Ballistic Weapons replaces UT2004's wepaons with a batch of new, realistic, high quality weapons using an enhanced weapons sytem with reloading, aiming, firemodes, improved damage behaviour and much more to give the game a more tactical style. All the items have also been replaced and the mod uses totally original sounds and effects. The entire mod is implemented through a mutator so it is compatible with all gametypes and many different mods. It also comes with a melee mutator to play using only the melee weapons. Decent bot support has been included, allowing the bots to use all the new weapons. The mod has also been designed to be very mod friendly so as to serve as a base for other mods allowing most features and systems to be implemented using just the default properties of new weapons. A manual is included with the mod as well.

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Awesome mod, glad UT2004 still lives and great fans along with it

Great mod, lots of fun

Ballistic Weapons is a must have. It's a perfect conception of new weapons in Unreal Tournament, changing the gameplay in a subtle way while still giving it an absolute make-over in terms of the arsenal. I rarely play Vanilla UT any more, THAT is how good this is.

BW certainly adds a lot more to UT2K4 than just a bunch
of costum weapons. Its a entirely fresh feel and gameplay
that is not gone trough the softener of comerciality.

Incredible mod, everything i always wanted in a game is in this mod. The weapons are the real stars of the mod.


The most cool ut2004 weapon mod,with the most options,and the best mod for doing realistic gunz.

The coding, animation, level of content, modelling and texturing in this mod are all completely flawless. Sadly, the mod is let down by extremely poor gameplay. Issues with the 2.1 version include terrible ironsights which take almost a second to bring up and require you to be crouching or walking in a game where players can dodge jump, variable damage ranges for weapons, a heavily overblown and utterly pointless system for "realistic" variation of point of aim when firing from the hip which would have been better simulated for gameplay by simple conefire, atrocious default balance and drastically powerful superweapons which dominate the online play thanks to generally moronic server admins. As a technical demo of what can be done with this engine, and as a public portfolio of the talent of its team - it's great. As a game, it's pretty tragic when played with its default balance and a sad waste of some of the most solid assets and ideas created for Unreal Tournament 2004 - mostly hamstrung due to some members of the forum community, who seem less concerned with decent gameplay and more interested in implementing realistic features at odds with good gameplay and outrageously powerful weapons which would never have seen the light of day in a multiplayer shooter developed outside of the studios of, say, Infinity Ward.

Its fk awesome!

Best Weapon Mod in UT2004 :D

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