Arctic Warfare introduces snowy and cold environments to the legendary game Battlefield 2.

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Arctic warfare, a mod that specifically is made for what the title states, is a mod that in it's first beta is a very map-based mod. Even still, it is clearly well and hard worked on, and the overrrall quality of the map is amazing.

-Beautiful map, very large and great visuals.
-New weapons and skins are always a great thing in a BF2 mod
-Challenging AI
-The little "easter egg room" inside the bunker :D

-Rather reliant on vanilla bf2
-AI mapping needs to be reworked, as sometimes they get stuck continuously walking into a wall.
-The bots will never go inside the bunker, which is a bummer because I would love to play inside there.

But overrall it's a great fun mod to play, and I recommend it to those who love snow, and BF2.

Nice ;)

very cool mod but also very unrealistic!
since when canada uses black hawks mp5
l96 and more...?and also why there is only 1 map
and also very buggy that let's don't talk about the snow mobile...
but after all that very fun and enjoyable mod
i wish there will be special effects of snow and more maps...


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