Battlefield 40k's Mission Is to transform the Tabletop game of Games Workshops Warhammer 40,000 into an FPS for the Battlefield 2 Engine. The purpose of our mod project is to put six races in game. The aim for first release is focusing on Imperial Guard Cadians vs Tau Campaign (details on the campaign will be unveiled near release of the first alpha). The Six Races Space Marines Adeptus Astartes, Chapter: Blood Angels Space Marines are genetically enhanced superhumans that form the elite forces of the imperium of man. They are one of the most loyal forces to the Emperor. The Blood Angels were formed by the Primarch Sanguinius, their genes derive from him. During the Horus Heresy Their founder died at the hands of the traitor Horus. Ever since this incident the chapter has not been quite the same. Their geneseed now contains the Black Rage. At times The Blood Angels will lose control to the curse and annihilate all the enemy tearing them limb from limb without mercy. Imperial Guard...

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bf40kadmin Author
bf40kadmin Nov 17 2008, 6:10pm says:

Sorry for losing your posts.

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OMG!72 Nov 17 2008, 8:53pm says:

Can you get sandbags around the gun once you get it working?

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bf40kadmin Author
bf40kadmin Nov 18 2008, 3:51am replied:

I wonder on that one, they do that in dawn of war dark crusade and soulstorm, but I question how realistic it is.

You have a 2 man team, one lugging the gun around and the other weighed down with ammo.

I don't see how either of them could take any more weight on their backs with stacks full of sandbags like they have in dawn of war.

Sure we can set up sandbag areas on the map itself that they could deploy in for defensive positions.

In the standard tabletop game you don't see sandbags that often with the heavy weapons teams.

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Dragon93 Nov 18 2008, 11:10am replied:

I agree on the problem of realism, but the gun i would expect is too big for the guys to carry anyway. But either way, the point of sandbags is all you carry are bags, then you fill them with sand, you dont carry them ready made.

I have to say though, i think it kind of sucks having to rebuild after 5 shots. Would be better if you could simply replenish the ammo with off map support, point being, the IG would then be capable of defence in a way any other side isnt. Balance i guess may be an issue then, but if the enemies attacking them (Tau for example) have high speed and hight health due to better armour, as well as better weaponry, the defences should be balanced. Two man teams would also be encouraged this way, as one man will be able to give the gunner ammo.

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bf40kadmin Author
bf40kadmin Nov 18 2008, 1:10pm replied:

Dragon you misunderstand, we can fire as many shots and reload as we like without redeploy.

However the gun has an ammo limit, and after every 10 shots in the case of the autocannon the mag is changed automatically, and will need to be resupplied by another trooper in the squad with the supply kit.

Have a careful look at what the 2nd trooper is carrying on the left hand side of the video, that is the supply trooper for the shock trooper class (although the vids a little fuzzy).

I asked baneblade to fire only 5 shots so I could keep the length of the video short, sweet and to the point of why it was created.

Our ticket system puts a different value on the cost of different classes.

Tau may have better standard weaponry and armour, but they don't have quite the arsenal of weapons that Cadian Shock Troops infantry has access to.

As with anything playtesting ideas is the best way to balance the game out.

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Dragon93 Nov 19 2008, 12:44pm replied:

Oh i see. I got confused by the description, 4th step was "The process then repeats." To me that meant that going back to the deploy stage every time you finish firing 5 times. Thanks for clearing that up.

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badhotdog Nov 18 2008, 8:09am says:

i have seen a bug at the hand of the trooper who making that video

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bf40kadmin Author
bf40kadmin Nov 18 2008, 1:12pm replied:

We need an animater to correct that (which we do not have at present), we do our best though.

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badhotdog Nov 18 2008, 2:22pm replied:

no problem :)
anyway its briliant as always

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M.CIarkson Nov 29 2008, 3:38am says:

Can we put this up onto sandbags like in Gears 2? Or do we have to sit out in the road. Because we would just get owned by vehichles fairly quickly.

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bf40kadmin Author
bf40kadmin Dec 2 2008, 2:37pm replied:

That depends teamwork and how well you deploy it in the terrain that surrounds you.

If you put it out in the open of course your going to be toast fairly quickly, and not just from enemy vehicles.

Just remember these weapons are a thorn in the side of enemy vehicles and infantry units alike if used properly.

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ripper1234 Jan 11 2009, 12:08pm replied:

I think that sandbags could be and option, but using them would increase time needed to deploy the gun. Also while sandbags would provide good cover against small arm fire they should get damaged (and eventually destroyed) by heavier weapons (like Burst Cannon or Heavy Bolter) and heavy weapons should blow them away with few hits.

Also I just found this mod, and I'm really impressed, keep up the good work.

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Pandango Jan 16 2009, 4:31pm says:

from what i see i like the tank the most :P

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mur-gul Feb 3 2009, 10:14am says:

moddel looks like lascannon

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I_R_MODDER May 6 2010, 1:43pm says:

whens a playable beta come out for the mod?... Id like to try that out already.. even if it is jsut testing for glitches lol..

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tk210 Aug 17 2010, 5:24pm says:

i like it. just 1 thing the fingers are all bony and kinda weird idle animation

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Inaith Lead Coder for BF40K - BF2 recently made a breakthrough in Alpha v0.95 with the Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons.
In earlier versions the weapons once deployed, could not be redeployed.
This video is a demonstration of the breakthrough that has been made.

Description of what is occuring in the video:

1. The Autocannon Platform is deployed - and then repaired using a wrench. (It spawns with low health).
2. Five Shots are fired from the Autocannon.
3. The weapon is dismantled using another type of spanner.
4. The process then repeats.

We are hoping to improve on the exploding effect when the thing is dismantled.

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Nov 17th, 2008
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