Back to the Future: Hill Valley is a full conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Back to the Future: Hill Valley will be based on the Back to the Future Trilogy, allowing the player to re-enact all the great moments from the films. While some parts of the story are stretched to make it more enjoyable, we are determined not to stray too far from the original story-line. The people behind this mod want the community to relive the movies and have as much fun in the process as possible. With the outstanding game play of the Sandbox hit, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, in combination with one of the best movies of all time, Back to the Future, this mod is sure to bring countless hours of fun to anybody who enjoyed the movies.

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Aug 27 2007, 5:39am Anchor


yesterday i was playing and testing around.

First off, i guess you know...the concept delorean thats in the mod (4 exhausts, much faster) makes the same door sounds as the BTTF Delorean and i also got the BTTF door sounds in some other cars.

Like i said, i was playing around with the time machine.
The best feature is when you set the time one minute ahead and then RC the car and drive it towards you with 88mph.
one minute later...pow, pow, arrives. Very Cool my compliments.

So i was trying other things, getting in trouble with police and go backwards in time...not wanted anymore.
After that i was trying to see if the time really worked, go to 2015 put a car in the garage of sunshine auto's and go back to 1985, the car is not suppose to be there...but to my suprise it is.
after that i tried something else, grabbed a car parked it somewhere, grabbed the delorean and went 2min backwards in time, the car isnt suppose to be there right? well the car i parked was still there.

But i'm still testing different things, if you want i can report stuff i find, to help you guys improve the mod.

Aug 27 2007, 9:42am Anchor

hmm, it shoulda disappeared. Oh well. Door sounds are generic, nothing can be done about it. Same with engine sounds. Both aren't vehicle specific, and I can't change which goes to which.

Aug 27 2007, 11:17am Anchor

So is it supposed to dissapear even if it is in the garage?

Aug 27 2007, 11:42am Anchor

well wouldnt it be...if you go back in time...
the car is not suppose to be there....but maybe it's because it's a garage.
and maybe it doesnt matter since something may never come into the finished mod.

Aug 27 2007, 12:13pm Anchor save garages then. Marty's not a stealer. He just gets his truck in 1985. 1955, there's doc's packard. 1885......umm, his boots. and 2015.....I have no fricken clue.

Aug 27 2007, 12:17pm Anchor


Aug 27 2007, 1:38pm Anchor

he said..can i borrow this for a second and gave it that doesnt make him a thief ;)

Aug 27 2007, 1:44pm Anchor

i thought 1885 was a horse?

Aug 27 2007, 1:44pm Anchor

Plus the little girl got griff's hoverboard in return for it anyway.

Aug 27 2007, 2:21pm Anchor

then the little girl is a theif

Aug 27 2007, 6:03pm Anchor

then that makes marty a fence(dealer of stolen items)... :P

Aug 27 2007, 6:34pm Anchor

ur right and im a dealer

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