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Note that this mod is stand-alone, meaning you do not need to own quake to play it.


Battle Mech is an overhead arcade-type stand-alone mod in which you pilot a mech in a deathmatch arena. Weapons are scattered liberally about and your goal is to kill your enemies more rapidly than they kill you.

Game modes include Deathmatch, Teamplay, Rambo Match, Capture the Flag, Rob the Nest, Protect the Nest, and Infiltration.

You can carry only one weapon at a time, but can discard it with the drop button when you find something better. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses.


Machine gun: The weapon your mech always has, and uses when it doesn't have another.

Grenade Launcher: Lobbs powerful grenades at your enemy for large damage.

Rocket Launcher: Fires rockets for large damage and great speed and precision.

Machvn: Powerful machinegun that kills enemies rapidly.

Laser Cannon: Fires a powerful laserbeam that cuts through multiple enemies easily.

Flame Thrower: Sprays a stream of powerful flame at enemy.

Navin: Duel pulse cannon that does great damage, but the bullets move slow.

Homing Missiles: Weaker warheads that home in on enemies.

Penetrator: Chaingun that can do great damage very rapidly.

Mines: Dropped behind you, these mines will explode when an enemy steps on them, or after a couple seconds of waiting.

Laser Mines: Fired in a cluster, these mines produce lasers that will cause great damage to anyone who crosses them.

Rifle: Fires a powerful shot with precision accuracy and great speed.

Shotgun: Close range weapon that does excellent damage.

Burst Flare: Fires a cluster of impact-sensitive bombs that will explode on contact with anything. They can be hard to aim with, but they do large amounts of damage, and the user is immune to their explosions.

Sniper Rifle: Fires a single, lightning fast round for huge damage. You can normally kill an enemy with a single shot. However, it takes a long time to reload.

Flak Cannon: Fires a cluster of metal shards at enemies. The shards will bounce off walls and do strong damage.

Namek: A high rate-of-fire weapon like the Machvn, the Namek is more powerful and fires its attack in an wide spread, which lowers its accuracy but makes it harder for the enemy to evade.

Laser Drones: 5 drones are launched into the air. They will hover and open up before selecting a target and opening fire. This deadly weapon has very few downsides.

Railgun: This weapon is usually only available during Rambo Match. It will instantly kill any enemy it hits.

Lightning Cannon: Considered the ultimate weapon by some, the lightning cannon can do damage to its owner as easily as his enemies if he isn't careful. It wreaks absolute havoc in the right hands, however. The attack kills anything within the large discharge radius.

Note: The keyboard layout described here is not written in stone. You can change these buttons to whatever layout suits you best.

The up, down, left and right keys (alternate is w, s, a and d) will cause the mech to walk in the desired direction (you can also go diagonally for 8 directions of movement).

The head turns and aims independent of the body, and is controlled with mouselook. Moving the mouse left or right will turn the turret, and the speed is determined by mouse sensitivity settings and how fast you move the mouse when turning. You can also use keys bound to look left / right, or a joystick or mouseball.

+attack: Fire weapon (default CTRL or mouse1)

+jump: Jump (default SPACE or mouse2)

Drop Weapon: Drop current weapon (default Enter or mouse3)

The mech aims up & down automatically for you, and if autoaiming is turned on, it will also aim horizontally at targets when you are pointed at them.


Frikbots are computer opponents you can fight in place of real people. They know the weapons well enough and can kill quite proficiently. Humans are much better though.

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User Posted Image

Battle Mech has a new version out, which fixes the annoying turning head bug. Secondly, it adds a new feature for mappers, which allows them to modify the camera angle.

In addition to that, there's also an updated start level that uses new camera angles to fix the visibility problems when walking under the platform.

Get it now at the Battle Mech page.

There are also 2 new dm maps available for download: blackfort and longbow.

New Battle Mech screenshots

New Battle Mech screenshots

12 years ago News 0 comments

Some new screenshots have been posted for Battle Mech. You can see the new look of the levels, as well as some of the weapons being used.

Battle Mech released!

12 years ago News 5 comments

Battle Mech has finally been released to the public. The standalone mod, which is based on the quake engine, includes 7 deathmatch maps and one Capture...

Battle Mech becomes stand-alone

Battle Mech becomes stand-alone

12 years ago News 0 comments

A lot of people have been requesting that Battle Mech become stand-alone, so they don't have to buy Quake to play it. Well, after a great deal of (on-going...

Battle Mech ready for maps

Battle Mech ready for maps

12 years ago News 0 comments

QExpo is coming near the beginning of June. Battle Mech is pretty close to completion and ready for release during the event, but is sorely in need of...

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OccasionallyZane Feb 23 2012 says:


+3 votes     reply to comment
Entar Nov 27 2006 says:

Wazat's site has a download on it, go to

+1 vote     reply to comment
IrenicApollyon Jul 7 2006 says:

Umm.......Guys? Where CAn u download this mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wazat Creator
Wazat Nov 10 2003 says:

I just wish I could figure out and fix this nasty multiplayer bug that screws up the view for everyone but the guy hosting the game. :(

If you need some Battle Mech forums, for now you can go to the Inside3D forums. That's where I hang out a lot, and most anything that gets mentioned about Battle Mech happens there.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Yarn Oct 11 2003 says: this mod defenitly needs forums so IPs and game times can be planned. There is no open game room so the only way to play this is with IP. With no means of exchanging IP multiplayer is immpossible. Somone should make a forums for this mod. In fact I will though I can promise ill maintain it well making one will be a piece of cake.

+1 vote     reply to comment
leilei Oct 2 2003 says:

It doesn't work in Tenebrae

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sajt Sep 24 2003 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
bart2o Sep 14 2003 says:

this game is super but it looks way better with tenebrae (shadows!!!!)

+1 vote     reply to comment
ShortCutMan Aug 30 2003 says:

It happens all the time in all Mods + Games! So I think all AI in the world is cursed. :devious:

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wazat Creator
Wazat Aug 28 2003 says:

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I don't like the bug where the bots just stand there. I don't understand why it happens, either. Sometimes they won't do anything to you until you shoot first. Crazy. :)

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