The Battle Grounds 2(BG2) is a Half-Life 2 multiplayer modification based on the revolutionary war. It is the sequel to the popular HL1 mod with even more features and possibilities. The British Army and its Native American tribal allies engage in battle against the United States Continental Army and local militia forces. Interactivity is a very important factor in this mod and team play is as important as ever before. Take aim and fire muskets, prepare bayonets and take control of the battlefield to succeed in your campaign for final victory. Combat will vary from long-range rifle marksmanship to brutal close quarters hand-to-hand melee fighting. You will need a mix of first person combat skills and quick-thinking strategy to survive. So prepare yourself to do battle for your side and to meet the enemy head-on. Only one side can be victorious.

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This is one of the best musket warefare mod i have ever played

Pretty awesome game for me cause im a huge history fan!

Vigorously entertaining. No more updates though, they are kinda useless (e.g. 2.1 is just a VGUI (or hud) change).

In my own personal opinion, this mod is easily one of the best.

The characters are well made, and the gun models don't "hurt my eyes" like some of the other mods (they actually knew what they were basing their weapons off of on this one.)

The accuracy of the guns is perfect. - You have to compensate for the bullet being "way the hell off" and aim a little off on purpose to actually hit your target, and the reloading animation is great as well (takes forever to reload, just like it did back then.)

The sounds are great, the maps are "OK" (almost all of them are just community player-made so they aren't as great as an actual developer) but nice nonetheless.

Overall this mod gets a 9.5/10 from me. (if only I could add the .5 to the rating). - The only thing preventing it from getting the full 10/10 is just a few glitches i've had then getting stabbed with a bayonett through a wall, etc.

The ranged combat isn't too bad, but the melee is quite terrible.
The graphics are pretty dated too. The models are quite nice, but most of the maps are quite rough-cut and grainy.
The weapon animations are quite good, and the game is surprisingly un-biased: almost anything US revolution-related is automatically turned into anti-British propaganda, yet this mod is quite respectful to both sides.
The small maps are the deciding factor for this 5/10 score. They're absolutely tiny.
Finally, it's impossible to join a server without 60% of players mic spamming. Though it's a free game, with an expected "difficult" community, this is most definitely the worst i've seen of all the mods i've played. Even after muting all the mic spammers, there's still the chat spammers ruining any possibility of team communication. Team killers go unpunished, as the majority of servers lack admins, or decent admins. It's not uncommon for the admins to join in with the spamming, and this contributes to a really poor experience.

The game has potential, but it needs a lot of work.

Historically Unique Concept? Check!
Addictive, Basic Game-Play? Check!
Presence of a Community? Check!

Note #1: Do not install this game through Desura. Doing so will result in installation errors. Download at the main web-site.

Note #2: If you are receiving an "Invalid Steam UserID Ticket Error", close steam, navigate to your Steam directory and delete everything except your Steam.exe file and your steamapps directory. Restart Steam, it should be fixed.

Half the maps crash and the lack of enough people to get a good linebattle going is sad.

Good mod, its like its own game. Has steam groups, linebattles, all the good stuff


cool mod!

i have not try it i have play it its rock

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