Ballistic Weapons replaces UT2004's wepaons with a batch of new, realistic, high quality weapons using an enhanced weapons sytem with reloading, aiming, firemodes, improved damage behaviour and much more to give the game a more tactical style. All the items have also been replaced and the mod uses totally original sounds and effects.
The entire mod is implemented through a mutator so it is compatible with all gametypes and many different mods. It also comes with a melee mutator to play using only the melee weapons. Decent bot support has been included, allowing the bots to use all the new weapons.

The mod has also been designed to be very mod friendly so as to serve as a base for other mods allowing most features and systems to be implemented using just the default properties of new weapons.

A manual is included with the mod as well.

As of v2.1 and BWBP4, the mod features 41 weapons, numerous customizable options, dozens of features for the weapons, gametypes and more, and an elaborate blood an gore system. V2.5 will update the roster of weapons to 47 in total.

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CF mutator

2 years ago News 8 comments

Animated pickup animations

Far Cry 2 inspired pickup animations now featured in Ballistic Weapons! Each BW weapon can be picked up with a beatiful animation. 9 different Animations are present and all of the stock BW weapons are setup to use the new animations. The pickup system is entirely mod ready. Different Bonuspack guns can be easily added to an external ini located in 2k4s system folder without writing any line of code. Further, each weapon, even the stock ones, can be configured individually. If you dont like the way a gun is picked up, you simply change the animation number, rotation and the location offset yourself.

If you picked up an item, it will be equipped automatically.

Here are a few screenshots:


• Fixed client physic emulation
• Fixed client gore effects
• specific Neck break- and heartbeat sound for robots


- Paul "Grum" Haack

- Kristian "Dittler" Ditt
- Paul "Grum" Haack

Arn "Shadow Blade" Richert
Kristian "Dittler" Ditt

Special Thanks

My Wife
- For always being there and the acceptance of my absence for countless hours.

Logan "Black Eagle" Richert
- For general consulting in coding matters.

Captain Xavious
- For the animations i used for the new pickup system

Head here ...

New weapons and new upcomming mods

New weapons and new upcomming mods

2 years ago News 9 comments

We will come with new mods and new content, also restoring some of the old content as well.

Sergeant Kelly's Pack - June Update - WD4 + 5

Sergeant Kelly's Pack - June Update - WD4 + 5

2 years ago News 20 comments

Gentlemen, behold! Guns! Nothing like a couple assault rifles, handguns, and shotguns to get you back in the fight!

Sergeant Kelly's Pack - January Update

Sergeant Kelly's Pack - January Update

2 years ago News 16 comments

We're busy getting the highly anticipated Weapon Drop 2 ready for a release! Have a look at what you guys will have to wait an undetermined amount of...

Sergeant Kelly's Pack - December Update - WD1

Sergeant Kelly's Pack - December Update - WD1

2 years ago News 9 comments

Its here. The time you were all waiting for, the first Weapon Drop!

BW SP ladder

BW SP ladder

4 years ago Full Version 6 comments

This little mod enables the SP ladder with ballistic weapons, you have to replace the Xgame.u with the file in the archive, mod coded by Zeon{X}

Ballistic Weapons: v2.5 Complete

Ballistic Weapons: v2.5 Complete

4 years ago Full Version 28 comments

The anticipated update to our popular Ballistic Weapons mod for UT2004. This includes a number of fixes, and best of all, 6 brand new weapons! This is...

Ballistic Hands SDK

Ballistic Hands SDK

5 years ago Modelling Tool 1 comment

This is the hands used to animate the weapons in Ballistic Weapons. The copyright goes for Runestorm.

Ballistic Weapons: Bonus Pack 4 (.zip)

Ballistic Weapons: Bonus Pack 4 (.zip)

7 years ago Full Version 12 comments

This long awaited, publically designed but RuneStorm developed bonus pack, includes 8 more high-quality weapons, that differ mostly from the usual BW...

Ballistic Weapons: Bonus Pack 4 (.umod)

Ballistic Weapons: Bonus Pack 4 (.umod)

7 years ago Full Version 4 comments

This long awaited, publically designed but RuneStorm developed bonus pack, includes 8 more high-quality weapons, that differ mostly from the usual BW...

Ballistic Weapons V2.10 - ZIP

Ballistic Weapons V2.10 - ZIP

8 years ago Patch 10 comments

This is the final update to the acclaimed UT2004 weapons mod, Ballistic Weapons. This one fixes many bugs, add tons of tweaks, and a bunch of great new...

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TakeOutTheTrash Mar 15 2013 says:

This is the most marvelous mod for UT2004, and I can't wait for the V10 for massive mayhem!

Some weapons that I would like to see in the future:
- A vortex cannon
- Models like FAL, SCAR-H, Pancor Jackhammer and/or M60
- A heavy harpoon gun and/or a large nail gun
- An assault rifle w/ depleted-uranium rounds
- A railgun like Mag-Charge from TimeSplitters 3
- A crystal gun, as used by Dark Eldar Scourgers of WH40k
- Radioactive grenades
- An explosive-rounds sniper rifle
- An ice gun, like the ice beam from Metroid Prime
- Some steampunk models! :D
- A slowdown field
- A crossbow, like the crossbow from GoW
- Disruption grenade launcher
- A parasite weapon that drains life
- A micro-rocket launcher minigun
- A low-frequency laser assault rifle
- A noise shockwave cannon
- A weapon like Death Spinner as used by Warp Spiders (WH40k too)

I know that these stuff already exists in another mods, but I mean to see them with the BW system.

+7 votes     reply to comment
RWarrior041 Apr 18 2013 replied:

What about a plasma/laser futuristic bow? Like magical bows in some rpgs where the arrows are created when the user draws the string.

+2 votes     reply to comment
TakeOutTheTrash Apr 20 2013 replied:

Ethereal arrows, sounds good!

I would like to see heat-seeker and/or EMP 'ethereal' arrows, that temporally deactivate vehicles, launched by a steam-powered automatic crossbow :3

+3 votes     reply to comment
Aruaruu Mar 19 2013 replied:

I concur.

+3 votes     reply to comment
MasterShake1 Mar 10 2013 says:

cant you upload all of the ballistic weapons files in moddb? gamefront blocks my country :(...(sorry for my bad english).

+4 votes     reply to comment
a94uricom Mar 13 2013 replied:

try this to download from gamefront :

+3 votes     reply to comment
cahal89 Mar 13 2013 replied:

I know what you mean. Having multiple download options really helps.
Btw, there is nothing wrong with your English, it's not bad at all.

+2 votes     reply to comment
KleskDragon Mar 8 2013 says:

I have a question regarding the "Vanilla AI". I have searched far and wide, but in vain, can someone just pass me a link to the download, or something of sorts,please?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Modanator Mar 5 2013 says:

I'd really love help with a problem here. The BW Vehicles won't appear in Onslaught, I've tried both BW version and non-BW version of Onslaught, but in vain. I really need help with this.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Zsombi Mar 6 2013 replied:

These are the vehicle mutators: "Ballistic vehicles" and "BE vehicle pack".

+3 votes     reply to comment
Modanator Mar 8 2013 replied:

I've tried both of them, neither of them worked, so that's why I'm asking for help.

+3 votes     reply to comment
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This mod brings an entire new scope to the creativity of Unreal2k4, and keeps me playing to this day! Excellent mod with a fantastic arsenal and incredible level of customization to fit any player's style.

May 13 2012 by Guardian01

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