Battlefield 40k's Mission Is to transform the Tabletop game of Games Workshops Warhammer 40,000 into an FPS for the Battlefield 2 Engine. The purpose of our mod project is to put six races in game. The aim for first release is focusing on Imperial Guard Cadians vs Tau Campaign (details on the campaign will be unveiled near release of the first alpha). The Six Races Space Marines Adeptus Astartes, Chapter: Blood Angels Space Marines are genetically enhanced superhumans that form the elite forces of the imperium of man. They are one of the most loyal forces to the Emperor. The Blood Angels were formed by the Primarch Sanguinius, their genes derive from him. During the Horus Heresy Their founder died at the hands of the traitor Horus. Ever since this incident the chapter has not been quite the same. Their geneseed now contains the Black Rage. At times The Blood Angels will lose control to the curse and annihilate all the enemy tearing them limb from limb without mercy. Imperial Guard...

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Tau Hammerhead WIP texture
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lookin' good!

is the hammerhead going to operate only as a railgun platform, or will the ion cannon version make an appearance as well?

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bf40kadmin Author

There are 6 main turret options for the hammerhead. The mini turrets are interchangeable between missile pods and burst cannons. You have the possibility of 12 hammerhead variants.
Ion Cannon and Railgun from GW the rest from forgeworld here:

Then you have the Skyray with its Seeker Missile Launcher

No Ion cannon as yet, but the weapons options and other upgrades are fully modular in design. New weapons can be added later.

Right now I want the artist we currently have to fix the current list of models we have for a basic release.

Keeping it basic, if you add new variants that adds to coding, effects creation and testing which will delay the mods release more.

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thanks for clearing that up

I was also wondering if that "instant hit" implies a targeting system or being able to one-shot a Russ. While both sound pretty cool, I'm not sure how it would balance

I'm really looking forward to this. Keep up the good work!

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bf40kadmin Author

It means that the projectile will be much faster than a battle cannon shell. Just as a lascannon would be instant hit.

As for killing power that depends on what part of a vehicle is hit and its armour thickness. Not in the front armour where its armour 14. We are aiming for semi real semi arcade play so we shall see. I did convert the 40k rules as much as possible into the damage system but on an absolute damage basis (i.e. if something is hit it will be hit) you can't roll to hit in an fps!

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Very good model, and still hopping the mod maybe sees the light on BF 2 or BF 2142.

Though one part looks a bit off to me and thats the turret / Barrel
It looks to small and weak, out of place compared rest of the Tank which is superb.

Maybe make the turret more aerodynamical like the whole vehicle is, or no turret and the cannon is placed directly to the main hull, a bit like the PAC tank from BF 2142.

Keep up the good work ^^

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Modelled by adam, tweaked, uvmapped and textured by CGLewis

The Tau Hammerhead is the Tank of the Tau Empire, faster and more manouverable than imperial tanks, it trades this off with slightly weaker armour. It is armed with a Powerful instant hit railgun used on heavy armoured targets. There is a Subunition round that has a blast used for taking out lightly armoured infantry targets.

Mini turret mounted burst cannons kill off infantry that get to close.

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