Back to the Future: Hill Valley is a full conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Back to the Future: Hill Valley will be based on the Back to the Future Trilogy, allowing the player to re-enact all the great moments from the films. While some parts of the story are stretched to make it more enjoyable, we are determined not to stray too far from the original story-line. The people behind this mod want the community to relive the movies and have as much fun in the process as possible. With the outstanding game play of the Sandbox hit, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, in combination with one of the best movies of all time, Back to the Future, this mod is sure to bring countless hours of fun to anybody who enjoyed the movies.

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Apr 23 2007, 10:53pm Anchor

Well for me it depends on how big the missed detail is. If it's something small I don't mind fixing it but if it involves redoing a large portion of the car I'd tell you to live with it the way it is.

Apr 23 2007, 11:06pm Anchor

Uh, you're caps lock's on.

Thanks, well the Deloreans are supposed to be like that for the movie's sake. I believe Delorean88 has a way to make each type spawn when needed once the missions are ready to be coded. It's better making them be able to spawn with different parts than having three more DMCs put in to the game. I'm not sure about the one with the rod on the side.

Apr 23 2007, 11:17pm Anchor

Well having it on can sometimes mean you're yelling at people.

Yup, once the cities are done they'll be awesome. I believe Delorean was planning on releasing one of the cities in version 0.3 but don't quote me on that.

Apr 23 2007, 11:26pm Anchor

I can do other stuff as well. If you want to, check my profile and find the link to my webpage you can browse through my gallery to see the other stuff I've done. Presently none of the stuff is in any video games but there's nothing saying I can't put them in one with the right stuff.

Apr 23 2007, 11:38pm Anchor

Sox fan, but I'm not into baseball as much as I was when I was younger.

Apr 23 2007, 11:47pm Anchor

Well I just experimented with programs. I learned some of the basics in high school using Auto CAD. From there I tried various programs, until I settled on 3ds Max. I basically taught myself through trial and error and a few online tutorials. If you want you can look into a program called GMax, it's the only free 3d modeling program I know of and that's what I started with. You should be able to find it through Google.

Apr 24 2007, 12:01am Anchor

You're welcome, yes you can do these types of models with Gmax. As far as I know for cars all you really need to do is export the model to a 3ds file and then import it into Zmodler. Most VC programs are capable of importing 3ds files so you're pretty much safe.

Apr 24 2007, 12:11am Anchor

No problem man, always glad to help. If you need any other help just ask.

Apr 24 2007, 12:21am Anchor

just to tell you, capslock = instant delete.

Apr 24 2007, 3:14am Anchor

hey K, can you do character modeling?

when the cars are done we'll need a marty and stuff

Apr 24 2007, 8:30am Anchor

That i can't do, the only people like modeling I can do are suits of armor. I do know some people who may be able to do a character model of Marty and who ever else you'll need.

Apr 24 2007, 9:45am Anchor

cool. would you mind contacting them and asking id they would mind doing it?

i'll put together a list of characters we need sometime soon cause it has to be done sometime.

Apr 24 2007, 10:17am Anchor

Not at all, I'll do it after my classes today, all I need are ball park range poly counts so they don't go crazy with the model and it's too high poly for the game.

Apr 24 2007, 11:59am Anchor

question: griff's car has hover conversion?

Apr 24 2007, 12:36pm Anchor

K: i dunno much about player models. delorean might know a poly range

Doc: yes, griffs beamer has a hover conversion, as will all 2015 vehicles

Apr 24 2007, 12:57pm Anchor

Tommy has 1355 pollies

Another hi-res model (Tifa Lockheart) has 7846 pollies.

So, around there.

Apr 26 2007, 10:42pm Anchor

Ok, I talked to one of the guys and he's not going to be able to model the characters. I'm waiting for one more to respond and if he fails I have a third in mind.

Let's see, if all goes well I should have the ford ready by late Sunday. I've been ahead of all my school work so I've had some extra time on my hands. So the cars really ahead of schedule.

Apr 26 2007, 10:49pm Anchor

Thanks. Poly count is the number of polygons a 3d object has, too many polygons on an object will slow the game down if you have a lot of custom objects installed. I actually like my exhaust system better than the original.

Apr 26 2007, 10:57pm Anchor

yeah, don't go too overboard on polys or textures.

Edited by: Delorean88us

Apr 26 2007, 10:58pm Anchor

Mm, from the list I have, 2015 Police car, Manure Truck, Doc's Packard, 1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III, and Jennifer's Dad's AMC Eagle wagon. These are the cars that are left. Someone is already working on the 2015 taxi I asked if he wanted to split up the remaining cars but he hasn't gotten back to me on that yet.

Apr 26 2007, 11:05pm Anchor

Look at the other list. The cars on there are final. Which cars they replace isn't so final.

Apr 26 2007, 11:11pm This post has been deleted.
Apr 26 2007, 11:21pm Anchor

Got a question, are the dummies for the Cubans flame exhaust removable? Or is the flame exhaust built into the game?

Apr 26 2007, 11:23pm Anchor

it's built into the game. Always flames.

Apr 26 2007, 11:26pm Anchor

Oh, ok guess we'll have to live with Biff's ford spitting flames out of the sides. It'd be cool if there was a way to route them to the exhaust pipe.

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