the world as a gun-toting, bullet-dodging Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.

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You have managed to craft a mod with the quality of a AAA title. Im impressed at practicly every turn on what you managed to dop with the source engine. A, at the very least, 5 year old engine that you have managed to create effects that, by todays standards, look good.
Not only that, you have also managed to stay do some creative changes to the leveldesign without messing with the original design(since it is afterall based on a real game).
Even the voice acting is top notch. You have managed to overcome one of the greatest difficulties of making a mod with a deeper story. Most mods have an alloverly good design but the voiceacting always seems to fall short.
All in all, this is a legendarely good mod!(sorry if I have poor grammar or spelling)

Wow! It's like Half Life 1, but only better! The dev team has truly produced an inspiring product! Playing this brings back so many memories, only with much better graphics! You guys are amazing!

A very good HL1 remake that was worth the wait.

The good:
- Faithful to its predecessor
- Overall good pace
- Updated graphics and so on.
- Soundtrack and most of the games sound is really good.
- Great voice acting

Good and bad:
- The music. Some songs are really good. But on the other hand, there are a few that are less pleasant and does not belong in half life. "my opinion"
The sound effects are pretty good overall. But some are too indifferent, and many are hard to even understand what they are supposed to be. E.g explosions that often sounds exactly like a shotgun. The original was much better.

- The balance between speech and sound effects are wrong. Often it is difficult to hear what is being said. Many times it's the music's fault.
- Crashes Crashes Crashes! Understandable for first release, But Not ok.
- Unbalanced difficult sections. There are around 5 places where they failed with difficulty level and where it is just too difficult. To bring down the helicopter is more trail and error then anything. It was not like that in the original.
- AI and enemy weapon damage is bad from time to time. The marine guys seem to have near perfect aim even when they are at ridiculous long distances from me! That or the guns do exactly the same amount of damage on all ranges. "This was on hard difficulty so it could be that" Other times they wont even hit me when i'm right at their face.

Final words:
Had expected a little bit more after such a long time, and the mod still feels unpolished in places. But it is still a really good mod no qustion about that! Should definitely be played, but I do not think that I will play through it again. Oh well only time will tell! :)

What I love about this mod is that they didn't leave the good parts out, or the interactive parts, like when you blow up the food in the microwave, or the alarm, ect. Overall the design of these levels compared to the original Half-Life is amazing, and it never leaves the feeling that the original game gave. You will always recognize what room you're in. I really wanted to see how the test chamber would go, and it was really good, like it felt much more intense and catastrophic. This is a worthy remake worth playing, and this is coming from someone who played Half-Life on its day of release, so the nostalgic feeling was grand. Great job! I also forgot to mention the music fits the game good as well.


LeonelC says

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A wonderful good-looking mod, but that is all, a mod to look, the gameplay is really repetitive and not-dinamic, most of the weapons are too balanced, pushing you to stick with just one weapon (in my case, the shotgun) to be honest, the mod is more like a chilly ride than a immersive FPS.

The voice acting is faboulous, except for the HECUs, they pushed too hard the acting in that part, making them look like a "Resident evil 1 cameo"

Besides that, I consider this mod as one of the best looking mods on the source engina (head to head with Dear Esther 2, before it was an indie game) and I recommend it as a "must-play".

An eight, -2 for the awkward gameplay gimmick.

I'm waiting for the last chapter, xen.


This was without a doubt the greatest mod that I have ever played. The entire thing felt so polished and professional that it really felt like I had bought a $60 AAA title. Excellent execution and great pacing. I was never bored. Truely a legendary mod.

Awesome mod! 8 years of developement worth the wait. I feel something easier in this game, different to HL1, but, i loved it! Waiting for Xen


The best re-creation of the Half-Life

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