This mod, in development since March 2006, is a mod on medieval Japan. The purpose of it is to make live again with the player, in a way faithful to the history and realism, the wars of the clans which put Japan at fire and blood in XVIème century. It also endeavours to improve the play itself: for example, for more realism, an arrow is equivalent in Battle of Asia, with a death in 60% of the cases, while taking of account the level of the armour of the soldier concerned... The factions are 9, 7 Japanese clans, in more of the Empire of Alta Khan (Mongolian) and of the Ming Dynasty (Chinese). Each faction has basic units, and units specific to its own faction as well as units of elites.

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Good job!!


Fenghuan says

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great mod


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This mod really impressed me.

For every game I have owned, I have played almost every mod for each. I love mods. And I can be critical.

I downloaded this mod years back, when all you could do was fight battles and it was buggy. I loved it then. You don't see ANY mods with Asia that often, and this was the first I saw for RTW. I was disappointing that it did not have campaign mode.

However, the campaign mode was added and I am EXTREMELY happy with the mod. Another reason I am happy is that it didn't just include Japan, it included China and Mongolia, which I personally think makes it better.

I guess the only irritating thing is the bugs and glitches...but they are in EVERY mod. It is rare to find a completely perfect mod, and I haven't actually run into many bugs lately. And I have played so many mods with alot of bugs/glitches that are fifty times worse, so this doesn't mar my experience.

The main issue i have with it is that the Chinese and Mongolians are not in the campaign. I really hope that it is added in the future.

Thanks for bringing a delightful mod to existence.

Sincerely, Commander Tacticus

Not bad


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