Battlefield 1918 is a total conversion modification for Battlefield 1942. The mod takes Battlefield 1942 into a whole new scenario, the first world war. Next to historically correct equipments and vehicles, we try to recreate the atmosphere of these WW1 battlefields as close as we can, keeping in mind the game we're working with. To achieve this, we've drastically changed the gameplay from the original game like so that you must now rely on teamwork, artillery, trenches and slow vehicles....

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Battlefield 1918 is still alive and got a new developer team. We will soon release the final version of Battlefield 1918 (3.0), so check out our media.

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For some time, Battlefield 1918 seemed to be death...this was however not the truth and the supreme command of inside1918 now calls for a new age of Battlefield 1918. The inside1918 Team has adopted the development and publishing completely, and we think our Battlefield 1918 entry on MODDB needs a little renovation.

Hereby we officially reopen the Sunday Night Games:

We can now offer the Serverfiles 2.8 and also the Singleplayerpatch for 2.8 for Download. There won't be a patch, as it would be as big as the Full Installer

We do also herby announce the Battlefield 1918 Major Release 3 includung some new stuff and nations.

The Askari were auxillair troops fighting for the Germans in East- Africa. Senegaleses Forces also fight on the african battleground, some units were even engaged on the western front.

The United States of America send their Doughboys the the battlegrounds of Western Europe from 1917 on, supporting their french and british allies. They were equipped by them, e.g with the Mark IV Tank:

Heavy Artillery was given by the French, the AEF used their 155mm Guns. The Mark IV tank was also used by the germans if they were able to capture one as they had less own tanks.

We are also proud to present you a screenshot of our all new austrian-hungarian soldier. The austrian soldiers replaces the Germans on the „Monte Piana“-Map, and soon they will march on other alpine maps as well as on the plains of Veneto.
You should definitley check out the new nation not only by looking at their fine uniforms, but also by listening to two of their voice commands:

Talking about new uniforms: The next Screenshot shows new clothes for the french soldiers, as they were worn in the early days of WWI. We are going to use this new skins for the French on maps that take place in 1914.
Last time we showed you the american version of the british Mark IV, and today, we have a screenshot of two FT 17-tanks used by the Americans.

And now, for something completely different – a all new map: Amiens, which took place on the 8th August 1918. The troops of the Entente managed to break through the enemy lines by a massive tank assault, and therefore sealed the fate of the German Empire.
In the game, the french have to break through three of the german defense lines in order to achieve victory, so this map features the new „assault mode“. This means that the French have to make their way from the frontlines to the less fortified rear. Both sides fight with tanks, planes and rigid airships. By the way: The mine shown on the screenshots is a gift from the Forgotten-Hope-Team!

Not enough media? Well, here you have 2 map previews of the 2 new maps "Siege of Kut al Amara" and "Tsingtao". But remember, these maps arent finished yet.

Siege of Kut al Amara


So see you next time!


very cool but the screenshots are not clickable

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tetrodoxin Author

uh, sorry about that...
I added the pictures to the media, you can watch them there.

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will this eventually be ported to BF2?

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tetrodoxin Author

Heres a playable download of the cancelled BF1918/2 project...on youtube you can find a trailer... search for "BF1918 Airshow Trailer GC 2006"

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