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Battle-Force HL2 Mod - Fun-Piranesi Poster

  • Battle-Force is generally a realistic version of HL2DM, where you will find more tactical amusement as Ironsights, drivable Vehicles, controllable Turrets, Camera Bobs, Better flash effects, muzzleflashes, Dynamic Scopes, Scopes, Higher weapon damage, etc...
  • BFMP will also let the player go coop where you will fight against NPCs, together as a team, Class systems will also be implemented for a better stability in-game. Having tons of weapons won't be quite awesome...
    For more detailed info about Battle-Force, check this Wiki page!



Sound, Editing, Photoshop, etc...:



Texture creating:
Insurgency Team


HDR Bugbait by "flash speed"
AR2 / MRC GL by "Teh Snake & General Tso"
Crowbar by "Terje1510 & Noztrix"
Grenade by "ALLinONE" / "Cliffton_Vlodhammer"
Hands by "t3hH4wK"
Magnum .357 by "Avenger Corp."
Pistol by "BadPrankster"
Player Neoheavy by "firestorm"
Player Gordon Freeman by "JukeBox"
RPG by "DrStrangelove"
SMG1 by "ALLinONE" / "Cliffton_Vlodhammer"
Sniper Rifle by "Murdock/Nasaratsu"
K100 by "Noob Ind." / "DEADPIXEL" - "KingFriday"
Master Chief by - OGG_ZiZiI
Combine Soldier, Combine Super Soldier and Combine Prison guard (PMC models) by - Kaffi
APC Tank Vehicle model by - Markworth and Czechdeath
Elm Tree and Piano model by - Tomdon
AK47 by - Noob Industries: Wannabe, Twinkie Masta, DeadPixel, klla_sync3, strangemodul3, wong ching ku, Jennifer, El Maestro De Graffiti.
HL2, DoD: Source, HL2DM models by - Valve
Insurgency models by Insurgency Team
This is the current CREDITS of the mod!

Battle-Force: Multi Player v6.75 Beta is released and will be available for download in the download page on the mod page!

New Wiki page:

Pretador wrote:

  • I am looking for up to 4 or more people to join our Battle-Force in-game team. That we can play together on the official server! So if you are interested to play online on BF and have fun then add me to your steam friends list by typing in my e-mail: "" :)

>Download BFMP v6.75 Beta Full here<

  • The official Battle-Force: Multi Player v6.75 Beta Server is now finally up and running, the server is being hosted by
    Here is the IP, add it to your Favorite List on Steam:
    If you don't want to add the server to your Favorite List you will also find the server in the Internet Tab on the Steam list under Battle-Force, or while playing Battle-Force and opening the "Find Battle" list! If you cannot find it, open filters and click on location and "All" and it will refresh the list properly. Now it should appear! :)
  • gameME Realtime Stats Overview:

gameME wrote:

Fun-Piranesi's Official Battle-Force v6.75 Beta War Server

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Here is the history of how this mod will look like:

It started with an devastating nuke, peoples disappeared and got converted to something... Something cruel! The Combines had to flee. There was no hope left for the human kind! Even Gordon got hit, but he managed to survive! In this modification you will take advantage of controlling Gordon Freeman trough the devastated lands, where the horde will be ready for you! Will you be available to find out were the Combines are hiding? Then hit it!

Run a Battle-Force Source Dedicated Server

Run a Battle-Force Source Dedicated Server

Server Tools Tutorial 0 comments

This tutorial will simply tell you easy steps how to create a Source: Dedicated Server for "Battle-Force" Follow the instructions below!:

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Prompt please that for music plays a roller

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

lol all the weapon skins are taken from gamebanana...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

i would download it but there is one problem i don't have very much extra space for mods right now i mean 6 gigs for a mod like this is shmeh. im sure its a decent mod but with 30 gigs left on comp (that's with a ton of stuff uninstalled.) and not much room else where i have to choice but to hold off till you compress your mod. ill stop talking now and let you do whatever else it is you people do before i take up 6gbs of space for this post.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Your mod needs ton of optimization, most mods like this arent even 1gb, so you need tons of optimization, Like removed unused models/textures, use dll optimization when compiling your mod, etc.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Why exactly is this mod 6gb? Seems like your including stuff that your not using.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

You should never have done a beta this quick.
Maybe ppl we stop saying it's ****, but right now i agree the multiplayer is a "reskin" for me. (and huge meeen !)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

When you relase BFMP 6.5 i download this, is just HL2 DM with new weapons,hud itd but very interesting ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I read through one of the longest description and news ever, then look at the video and what is it?

Half Life 2 Deathmatch with some new weapons...

Not trying to troll, but that's what the video shows...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

People need to stop calling **** 'realistic' because it has ironsights!

Realism would mean if you take a hit in the leg you loose the ability to run, eventually get forced into a crawl and then die, curled up and helpless in a corner somewhere.

Does that happen in this mod? No? Then it isn't ******* realistic.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Dude, that's ********. If a soldier(which is pretty much what the people in these games are) got shot in the leg, they wouldn't necessarily be forced to a curl, they might have to start limping, but adrenaline affects that, BIG TIME. If you're trying to bash a game out for not being realistic you need to get your **** straight, because games will NEVER be realistic. In real life people die, get hurt or starve to death. There will never be a 100% realistic game. Get over it. "Realistic" games are people trying to make games where you can feel you're in the situation, not making you feel like "this **** is impossible, and I'll never be able to complete the second level." like a 100% realistic game would be. Not saying this mod is good, but you're bashing it for all the wrong reasons :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

I don't think the person would just end up curling up in a corner and die from a shot to the leg. Well I mean if it went untreated for god knows how long then yes sure. But there's also the matter of ballistics and real gore (Not heads popping off spontaneously but fingers being taken off and flesh instead of limbs being torn apart.) But honestly if you want to rant about that, I think this isn't the place to get it started. Somewhere a bit more examined would be better.

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Single Player review: Not good at all, first of all, the skins for all the weapons are not yours, they are all downloaded either from fpsbanana or some other website. I mean a katana... really? there is no real story or anything that really resembles a story, buggy with repeating sounds and enemies appearing and disappearing in front of you. Not scary at all if that was what you were trying to achieve with some of the maps and seems you didn't spend that much time planning the layout and they feel…

Nov 24 2010 by Heroman117

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