Battlefleet Gothic is the game of spaceship battles in the dark future of the 41st millennium. Fleets of enormous starships engage in ship-to-ship combat among the darkness of the galaxy in a struggle for the domination of the Gothic Sector! All the action takes place in the game as you match wits and skill against your opponent. This modification is a total conversion of the base game and replaces the cityscapes and barren wastelands of Dawn of War with the endless cold void of space. Gone are the men and women under your command; you fight with battlecruisers and arcane relics inbetween the stars themselves!

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Races, weapons and visual tweaks as far as the eye can see!

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For both myself and Gorb, these last months have been pretty hectic. He's been studying and finishing up university (on top of many things I'm sure he hides from me, like his secret other modding partner. I know, dammit). As the programming side goes, it's pretty solid. There are balance changes needed, several minor changes as well, but on top of it all, all is well on that department. We'll be testing soon, to get back on track in that department.

Myself, I've had a hell of a few months. On top of working full time, having a major health issue and a family tragedy, getting the time or energy to mod has been difficult, and it still is. What I need to do is finish unwrapping and texturing all the ships for both factions, with help from Fixer from the Relicnews Forums, remodel the points, model some more enviromental assets - at the moment it is just dust clouds, asteroids and space junk, I'll be including wreckage fields, warp rifts and others. In a later post this weekend, I'll post details of all of these. We also have the UI to do and the icons, and the usermenu. Busy busy busy. We knew that neither of us could ever promise a release date from experience, but we can and are promising a release.

The final point of this post: Are there any 3d or 2d artists who would be willing to assist us? I'm looking for icon design, toolbar design, menu design and enviromental asset modelling, maybe even FX. Some help would make this go quicker!


Good to know this project is still green.

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Hope you get better on that health issue and my condolences for the family tragedy,

Sorry cant be of more help though :/

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BloodRaven9 Online

I can't wait for this to finish. Good job guys! and sorry about the health issue and the tragedy.

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I love progress! Please take as much time as you need, my friend. ;)

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