Back to the Future: Hill Valley is a full conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Back to the Future: Hill Valley will be based on the Back to the Future Trilogy, allowing the player to re-enact all the great moments from the films. While some parts of the story are stretched to make it more enjoyable, we are determined not to stray too far from the original story-line. The people behind this mod want the community to relive the movies and have as much fun in the process as possible. With the outstanding game play of the Sandbox hit, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, in combination with one of the best movies of all time, Back to the Future, this mod is sure to bring countless hours of fun to anybody who enjoyed the movies.

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Apr 24 2007, 3:16pm Anchor

cool!! for 2c can you make instant time travel?

Apr 24 2007, 3:26pm Anchor

nope. The delorean does not instantly time travel just like that.

Apr 24 2007, 3:58pm Anchor

Month and Day are working for destination time. Going to account for days in a month now.

However, if a day passes, the date doesn't change. Stupid vc.

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Apr 24 2007, 8:28pm Anchor

The whole gas tanks thing could have some fun possibilities. Imagine if after you have beaten the game you time travel to 1885 on a low tank and run out while you are there. You would essentially be trapped in the past until you figure out a way to get the DeLorean up to 88, whether it be letting it fall from a high place or modifying the wheels and pushing it with a train again. Definitely adds some fun replay value.

Apr 24 2007, 8:33pm Anchor

true. And each car has from anywhere from 3.75 minutes of gas to 6.25 hours of gas.

Anyway, more updates. VC Now has an operational calendar. It includes leap years as well. Still can't go to any year you want, but theoretically, you can go up to 9999 by the calendar, given you last that long which there is a 0% chance you will.

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Apr 25 2007, 2:31pm Anchor

It looks like you already started working on 0.2c. What its left to do? a lot of things?

Apr 25 2007, 2:48pm Anchor

I'm like done with coding now, except bug fixes. Unless some new feature pops up. For now, we're waiting for some cars to be finished. Kinda pointless to release 0.2c so soon after 0.2b, so might as well fill it up.

Apr 25 2007, 2:58pm Anchor

will 0.2c have any map? or part of a map

Apr 25 2007, 3:04pm Anchor

when I said part of a map, i ment like just the place of the clock tower(if its done)

Apr 25 2007, 3:09pm Anchor

nope. We'll releasing it all as a total. Because it would take too much work to incorporate it into vice city, especially when we're getting rid of it.

Apr 25 2007, 3:19pm Anchor

Lol ok. thanks for the information

Apr 25 2007, 4:56pm Anchor

How much of the new content for 0.2c is fully implemented so far?

Apr 25 2007, 5:18pm Anchor

I was thinking on that gasoline thing, this is just speculation but lets say the car your driving gets stolen and it had two minutes of gas left. If you followed it for two minutes would the stolen car stop or keep going?

Apr 25 2007, 5:19pm Anchor

no clue. We do whatever we want and release whenever we want.

Apr 25 2007, 9:59pm Anchor

Update on the garage that transforms the delorean. You can now choose which time machine you want. BTTF1, 2, or 3.

Apr 25 2007, 10:18pm Anchor

Cool. Also, do the time circuits display constantly or just while in a DeLorean?

Apr 25 2007, 10:50pm Anchor

it has to be on.

Apr 26 2007, 12:47am Anchor

added a fuel save feature, so previous cars driven will have their fuel state saved instead of being random.

May 5 2007, 12:51am Anchor

Next feature: The ability to latch onto a moving vehicle with the skateboard/hoverboard. Already got it up, just need to work out the kinks.

May 5 2007, 1:11am This post has been deleted.
May 5 2007, 1:26am Anchor

ok, found a new feature. I can make the game remember the delorean's position REGARDLESS if they're in a garage or not. Meaning, park it anywhere, save the game, exit the game, load the game, and the delorean will still be there.

May 5 2007, 1:30am Anchor

so now we can just park it in the driveway, or at jens place. YAY!!!

May 5 2007, 3:08am Anchor

Something i dreamed about from gta3.

May 5 2007, 3:10am Anchor

it's going to be only for the delorean though. Have too many cars in the memory, and traffic might not spawn.

May 5 2007, 3:16am Anchor

Doesn't matter, cool anyhow!

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