I recently got tired of BF3 after over 100 hours of play, the lack of modding/mapping tools has caused it to get stale for me. So I came back to BF2, but the crappy weapon handling bothered me. Thank god for mods. In a week or so, I had whipped up a pretty slick realism mod. Currently I'm bug testing and balancing it for possible multiplayer use.

My biggest peeve in BF2 was how crappy automatic weapons are. From 10 feet away, I struggled to tag an enemy with an M249 SAW light machinegun while aiming down the sights. The bullets were spraying everywhere, but no hits. Finally, he turned around and knifed me.

Mostly this is just some tweak files that change various stats, but the overall feel is totally different from standard BF2. Try the M249 LMG, and if you ever used it in BF2, you'll immediately notice a difference, the overall feel and gameplay far more realistic. Battles tend to be over far quicker, since one or two shots will kill infantry, and anti-vehicle weapons are far more effective. Also included is singleplayer/co-op support for most maps in 64 player, although some smaller maps only support up to 32.

Right now, the mod is pretty much done, but I just want to know if there is any interest in it, since BF2 is pretty old. If there is someone interested, I'll release it. I'll soon post a video and some images up, although they don't really do the mod justice, since none of the changes are really visible.

If I can get 30 or so people interested, I will consider hosting a server for the mod, although the BF2 community now seems mostly dead :(

Feature list (updated every so often):

-All weapons have more realistic damage (about 2-3x increase), also spread on automatic weapons has been reduced to a much
more realistic amount.

-Slightly asymmetrical warfare, no longer are the team differences mostly cosmetic. For example, the US tends to have better
tanks and armor, but the Russian fighter jets are better than almost every US jet, bar (perhaps) the F-35. The best jet is
the Russian MiG 29, but the US M1 Abrams tank is the best MBT.

-Most weapon/vehicle stats taken from their real life versions, excepting "damage" and "hitpoints", for obvious reasons.

-Weapon overheats have been tweaked to be less common, but when they occur, your weapon is left useless for far longer.
Also, miniguns and other multi-barrel weapons can no longer overheat.

-All mounted weapons now have ammo limits and magazines/belts that must be reloaded.

-Missiles and such projectiles now fly far faster, to match real-life specs. They also do far more damage, both on impact
and from the splash damage. The higher travel speed makes heat-seeking missiles far less useful in close quarter air battles.

-Jet fighters now have a speed limit of about 1.6-1.8x faster than before. They are also far more agile.

-You now only get 4 sets of flares, but there is only a 2-second use delay, and they are far more effective. They can be
refilled by a support class, but NOT by the airfield (to reduce air whoring).

-A few classes have been tweaked to receive different weapons/equipment. There are no longer shotguns in the game, most
classes carry far more magazines for their primary weapon, and less for the sidearms. You carry less frag grenades,
missiles and other such explosives.

-Explosives now have a bigger blast radius and do slightly more damage.

-MBTs and Light Armor now go "critical" (start burning) at 1/3 their health. They burn at only half the speed, though.

-Jets start to burn at 2/3 health. This makes gun kills much easier to pull off. Heli's burn at 1/3.

-Light armor has far less health than MBT's now, before they were the same.

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1 month ago Players Model 1 comment

Deadpool is a Antitank player with Tank buster,specops M4Carbine,C4charges,silenced pistol,knife and Defibrillator to revive the immobilized guys,You...

BF2 Reborn V0.5

BF2 Reborn V0.5

3 years ago Full Version 4 comments

The BF2 Reborn beta MOD files. The 64-player map files will be uploaded separately, due to their large size. This is still a beta and may be buggy (and...

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iDSD Jun 10 2012 says:

Ummm... When mod is downloadable?
I mean, is mod ready yet or is there problems to upload it?

Oh, it's 2 Gb... But will it rally take 10 days to upload it?
Torrent possible?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Jun 11 2012 replied:

Hmmm, good idea, right now I'm trying with Mod DB, but no luck yet. Give me a few more days, then I'll see about torrents.

+2 votes   reply to comment
iDSD Jun 11 2012 replied:

Good luck with it...
Maybe moddb allow you upload it, because it's not so big (2 Gb)
Example Nations at War 7.0 have very large filesize(under "summary" it say it's over 10 Gb so...) and torrent for it is only way...

But for someone torrent will be good to download...
All is in your hands...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Jun 12 2012 replied:

I just uploaded the core mod files, minus the 64-player maps, which are 1.9 GB. I will probably host a torrent for them soon, if Mod DB won't cooperate.

+2 votes   reply to comment
EnforcerInfantry May 31 2012 says:

wuey :D another great mod that will be realeased

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 23 2012 says:

Mod will be coming soon, having trouble uploading it, since it's almost 2GB big... Hang tight.

+2 votes   reply to comment
R4ZOR124 May 14 2012 says:

can I ask?? Do this mod requires updated bf2??? and r u planing on making a 3d ironsight ???

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 14 2012 replied:

It will require the latest update, and the beta release is likely to require Special Forces, although a non-SF version will come soon after.

As for 3D ironsights, no plans for that yet, this mod is made to be small and simple.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Deuce_Savage May 13 2012 says:

Top Ten tanks of the World - Youtube.com - Top Six Tanks of the World - Youtube.com - Its a matter of opinions but the Abrams was always in the top 5, amoung the best.

0 votes     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 13 2012 replied:

Pretty much this. I for one got bored of completely identical tanks (except cosmetics), so I made them slightly different. Russian fighter jets are a bit better than US fighters, though. Except maybe the F-35, although I haven't used it in combat against a real player yet.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Wht.Rex May 13 2012 says:

"but the US M1 Abrams tank is the best MBT."

Wrong there buddy. What makes you think Abrams is better?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 13 2012 replied:

It has more HP/tonne, thicker and more advanced armor, and it is built by the country with the largest military budget in the world. Not to mention is likely has far better electronic systems. Of course, they've never seen conflict against each other, but if I had to crew one tank in battle, it'd be the M1, easy.

+1 vote   reply to comment
mr_cookie May 13 2012 says:

Sure! but i have been having problems with the CD key is not valid D: EA just kept giving me new cd keys but they barely help :/ so the only way i play online is on cracked servers D:

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 13 2012 replied:

The server likely won't be ranked, so don't worry about it too much, you should be okay.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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