Battlefleet Gothic is the game of spaceship battles in the dark future of the 41st millennium. Fleets of enormous starships engage in ship-to-ship combat among the darkness of the galaxy in a struggle for the domination of the Gothic Sector! All the action takes place in the game as you match wits and skill against your opponent. This modification is a total conversion of the base game and replaces the cityscapes and barren wastelands of Dawn of War with the endless cold void of space. Gone are the men and women under your command; you fight with battlecruisers and arcane relics inbetween the stars themselves!

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Modification Features

Modification Features

Aug 3, 2011 Article 3 comments

A quick list of the features in the mod, in preparation for the first release.

The Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy

May 6, 2013 Article 1 comment

Race Summary of the Imperial Navy race, including units.

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DoW: BFG team
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Released Nov 2012
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