The BattleGroup42 team aim to promote team-play in a historically accurate and fun environment set across the battlefields of World War 2. With each successive release BG42 is developing its own style of unique gameplay. Scout forward positions and call in covering fire as a troop of friendly tanks roll forward backed by APC support, fly air cover protecting your bombers from marauding interceptors, assault an enemy beachhead taking the forward positions before moving inland to victory!

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Absoloutely love it!
So many new maps!
So many new experiences!
So much to do and try out, this is the most genious mod wow.

It was okay.

The best mod for 1942 I have ever played! Historically added, well constructed levels, lots of vehicles, weapons, and the most nations I have seen in a mod for 1942. Only possible drawback are the crashes I get sometimes when loading certain maps, and sometimes the AI gets stuck in places on a few maps. Other than that, very well constructed! Can't wait for the next release!


Excelent work !

REALLY long loading times

Great mod! :D

Best mod for Battlefield 1942 around! I'm just installing bf1942 after a long time of not playing it and this is a MUST HAVE.

10/10 WOULD DEFINETLY BANG. -waffle20

Very fun mod.The best second total converstion before FH

Cant say anything because it was too Awesome!!

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