Back to the Future: Hill Valley is a full conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Back to the Future: Hill Valley will be based on the Back to the Future Trilogy, allowing the player to re-enact all the great moments from the films. While some parts of the story are stretched to make it more enjoyable, we are determined not to stray too far from the original story-line. The people behind this mod want the community to relive the movies and have as much fun in the process as possible. With the outstanding game play of the Sandbox hit, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, in combination with one of the best movies of all time, Back to the Future, this mod is sure to bring countless hours of fun to anybody who enjoyed the movies.

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Feb 24 2007, 9:30pm Anchor

Any questions, ideas, theorys or suggestions, post in here. This is going to be the general mapping forum, since the other one, with the pictures, is going to be used for displaying purposes only.

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Feb 27 2007, 2:32am Anchor

How long it'll be last?I mean all years.

Feb 27 2007, 3:03am Anchor

what do you mean? please rephrase the question.

Feb 27 2007, 8:06am Anchor

How long it'll be last?I mean maps.

Feb 28 2007, 1:35am Anchor

you mean when will they be done?

Feb 28 2007, 1:35am Anchor

What Nokiaman tries to say, is that if one year map takes half a year,and it's the second smallest version, when will the full version be released xD

Feb 28 2007, 1:38am Anchor

who knows. 2015 and 1985 aren't that different so not as long to finish them i think. but 1885 is completely different. and 85-a is just a really run down version of 85. im thinking maybe mid-late 2008. but not being a mapper i wouldn't know. nightshade should be able to give you a good estimate.

Feb 28 2007, 3:04am Anchor

Thanks for answer KITT.

Feb 28 2007, 8:58pm Anchor

Well once the blueprints of the map are out, it will be as simple to just change and add some new buildings for the different times, whats going to take the longest is be original on the map and building all the initial stuff, the map for 1885 is going to take alot longer, just cause of its time, nothin is streight and build out of concrete, its all wood and rots and never lines up streight. so back to the original post, 6 months for 1955, then 1 year from now, hopefully we should have 1955, 1985, e-1985 and 2015

Mar 1 2007, 1:54am Anchor

As this topic was made for discussion on the maps, I'm sorry to point out some inaccuracies (sorry but I'm a really bad nitpicker =\ ) in the 1955 map. It looks like you're using the current set of USH as of right now (2007) for the basis of the mod, when in reality, the 1955/85 set was made over 20 years ago and was burnt down twice, and torn down once for the 2015 set. Fortunately, the only way we can base the town square of Hill Valley is through pictures taken over 20 years ago at the gallery

Here, I'll list one problem I saw (sorry for being picky again) In 1955, Lou's Cafe should be a 2 story building (who knows, maybe Lou himself lived there!) but in the model, you only gave it one story. It may not be a big deal, but there is a big sign that says Lou's Cafe on the 2nd story.

User Posted Image

The same still goes for 2015

User Posted Image

Well thats all I have found as of now. Oh and about the year order, since we're modeling 1955 first, the next year should be 1985, because the ONLY model change is the parking lot in front of the Clocktower. Everything else still remains the same, except it looks dirtier; which can easily be solved by using .txd files. Then it should be 1985-A after, since its exactly the same as 1985, but it has a huge hotel ontop of the Clocktower (which would obviously be needed to model) and the city looks even dirtier.

With the conflict of which year would be harder to model between 1885 and 2015, I'd have to say 2015 is harder. if you look at 1885, it's really just a basic setup. we wouldn't really need to put A LOT of detail since there aren't a lot of buildings yet, nor roads.

Mar 1 2007, 2:18am Anchor

well, yeah. 1955 first, then 1985, and then onto the movies, so 2015, 1985A, 1885

Mar 1 2007, 2:21am Anchor

nightshade knows. hes doing it on purpose so there is more differences in the map. me and delorean both advised him against it.

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Mar 1 2007, 9:27am Anchor

Twin (Lone pines mall) changes too. Will it require a special skin for the mall entrance?

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Mar 2 2007, 2:35am Anchor

Just to clear some things up for those hardcore fans who want to see hill valley just as it is. I agree, and trying to rebuild it accuretly from what screens and the movie shows, but because of poly reasons, and the fact that the original town is just a set, some things dont line up in the real world, such as the street that goes behind the clock tower, in the movies the left of the tower is angled back, but on the right side its flat and streight, so i t wouldnt line up, unless i gave it some kind of half moon cresent shaped road that swirled around back to the other side. if you don't know what i am talking about, dont worry, your not alone, but some do get it.

The diner is a complete different story, in the movies 1985 got about 4-5 min of air time, not alot, so they didnt change the city at all from 1955 to 1985, for good reasons, lost of extra money to alter a set that big. but towns change alot over the coarse of 30 years, and it felt cheap to just change up some of the textures, which is why i have altered some of the buildings and houses, i haven given some buildings height in the game, like the diner. I did this to create a difference in the times, without loosing the authentic feeling of either 1955 and/or 1985. while the diner will be two stories in 1985 and 3 stories in 2015. just to give it the feeling as if the town is "growing".

While this does cause some basic recreation issues, it solves alot more that adhear to the game play. which is just as important.

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Mar 4 2007, 4:43am Anchor

Yeah but, the Town Square of Hill Valley actually goes into a decline from 1955 to 85. Most "family-friendly" businesses have moved onto other locations to be replaced by X rated theatres and sex shops, the place is littered, etc. It goes into some revival by 2015.

Also, I'm wondering, will the Courthouse Mall in 2015 have an interior? Possibly to replace the North Point Mall from VC?

Mar 4 2007, 5:03am Anchor

Maybe damian is right, but that means, that courthouse willbe a mallall the times, pretty uncomfy. Better use ordinary terrain, and besides, the player will have to see 1955 interior, when doc's climbing up.

Mar 4 2007, 8:07am Anchor

umm, not really. I can get rid of interiors for certain times.

Mar 4 2007, 2:07pm Anchor

That would be cool!

Mar 8 2007, 3:40am Anchor

Might I make a suggestion? Someone who runs a French site ( has already made a wonderful 3D model of the town square, 1955. Maybe you could convince him to let you use it? Granted, a lot of the polygons he uses would probably be too complex for GTA, but they could be simplified. The proportions and placement of all the buildings in this guy's model is correct. Here's a link:


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Mar 8 2007, 5:01am Anchor

ok. first, we know about that model. second, its done in google sketchup. third, the town square is already finished. it would be pointless trying to convert a sketchup model when we already have the completed model.

Mar 9 2007, 1:21am Anchor

Very nice, wish i would have known about this before i started modeling, and i love the acuracy, i will make a few updates to the town, hopefully it will increase the accuracy.

And the poly count is like Whooa! lol, there must be around 500,000 polys. Would have to be reduced to around 20,000.

Its not true 3d either.

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Mar 9 2007, 1:18pm Anchor

The person who made the pics also made a video and posted a link at, the vids are here: maybe they could be of some help as well

Mar 10 2007, 2:30am Anchor

I've seen those pics before. They represent the town very detailed, though we can't say exactly. There is no overview like Nightshade made.

Mar 11 2007, 11:58am This post has been deleted.
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