In 2142 year unknown illness suddenly attacked all PAC, slowly in shadows changing them to zombies. EU without any preparations need now fight and destroy all undead forces, to save humankind from death.

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Dec 8 2011 Anchor

ChangeLog 1.1:

Fixed a bug which could cause sometimes game crash after trying to pick up zombie kits by EU;
Removed previous music and added new with better climate;
Removed intro movie to lower a little mod weight;
Changed most of sounds to new better one;
Changed all mod old background pictures to those with more "darkness" climate;
Added new better looking borders;
Fixed blue background squad list, which appeared when player tried to view as a member of squad;
Removed snow weather from map Cerbere Landing;
Removed glowing lamps from Camp Gibraltar;
Decreased A-1 Heavy Bombs magazine from 6 to 1 for Phoenix Bomber;
Decreased A-2 Photon Bombs magazine from 2 to 1;
Increased A-1 Heavy Bombs damage from 400 to 500;
Removed release sounds for bomb weapons and Supply Droper;
Removed unlimited ammo for Phoenix Bomber double cannon and added one magazine with 1000 rounds;
Increased for Phoenix Bomber double cannon projectile splash damage from 15 to 20 and direct damage from 30 to 40;
Added ability to drop A-1 Heavy Bombs manually, so player can drop how much bombs he want (not 5 at once only);
Restored helicopter engine used by pressing button S (default) to Phoenix Bomber;
Decreased Photon projectile explosion force to 8 from 10;
Decreased Photon projectile explosion radius to 8 from 10;
Armor with lights no longer work in maps where is daylight, only on night maps;
Added icon which indicates that Hunter kit can't use armor with lights;
Modified each kit background to look better;
Modified some ingame icons;
Modified kit's spawn menu;
Added bomb crosshair to Phoenix Bomber hud, so now bombing can be more accurate;
Increased RAIN-4 HHR Gun missile lifetime from 6 to 8;
Increased RAIN-4 HHR Gun missile direct damage from 50 to 60;
Increased view distance from 120 to 200 on map Verdun;
Added shoot sound to zombie's Acid Missile weapon;
Lowered heat add from 0.06 to 0.05 in X-2000 Laser Gun;
Removed small particles from Xwave explosion effect;
Restored default walking sounds for both walkers;
Added static shotgun;
Added shotgun model to Shotgun Drone;
Modified survival game mode description;
Tickets no longer exist in mod, now is energy, which works little different;
Every time team takes energy point (flag), gains additional 10 units of energy (one time every flag take);
Added new mod story;
Raised the energy drain count from 10 to 20 when Ghost kill a player;
Added new weapon for Weapon Master - Medi Krylov;
Raised points gained for some awards;
Raised Red Emperor's laser projectile fly speed from 100 to 200;
Removed Stigma RailGun;
Modified Plasma Pilum to be Stigma Plasma Gun and added projectile token from Stigma RailGun;
Changed sound of Stigma's Plasma projectile explosion;
Added new weapon for Demolisher - Small Repair Cell;
Added four bots to EU in singleplayer mode;
Renamed Weapon Master's drones;
Added few commands to multiplayer games - for example restart map, run next map;
Added new tips in map loading screen;

ChangeLog 1.0 (Cancelled*):

Balanced Tickets for both teams;
Balanced ticket loss per minute at some maps;
Decreased Ricochet Launcher weapon reload time to 4 seconds;
Decreased number of projectiles fired by Ricochet Launcher from 60 to 40;
Decreased Ricochet Launcher's ammo magazines from 10 to 4;
Fixed takeable flag in multiplayer mode on Cerbere Landing map;
Removed weapons that spawns vehicles from kits on small maps;
Added few Zombie Vehicles to map Verdun;
Raised points/kills needed to achieve certain awards;
Added new zombie type "Ghost";
Fixed zombie walker which was spawned as neutral vehicle on map Highway Tampa;
Fixed takeable zombie kits - picking them up will end in soldier death;
Removed in minimap buttons that allowed to call several commander things such as orbital strike;
Changed Flyer's Motion Detector radar look to standard(not radial radar) one;
Fixed Silent Beacon's picture in Hunter weapon's menu;
Changed Napalm Grenade's ammo magazines from 3 to 2 and also now you can't replenish it's ammo;
Added overheat to X-2000 Laser Gun;
Added overheat to RAIN-1 Grenade Launcher;
Loosing EU flag and fortress at map Highway Tampa cause immediately loose for EU team;
Added new gamemode "Treasure Hunter";
Removed ticket loss for suicides in Zombie(PAC) team;
Removed parachute from zombies;
Removed Electric Spider Mines from Demolisher due this weapon not fit this kit;
Added Stigma Railgun weapon to Demolisher;
Changed some loading map descriptions;
Modified Defense Shield, now it's created by special pistol;
Added "Vampire" skill for "Ghost" zombie and weapon which allows use it;
Added weapon "Wraith Touch" for "Ghost" zombie which is able to damage vehicles;
Raised damage of Electric Spider Mines;
Decreased explosion force of barrels and crates from 20 to 2;
Modified blood_knife_dcsa projectile explosion effect to look better;
Added Electric Spider Mine Layer to Armored APC A-20;
Decreased life time of Electric Spider Mines from 600 to 120 seconds;
Added flames to explosive crates/barrels which appears after explosion of them which can also damage soldiers and vehicles;
Fixed Red Emperor Missile hud that didnt showed healing cell;
Added weapon names to Phoenix Bomber hud;
Modified ammo and medic boxes icons;
Raised range from where can be see icons of ammo and medic boxes on 3dmap;
Modified Parachute icon when soldier fly;
Fixed takeable EU(Humans) kits when in Zombie(PAC) team - picking them up will end in soldier death;
Fixed Silent Beacon that didn't showed properly it's icon on 3d map;
Fixed Spawn Beacon that didn't showed properly it's icon on 3d map;
Added weapon names to Armored Apc hud;
Modified mod icon;
Added new intro movie;
Added borders to some huds.
ChangeLog 1.0 Beta (Cancelled*):

This is first version, many new features.

* not means that changes/fixes has been removed.
ChangeLog is updated every change is made to mod, even if there is no release of new version.

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