A realistic adventure with a focus on puzzles and logical thinking, based in a fictional lodge. You must uncover the secrets the place holds, all the while fighting for your life in the bitter cold of the Northern Rocky Mountains...

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8 ElectricEye

Mar 26th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't
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Cool (no pun intended) and unusual concept, with an interesting backstory. What could have been stronger was an overarching conflict or purpose. I wasn't sure what my goal was - to keep warm, contact for help, "escape", or what? You basically solve puzzles and listen to tapes because they're there, not because you have a story-based reason to go somewhere (the ending could have been a more anchored goal, although it's hinted at in the notes). The puzzles were pretty good though. You're the only one I can think of who correctly identified the Amnesia hammer as a mallet, a tool which is extremely impractical for its typical use of breaking boards in this game. Glad to see something make sense for a change.

There's no real horror atmosphere, but that's probably not the intention either. It's more about the wilderness closing in on you, held at bay only by walls and windows - and those have collapsed. This is a concept I'm personally very interested in, and it works well here. As you run back and forth in the residence, you can never be sure another "wolf" has not broken through. Penumbra dogs of course look bad and move awkwardly, but that's not the mod creator's fault. What perhaps could have been better is the danger factor. Avoiding the enemies is very easy, to the point of being a non-issue unless you let yourself get trapped in a corner.

The warmth gimmick doesn't come into play much, though that doesn't really matter. At least I'm not hearing chattering teeth. The music is quite tedious. It's not BAD by any means, it's just that it's the same thing over and over and over and over. Well, at least I'm not hearing chattering teeth.

There's also the unfair jumping part. You're more likely to fall down (and trigger the darkness) because the camera unexpectedly jerks you around than because you actually miss the jump. Just thought I'd mention that, because there's quite a big difference between light and darkness.

Anyway, a really good conversion.

russianred90 says
8 russianred90

Dec 1st, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Fantastic story! This custom story had me searching on my feet for hours. Great story, great environment, and perfect use of horror. The feeling of being stuck in a lodge in the middle of a snow dense forrest. It just gave me chills. I couldn't stop playing this. I'm giving a 8/10. Everything about this was amazing. The only reason I'm not giving it a 10/10 is that I think it could have been a bit longer. Possibly more rooms and more puzzle within the house? I really enjoyed the puzzle tapes and was actually sad once it ended. I also felt as though once you reached the basement, I had a feeling the story would end soon. Maybe due to not much to do down there?

Grats on the great story man.

TheWhiteGAMER says
8 TheWhiteGAMER

Apr 28th, 2013

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