Run. Think. Shoot. Live. Source. Black Mesa is the Half-Life 2 total conversion of the original Half-Life game. Utilizing the Source engine and its endless array of possibilities and powers, Black Mesa will throw you into the world that started the Half-Life continuum and introduced Gordon Freeman to the world as a gun-toting, bullet-dodging Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.

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As promised, the Black Mesa team is proud to present "Stage 2," the final stage of our media release. This time around, you'll see some new and updated media shots in many areas. In response to community critiques, we've updated the Glock and Mp5 weapons, the outdoor area at the

Posted by cman2k on Dec 16th, 2006

As promised, the Black Mesa team is proud to present "Stage 2," the final stage of our media release. This time around, you'll see some new and updated media shots in many areas. In response to community critiques, we've updated the Glock and Mp5 weapons, the outdoor area at the start of Residue Processing, and the Gargantua render. We also have lots of new material to give you, including a high poly model of one of our grunt variations, more shots of Blast Pit, Anomalous Materials, Lambda Core, and an animation of our Houndeye. Several updates to the site have also taken place, courtesy of our new dedicated web designer, Brett Alton.

The Black Mesa team has made the decision not to release any ingame videos for "Stage 2." We are going to save this footage for a much more opportune time, to be revealed in the coming months. You'll thank us for it later, we promise!

here's a taste of our new media, as always, catch it ALL at !

Anomalous Materials 02Anomalous Materials : Test Chamber
Residue Processing 04Lambda Core 09
Gargantua renderMarine : high poly render

Enjoy the new media, and thank you for your support of Black Mesa!

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l0d1z Dec 17 2006 says:

Guys... its a lab.. dirt is a no go.

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Sallycin Dec 17 2006 says:

Wonderful stuff as always :D though, the maps still look a little bit bland. Some cool lighting effects would help.

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h4mx0r Dec 17 2006 says:

Sexy. Very sexy!

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smokeythebear Dec 17 2006 says:


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asethapart Dec 17 2006 says:


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mikewood Dec 17 2006 says:

Add some DIRT to those map textures! :p looks great though but I reckon it could do with a little more dirt cause right now it looks too clean. The level design is some of the best and the models are brilliant. Probably the only single player mod i've ever looked forward to. :D

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TyECOK Dec 17 2006 says:

Looks amazing!!!
The houndeye in the video looks too cute, i don't know how will i shoot something that cute.
Glock now looks better. But I still hate to see that sight on the MP5, can u make one more model without it plz?
Maps look great, just add a bit more dirt and dust as mikewood said. Also i love how you keep the original feel, and don't remake the whole map, so theres no way you can tell on which part of HL1 is this map from.

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investmentbanking Dec 17 2006 says:

holy ****, nice work guys.

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kaiserpanda Dec 17 2006 says:

Black Mesa + Sven Co-op 2 = a win so epic the universe will implode. :)

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Kub Dec 17 2006 says:

Hello, Black Mesa mod Team! :D
First of all, congatulations on entering the Phase 2 of voting. Pff, no doubt you would enter it he-he.
Nice Release, but to be honest, I was waiting for more. More stunning. Nah, I like Garg, houndeye animation video, those Lamba Core shots remind me about SiN: Episodes (it's a praise ;) ) and the Credits theme is awesome... But Anomalous Materials shots are rather poor, and I don't understand, why do you keep showing high-poly renders. Yup, there nice, teasing, etc... But it would be rather disappointing to see a worse-detailed model in game.
All the same, it was a nice month! I was very impressed as a further player :) Can't wait for the first gameplay video.

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Aeneas2020 Dec 17 2006 says:

i don't think the AM screenie is a render its in game im pretty sure ne way guys great work keep it up.

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DrZais Dec 17 2006 says:

amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing

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prob101 Dec 17 2006 says:

In the words of Carl from aqua teen "SU-PA"

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zdfgsfgsdegfs Dec 17 2006 says:

I think I've just sinned my pants.

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Habboi Dec 17 2006 says:

Well I was un-sure but now I have found the mod to vote for.

Brilliat map Rabidmonkey, you worked hard on it and it paid off.

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coshx Dec 17 2006 says:

I like the media very much and I'm really looking forward to this mod! You got my vote ;)

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M_Gargantua Dec 17 2006 says:

Making me gag on awesomness like that at the sight of those AM shots... I almost passed out from lack of oxygen they were so awesome

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