Battlefleet Gothic - The Gothic Wars

The year is 139.M41. A telepathic plea has been heard from Arx Station, all of the stations inhabitants have been slain in particularly gruesome ways. Over the next few months this proved to be only the start in a series of incidents across the sector. It was only when a number of vessels, including an Emperor Class Battleship, were found with all hands lost and filled with decay did the Imperium begin to take notice.

By then it was too late and a large contingent of Death Guard, including the vessel Plagueclaw, took the planet Morganghast. Imperial Fleets were put on high alert, but they were still unprepared for the increase in Warp activity across the sector. Fleets were cut off, communications lost. Doomsday cults erupted all over the sector, lynch mobs roamed many Hive Worlds and secret cults infiltrated many planets.

It was only when the Chaos forces began to take two artifacts did the Imperium begin to seriously worry. On the planets of Purgatory and Ornsworld, two ancient artifacts were taken for an unknown purpose.

It was then than the entire of the Gothic Sector was cut off. And all around, the warfleets of Abbadon the Despoiler emerged from the Warp, for the 12th Black Crusade. Humanity's greatest threat had come to the Gothic Sector and it was to face it alone.

Races of the Gothic Wars:

The Imperial Navy: The war-fleets of the Imperium of Man. The largest naval force in the known universe, outfitted with ships centuries old and highly trained crews, ready to face any threat.

Chaos Warfleets: The vessels and warbands of Abbadon the Despoiler. The Chaos fleets that invaded the Gothic Sector were not just Legions but traitor vessels from previous conflicts, recent turncoats, all sorts of traitors and vagabonds accompanied Abbadon on his great invasion. Legend says that some Daemon Primarchs followed suit.


The current release is a BETA RELEASE; we were sick of delaying the mod's public release so we have given you what we currently have. Regular patches are to be expected!

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BFG Brief Update

News 3 comments

Firstly, I must apologise profusely for this mod having 'died' over the last few months. My own personal life caught up with me and I have spent half the year trying to desperately recover a degree out of it, so my focus has very much been on finishing university, with this mod sadly put to the backburner.

However - within the month I finish university completely, and with that, I will have the free time and energy to dedicate myself to this mod and to finally releasing a full version before the actual game comes out!

However, in order to do so - I need to sound the horn of recruitment:

BFG desperately needs:
- A Coder
- a Texture Artist (3d and 2d)
- a Map Designer
- An Environmental artist.

Orginally, I myself did all of the above, but I realise I have been pushing far too much above my weight. With the absence of Gorb now, I must simply expand the team in order to move forward and release! So if you'd like to join the team, simply email me at haratac @ (remove the spaces!)

Thanks, and there will be an update soon.

Brief Update

Brief Update

News 7 comments

A news update on the progress of the mod and why progress has been sporadic.

0.9 - the Eldar

0.9 - the Eldar

News 4 comments

A summary of the Eldar Race, the next playable race to be released for Battlefleet Gothic.

Battlefleet Gothic - 0.8 RELEASE

Battlefleet Gothic - 0.8 RELEASE

News 5 comments

Battlefleet Gothic 0.8 Beta Version - with AI and UI changes.



News 6 comments

BFG prepares for the next patch - 0.8, with new textures, UI and models to match...and AI at last.

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Battlefleet Gothic  - Beta 0.7 - Part Two

Battlefleet Gothic - Beta 0.7 - Part Two

Demo 15 comments

This is the first public beta for Battlefleet Gothic. The intention was for a first, full release, but studies and work got in the way. Rather than continue...

Battlefleet Gothic  - Beta 0.7 - Part One

Battlefleet Gothic - Beta 0.7 - Part One

Demo 15 comments

This is the first public beta for Battlefleet Gothic. The intention was for a first, full release, but studies and work got in the way. Rather than continue...

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Just a bit of Kitbashing for some light fun and amusement one night.

Everything is a whole new way to play the game and rather enjoyable.
still got to learn how to play properly.

Potential is massive.

I don't understand Skinning to bone on the Murder, So the Heretic I linked together as bones. Allows for more movement and animation easier. It could be a technique I am not familiar with.

Love the work so far.

Might get a chance to do a Schissmatic.


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Haratac Creator

Those models look like mine, please don't modify them without messaging me first.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

All gone. :)
Just for me when released. :)

RT2... Nov 20 2012, 11:46pm says: Online

Was just thinking....

Might be the easiest way to get the light cruisers in. :)

Simple FFE work. :P

I waited a couple of months but heard nothing. :)

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dont know if anyone can help me but when i go on the mod i get no new maps and all the units are pink boxes, help?

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Gorbles Creator

This is a known issue with the current build, I haven't been able to track exactly what is causing the problem.

The next update should resolve this issue completely and I personally apologise for the delay. It's not Heretic's fault, it's mine! Christmas was a hectic time IRL and now work is pretty damn busy.

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not to rush you guys but you said next update in a week it is now a month further and no update yet? waited for the update to play but so slow again and i heared no singleplayer mode is this really so

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Haratac Creator

I've had an incredibly busy month, being Christmas, working 12 hour nightshifts every week til last week, where I spent it with my family - the good news, I have til February off, completely, no uni or work so I aim to get it done by then. Apologies again, but university and full time work is time consuming! There will be singleplayer of course!

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waz up! when will the update be here you think?

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Gorbles Creator

See my reply to Lord_Baal, below!

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and when shall the new update be here you think??

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Highest Rated (3 agree) 10/10

Big accomplishment! possible most awaited mod in the history of DoW.

Nov 19 2012 by Cucaracha

Lowest Rated (6 agree) 1/10

Bad Graphics. Took ages to be "somewhat complete" AI broken. Only Miltiplayer, "several" missed release dates. Broken downloads. Unclear instructions... this mod features all things a mod should "not" have / be.

Nov 20 2012 by Vanquisher

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