Bellum Imperii represents ancient Europe during Marcus Aurelius reign of the Roman Empire around 161 AD. The mod features up to +30 factions from various different cultures.

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8 because it's a alpha but it's very promissing :)

DISCLAIMER: This is a review of Bellum Imperii version 1.0 only. Features may change, and bugs may be fixed in later versions of the game.

After an hour of playing Bellum Imperii, I was somewhat surprised at the certain aspects of the mod itself. What surprised me the most was the use of the mod Brytenwalda as the base for the mod, which very few mods have used to such a decent standard. The armors and weapons are well detailed and enjoyable to look at, and fun to use. But here is the stuff that really bugs me. When I was exploring the Reports menu, I found the Upgrade Tree. I was curious on what the nations have to offer me, in the sense of soldiers, so when I explored into the Upgrade Tree, I see a lot of upgrades out of place. One of the troop trees, the Britons, have Light Warriors, going into Celtic Noble Warrior, to Spearmen (Im guessing its supposed to be Lgt. Warrior, Spearmen, Celtic Noble Warrior). If i'm correct, this may be a bug, or an intentional placement of upgrades on the troop tree. Another tree that is also messed up are the Slavers, they seem to be in order, but they have no clothing or weapons. And that introduces my next pet peeve, some soldiers have no clothing, weapons, or shields. Now, you could be saying "Why did you pick a troop tree with soldiers that don't have weapons, clothing, or shields when you could've picked a nation with soldiers that did, and wait for a patch to fix it you ******* ******?!?" Well, when I actually recruited the soldiers for the first time, they were Roman Serfs. The Roman Serfs had clothing and weapons, no problems yet. But when I upgrade them to Roman Levy, in the Party menu, it showed them with a simple white tunic and a sword. When I deployed the units on the battlefield, 75% of the levy had no clothing, and 25% of them didn't even have a sword. I'm pretty sure that this is a bug because I don't think the Roman government would send soldiers into combat without any weapons, having them resorting to looting like its Persistent World. One of the minor issues that doesn't **** me off as much is that whenever I travel on some part of the landmass, my standardized party icon, which is the walking male, is turned into a trireme, as if traveling on a mass of water. Also, whenever traveling on any form of water mass, 90% of the time I lose 20 Coins because my men are scared pussies, afraid of sea monsters or some nonsensical ********. It may not seem like a big deal, but the continent is literally surrounded by a giant mass of water, that you need to cross to get to another landmass, and there are fucktons of rivers. And did I mention you lose 20 Coins per hour? It takes more than an hour to cross the Mediterranean and Adriatic ocean.And i'm pretty sure Porco Rossolini couldn't even do that flying to Tunisia in his pretty red plane. So far, the mod is great, and the problems are bound to be fixed. Also, I have to give Gokiller props for the fast response on my bug report, thanks for actually listening, and i'm assuming you are attempting to fix any bugs as soon as possible.


Really enjoyed it especially because I really love the Roman era. There's just some bugs but nothing game breaking for me. Just needs more polishing.


I went into this mod thinking it was one of the mediocre ones that you play for an hour and then never really play again. Boy was I wrong! Instead of boredom, you're greeted with an excellent character creation screen that has tons of options to really make a unique character, great art and equipment, INCREDIBLY awesome music that will pump you up and never leave you feeling bored, a map that really feels authentic, lots to do, and combat that feels somehow more fun than what you'd normally encounter in a mod. This is the best early stages mod I've ever played, and not only that, but it's the best MOD I've ever played. Keep up the incredible work, and I'll keep on playing :D
EDIT: It was also a great idea to build on top of Brytenwalda.

Really good gameplay, just a few glitches that are annoying though. All in all its a great mod!

Although alot of work still needs to be done, i have to give this mod 10, The reason for this is because this is literally the perfect warband mod for me. Well done and thank you for this brilliant mod!


Awesome mod. Wish formations and shieled wall were possible. Would be amazing if Testudo formation were created.





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best roman era mod

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8 because it's a alpha but it's very promissing :)

Jan 7 2014 by aldodf