This is a mod i made for Half-Life isn't a mod based in Resident Evil

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Urby says

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From what short amount of this mod was playable, it was bad. Over 150MB download to start with, and it turns out that the majority of that is texture files. The "re-skin" mentioned in the description just appears to be a re-color of the sleeves on the HEV suit which must have taken all of 10 seconds to do.

From the first map alone it seems that none of the entities were even rotated after being placed, with all the enemies and corpses facing the exact same direction. The first map featured 2 killboxes with zombies and headcrabs and then the mod crashes at the first level transition.

Not worth the HDD space. Removed straight away.

The maps are poorly assembled killboxs with enemies thrown left and right, and it is so short and so buggy it makes you wonder just why this download file is so obnoxiously large.

Don't bother.


TheZealot says

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Bland, boring, generic, and very uninteresting.


What even is this? This looks like some kinda beta mod that went wrong. :(

Mostly what the other reveiws said... but we have to remember that Even if this mod is just HORRIBLE we all have to remember that this person is starting to create his mods. yeah he IS BAD, but we all started creating a small box like room with a random guard looking towards a wall.

Im still going to give this 1/10 because "my eyes bleed at seeing such of horrible monster" still, I hope the modder makes a better thing someday.


Crypt says

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I've been playing HL1 mods for around 6 years, and I've never once regretted giving a one a chance until now. The developer is clearly inexperienced with any asset of mod creation. I'd be willing to bet he went through half of a tutorial and set out to make this.

The download was unecessarily huge, containing what I'll assume are "borrowed" wad files from other HL1 era games or mods, as well as stock HL1 textures.

Upon booting the game I was greeted with a low-res wallpaper downloaded from a site, as well as a menu in the incorrect language - something I've never encountered before. The first map was nothing but the most undetailed rooms I've ever encountered, filled with enemies facing in the wrong direction and ridiculous weapon placement. I couldn't even load the second map because it's a corrupt file. Good job! That's two things I've never encountered in a mod before, so far.

However, my own idiocy persisted and I booted back up to try to skip that map. I made it a whole 2 minuted before a crash on another map.

Don't be like me, don't waste your time. This is ******* horrible.

LOL, 196 Mb of WAD-files (I doubt, that even 6 mb of these textures were used for maps of the mod), 4 Mb of player models (nothing new among them, so what's the point of putting them?), and the rest of the MOD (some repainted models, 12 unfinished, low-quality & bugged maps and a new game background) is 8 Mb. Epic, you win the prize!

Bad mapping, bore story. Everybody don't download this awkward mod or else you will regret it.

No, just no.



I think the case here wasn't the inexperience by the dev but the intense amount of laziness.

This all just feels slapped together after reading a very bad tutorial which only has been read about 30%.
Crashfest, random entity placement and the worst mapdesign I ever saw. Even trollmods put more effort into brushwork.

Just take a look at the other reviews and the screenshots, or how the only 10/10 ratings are by himself and clearly a friend he asked to do it. You aren't missing a single thing aside a waste of harddrive space when downloading this terrible excuse for a mod.


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