Back to the Future: Hill Valley is a full conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Back to the Future: Hill Valley will be based on the Back to the Future Trilogy, allowing the player to re-enact all the great moments from the films. While some parts of the story are stretched to make it more enjoyable, we are determined not to stray too far from the original story-line. The people behind this mod want the community to relive the movies and have as much fun in the process as possible. With the outstanding game play of the Sandbox hit, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, in combination with one of the best movies of all time, Back to the Future, this mod is sure to bring countless hours of fun to anybody who enjoyed the movies.

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Jun 12 2007, 5:10am Anchor

wasn't sure where to put this so i put it here

i found an animator. he said he can do the band (like guitar/piano/double bass/sax) anims and even einstien too as long as we can get it working ingame cause that he cant do.

its my sis's bf btw.

Jun 26 2007, 8:07am Anchor

hey! I don`t know if you already know about this but...I found a mod for vice city where you can skateboard and it has the right animations. It`s not perfect but it`s a lot better than the animation that you seat in the skateboard...

Jun 26 2007, 8:08am Anchor

ps: i dont know if i posted this on the right place...

Jun 26 2007, 9:27am Anchor

really? that would be helpful if you could find it

Jun 26 2007, 9:43am Anchor

I'm tottaly lost about Einstein. Good to hear you found one, cause when I ask, I get a question - "What's an animator?"

Edited by: protonkid

Jun 26 2007, 1:21pm Anchor

the link to the mod:

there is only one problem..the language is russian i think...hope you can understand it, and i hope this helps you :P

Jun 26 2007, 2:14pm Anchor

I can! OK, Ask, I'll awnser!

Jun 26 2007, 2:20pm Anchor

"Скачать с сервера" means "download". Handbreak is "Ollie", handbreak+left is 180, 360 is handbreak + down. Caps is Bullet time, and heck of more.

Jun 26 2007, 2:44pm Anchor

cool! :D now you can translate it to them if they need help! I just really hope this helps the modding team. hey protonkid, did you installed the mod? preaty cool isn`t it?

Jun 26 2007, 4:19pm Anchor

Yeah, I made a video, but it's too late, so i'll upload it tomorrow.

Jun 26 2007, 4:35pm Anchor

Ok I tried this out on a fresh copy of VC and I can't import anything into the IMG file. I've already downloaded it twice now so i think theres something wrong with some of the files.

Jun 26 2007, 4:38pm Anchor

Works fine for me.

Jun 26 2007, 4:40pm Anchor

Ok, add is добавить, replace is заменить.

Jun 26 2007, 4:40pm Anchor

you need to copy the .dff and txd files to your desktop

Jun 26 2007, 4:45pm Anchor

Wait, so I need to copy and paste the DFF and TXD files onto my desktop?

Jun 26 2007, 4:51pm Anchor

The only thing you need to replace is ped.ifp located in the anim folder. the dff and txd are for different skateboards.

Edited by: Delorean88us

Jun 26 2007, 4:52pm Anchor

There's a Bike.ifp too. that I can't import I get I/O errors

Edited by: K1092000

Jun 26 2007, 4:56pm Anchor

weird. I have no problem. Sure vice city isn't running in the background?

Jun 26 2007, 5:00pm Anchor

Yup, it's not running in the background. Nothing VC related was running in the background. I've already downloaded the mod twice too.

Jun 26 2007, 5:01pm Anchor

yeah, got that problem. I wonder if it has anything to do with the russian version of vc.

Jun 26 2007, 5:10pm Anchor

I was thinking that that could be it cause the ped animatio file didn't change anything.

Jun 26 2007, 5:16pm Anchor

well, it doesn't explain why img tool doesn't like it.

Jun 26 2007, 5:21pm Anchor

It could just be the way the file was uploaded, I've downloaded some mods from GTAInside and that's a German site. The IMG tool has no problem with the files from there.

Jun 26 2007, 5:23pm Anchor

yeah, we need more people to test this mod to see if it works or not on different versions of vice.

Jun 26 2007, 5:31pm Anchor

Yeah we do, thought isn't protonkid from Russia and he's using the BTTF mod with this skateboard mod, I think.

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