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2004 DeLorean (Mods : Back to the Future: Hill Valley : Forum : Media : 2004 DeLorean) Locked
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Jul 8 2007, 8:15pm Anchor

ALright here it is the vid for the '04 DMC. There will be a hover conversion, it's just in the works at the moment. So for now just sit back and watch the vid. The gold color is the best that I could come up with that looked decent on the car.

User Posted Image

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Jul 8 2007, 9:19pm Anchor

Nice job. Black looks really good, but gold and silver look a bit...plain. Maybe it's the absence of the black sidestrips that the original d's had. Or the black bumpers that it had. Or maybe because i'm thinking too much of the delorean. Speaking of which, the 81 deloreans need reflections like this one...

Also.......I don't get any sound, though I don't know if thats my computer.

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Jul 9 2007, 2:16am Anchor

I do, that means smth is with your PC, delorean.

Jul 9 2007, 2:17am Anchor

K, why can't you use camhack? Sorry if I sound rude, but I'm just curious.

Jul 9 2007, 5:25am Anchor

Oh, I fixed that long time ago. And hey, I haven't used camhack for a while either, not since that movie video. Camhack is good for trailers and such, but all we're doing is showing new features that the regular engine is sufficient to show. If you haven't noticed, the lybian chase didn't have camhack.

Jul 9 2007, 5:31am Anchor

great job, k

Jul 9 2007, 9:28am Anchor

I have noticed.

Jul 10 2007, 3:01pm Anchor

Glad u guys like the vid. Delorean the gold actually looks better in game than it does in the vid, but I'm not sure about the silver. I may change it to a different color cause it does look really plain.

Jul 11 2007, 1:16am Anchor

i know whats wrong with it

the colour is solid you didnt add any reflection or differentiation to any part of the cars texture. if you look at the deloreans that have already brrn releases they arent just one solid shade of grey, making them look real rather than just a unfinished model with a temporary texture

add more detail and itll be awesome

Jul 11 2007, 2:19am Anchor

Yes there is a reflection on the car, even for the bad quality the vid is in I can make out the reflection. Also the original Deloreans were only one color not multiple. This car is probably as compete as it's gonna get, I don't put vids up of uncompleted cars. If I add more textures to what I've already got you're gonna be dealing with 3mb texture files, and those don't always go well with game performance. Also a lot of cars these days do not have a body texture, it saves TXD space for interior, engine, and other textures.

It would be a much longer process for me to actually add a texture to the body now cause I'd have to unwrap the entire model then add texture slots for the main body, the hood, the trunk, left door, right door, in order for it to look right. I can't just make one and slap it on, it's not that easy.

Jul 13 2007, 1:21am Anchor

what i mean is try and make the texture so it looks like an actual car rather than a cardboard box thats been painted black/gold

look at any other car in gta to see what i mean they arent just textured one colour on the body

Jul 13 2007, 2:13am Anchor

looks better ingame. trust me

Jul 13 2007, 2:27am Anchor

Hope so (+)

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Aug 18 2007, 7:55pm Anchor

So it will fly?

Aug 18 2007, 8:19pm Anchor

who knows.................

Aug 18 2007, 9:02pm Anchor

I see you got the graphics problems a bit too, but cool new model of the delorean.

Also what model have u changed tommy into couldnt really tell ln the vid looks like predator.

Aug 18 2007, 9:04pm Anchor

That's K's, not mine.

Aug 18 2007, 9:09pm Anchor

i shouldev quoted K1092000 lol coz thats who me questions were pointing too.

Edited by: chevron8653

Aug 18 2007, 10:13pm Anchor

Chevron I don't remember where I found the player model. If I do find where I got it I can pm you the site.

Aug 19 2007, 7:43am Anchor

Can I ask, why do we need the 2004 DeLorean? It isn't in any of the movies and doesn't fit into any time periods? Plus it doesn't look nearly as good as the 80s DeLorean.

Edited by: ChaosSorcerer91

Aug 19 2007, 7:53am Anchor

its just an extra, a homage to john delorean

Edited by: Tomwalla

Aug 19 2007, 9:51am Anchor

God bless him.

Aug 19 2007, 9:53am Anchor

amen john z. delorean was a legend

Aug 19 2007, 1:49pm Anchor

Damn Right!!!

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