BaseWars is a mod inspired by the half-life mod "Natural Selection", the thing with that mod is mixing realtime strategy game with FPS. In other words: quake action but with buildings and "resources" like starcraft. When the game begins each team(team red/team blue) starts at different locations. the first thing to do is establish a "base" for the team, an area surrounding the basebuilding where other structures such as Regenerators,Armory,Science center and spawns can be buildt. the spawns are the most important buildings,without them no one can respawn(and when the whole team is dead they have lost). To defend the base(and important passages) turrets can be buildt by anyone who can afford them. the buildings are bought with "resources" which are gained from "resource-towers". confusing? well yeah. the resource-towers can only be buildt upon specific sources(grey circle thing) and when built they will distribute resources to all teammembers...

Downloadable from moddb

9 years ago News 0 comments

Files uploaded to moddb´s storage. went through my old quake catalog today, a game which i stopped playing a long time ago, and came across my favorite...

mod released

10 years ago News 0 comments

ive decided to release the mod, cant see a reason why i shouldnt :> (site down) Download at play @ / (warning...

View for the ppl waiting to spawn

10 years ago News 0 comments

I've experimented a little with changing viewpoint but instead of changing it i move the player to that spot. right now i got working code for moving...

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