After nearly 5 years of brutal fighting between the European Union and the Russian Federation, a depression has gripped the Western World. The EU has been decimated and requires a huge amount of natural resources to rebuild their former glory. Scandinavia is the obvious solution being one of the last places in Europe capable of maintaining financial stability. Sweden and Norway agree to sign a alliance with the EU and form the SADC (Scandinavian Armed Defense Coalition).

Russia, although rich in resources from Asia, notices the EU's interest in Scandinavia and begins talks with Denmark and Finland. The two nations form the DFF (Danish-Finish Federation) with Russia. And so hostilities begin. In December 2027, Denmark invades Sweden with complete surprise triggering the start of the Scandinavian Wars. Norway joins in on Sweden's side but provides little support. A few weeks later, Finland also attacks Sweden by launching amphibious landings at Gotland and Österrsund, both Swedish territories. Both Denmark and Finland claim that they invaded Sweden and Norway because they were desperate for resources.

Another threat has grown in the north. Iceland has isolated itself from the rest of Europe since the end of the Second World War in 1949 and has secretly been building military strength for an invasion of Greenland, Norway and Svalbard to try to build a new Norse Empire. Iceland also has secret nuclear missile bases in the Arctic circle that pose a threat to the entire Northern Hemisphere.

Sweden - Sweden is one of the only countries left in Europe that has financial stability. A member of both the EU and the SADC. Sweden has the largest and most advanced army in Europe.
Norway - Norway is not a member of the EU so wasn' t crippled due to the Russo-European War. Only shares it's plentiful resources with Sweden, hence it's financial stability.
Finland - Finland is a close neighbor and friend of Russia. They left the EU before the Russo-European War but still served as a battle ground. The longstanding rivals of Sweden.
Denmark - Denmark was a member of the EU during the War, but left afterwards due to the EU's instability. Desires both Norway and Sweden's resources due to the huge Danish consumption during the War.
Iceland - Iceland has lived in isolation since the end of World War II (1949). They now seek to destroy the rest of the Northern Hemisphere and create a new Norse Empire. Lead by the young and ambitious King Magnús.
Greenland - Greenland has experienced a huge population boom due to the finding of plentiful natural resources. It's wealth is spectacular and it's military is high-tech.
Russia - Russia came out victorious during the Russo-European War. It continues to sustain itself from the resources of Siberia to the East. Russia has now turned it's attention to the conflict in Scandinavia and events closer to home.

Development Team:
Team Leader, Tweaker, Music, Mapping, 3D Modelling: MagnúsTheCat
Tweaker, Texturer, Mesh Hacker: ACE_Sweden
Mapping, Tweaking, Textures: KarthikTheCat
Mesh Hacking/Editing, Mapping, 3D Modelling: NinjaTheCat
Mapping, 3D Modelling, Others: on1ondevelopment
Animations, 3D Edting/Modelling: Develop013
Textures, Tweaking, Mesh Hacking/Editing: VinnyTheCat
Tweaking: Themanwithafan
Wallpaper: empireman0102
Testers: Turkish007, MasterofMetal, Battlebro19,๖ۣۜDeath๖ۣۜMachine, Themanwithafan
Retired Devs: GordonTheCat

Battlefield: Scandinavia

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Mod News

1 year ago News 6 comments

The vote for the proposed backstory change is know over and the results were:

No - 19 and Yes - 0

So the winner is no, the story will not change.

In other news, GordonTheCat has decided to stop modding and has stepped down as team leader for CAT Mod Development and handed over the role to me. (The development of all the mods will continue despite the loss of Gordon on our team!)

CAT Mod Studios Team Leader

Potential backstory changes (Community Vote)

Potential backstory changes (Community Vote)

1 year ago News 20 comments

Hey guys, I understand that alot of Finish and Danish fans don't like the idea of their nations being the aggressors. I have taken their points on board...

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TheEyesArtist Sep 11 2014 says:

Am I the only one, WHO thinks that it sounds like all of the countries has been overtaken by some war crazy dictator? or am I just standing alone on that?

+1 vote     reply to comment
MagnúsTheCat Creator
MagnúsTheCat Sep 11 2014 replied:

No, that's not the premise of the mod. All the countries have reason for the war because Europe has been devastated by a huge war with Russia and the ecnomy of the western world has collapsed. Sweden and Norway are the last countries with plentiful resources and Denmark and Finland need them to survive as they too were devastated during the Russo-Europen War.

I just wanted to see Iceland try to rebuild a Norse Empire in a modern setting so that's why they seem to be war crazy but I guess they kind of are

+2 votes   reply to comment
Guest Oct 15 2014 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

TheEyesArtist Jul 17 2014 says:

If I may come with a suggestion, in the Reykjavik Harbor map, couldn't they battle Denmark, Finland or Russia, as it seems that it is the only 3 countries, they haven't faced in this mod?

+2 votes     reply to comment
GordonTheCat Creator
GordonTheCat Jun 7 2014 says:

That's it. It seems that half the bf2 community don't like me or appreciate what I do so what's the point in even modding? I have come across some great and friendly people here after my year on this site but I have encountered even more trolls and haters. I have been evolved in so many comment wars that I have lost count.

I'm done.

+4 votes   reply to comment
๖ۣۜDeath๖ۣۜMachine Jun 10 2014 replied:

I'm sorry to hear that your not going to mod anymore.. I remembered when i first came here. I maked a acount to just ask one question. And that was: Where can i gett the download? Cuz i'm from Norway and this mod has Norway faction in it! This mod is so cool!) And then you replied with that you did'n have the files for the BETA anymore and that you where sorry but that i sould ask someone that maybe could have it:) Some days later you sended me a massage about testing!:D I where happy and i asked yes:) Well sorry for "spam" but i'm just thinking that it's so horrible that your going to stopp with modding.. Shame all you out there that said those bad tings!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Koala_Bear Jun 8 2014 replied:

I am really sorry to hear that. The modding community has lost another great modder...btw hw do i contact poe2 dev? The last dev online is 3 years ago.

0 votes     reply to comment
DukeOfJudea Jun 9 2014 replied:

Dude be original for god sake!

+2 votes     reply to comment
[KB]ACE Creator
[KB]ACE Jun 9 2014 replied:

Trust me you're wasting your time. This is what they said to me: "Hello,
POE doesn't allow our content to be repackaged within other mods. Sorry

Good Luck With Your Project

+4 votes   reply to comment
Guest Jun 8 2014 replied:

thats it your just gonna give up on this?
The reason why people are hating and trolling is because they realize that your a talented modder and have way more skill then they can imagine of having, there jealous, nuff said
Dont ruin what looks like a great mod, due to comunity

+3 votes     reply to comment
GordonTheCat Creator
GordonTheCat Jun 8 2014 replied:

People have told me I should kill myself and have said hurtful things about me, my family and my friends. It's the kind of **** I don't want to take on a daily basis.

I have had enough.

+3 votes   reply to comment
hs99802 Jun 9 2014 replied:

Gordon you shouldn't stop modding because you are one of the amazing few people out there that know how to mod. Even if people bring you down, you just giving up like that means you are letting yourself lose to them because you are letting them get what they were trying to achieve. They want you to stop, and if you stop you have lost to them, you mustn't just let them win like that, by continuing and being able to ignore those people you win over them. People that can be called stupid and not do something stupid and fight back aren't stupid or weak. Those that fight back from being called stupid are stupid. It does not matter if you fall down, it only matters if you pick yourself up or not. The veil of ignorance isn't shed, but many men stay warm within it's dark secrets. ignorance is bliss.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jun 8 2014 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Alfabetet Jun 8 2014 replied:

I really think you should continue with this mod but atleast make us download what you have
i have waited a long time so please make a download

+3 votes     reply to comment
GordonTheCat Creator
GordonTheCat Jun 8 2014 replied:

The rest of the team will carry on with out me, so this mod isn't dead, none of them are

+4 votes   reply to comment
canada1 Jul 26 2014 replied:

shame to hear that. it doesn't matter what those people think if just ignore them.[i know that's easier said than done]

+2 votes     reply to comment
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