Back to the Future: Hill Valley is a full conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Back to the Future: Hill Valley will be based on the Back to the Future Trilogy, allowing the player to re-enact all the great moments from the films. While some parts of the story are stretched to make it more enjoyable, we are determined not to stray too far from the original story-line. The people behind this mod want the community to relive the movies and have as much fun in the process as possible. With the outstanding game play of the Sandbox hit, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, in combination with one of the best movies of all time, Back to the Future, this mod is sure to bring countless hours of fun to anybody who enjoyed the movies.

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Aug 7 2007, 5:26pm Anchor

no clue. Just continue playing. If you see parked cars that are not any of the above, it should be fine. Vice City is weird sometimes in spawning masses of one car at a time.

Aug 7 2007, 5:55pm Anchor

ok thanks i just started playing again and all the cars just popped up at once

Aug 7 2007, 6:24pm Anchor

yeah, it's annoying. When I want a delorean, it never pops up. When I don't want a delorean, it's like I'm living in Delorean City.

Aug 7 2007, 6:32pm Anchor

yeah it's like the computer knows what you need and plain don't wanna give it to you.... that's annoying when you try to get those car list in the regular game.

Aug 7 2007, 6:39pm Anchor

I hated doing that. It felt like Vice City was conspiring against Tommy.

Aug 8 2007, 7:22am Anchor

...maybe our pc can hear us....

Aug 8 2007, 7:31am Anchor

SKynet will take over the world. Boohoohoo.

Aug 8 2007, 7:32am Anchor

Just the stupid coincidence. THough annoying one, but hey, we passed the mission when you have to collect the vehicles right?

Aug 8 2007, 7:52am Anchor

NVM i fixed (=

Edited by: reomatrix

Aug 8 2007, 1:20pm Anchor

hey i dont know if any one noticed but the other day i traveled to Feb.39,2015 u might wanna fix that

Aug 8 2007, 2:54pm Anchor

yeah and i can only travel to 1985 now :S

Aug 8 2007, 4:55pm Anchor

the hoverboard is really slow is it supposed to be like that

Aug 8 2007, 5:03pm Anchor

well it's like a stakeboard, do you expect to go 50 mph or what? There's nothing wrong it's supposed to be like that.

Aug 8 2007, 5:06pm Anchor

i have a bug. when i turn on the game and i press the window button to get out the mouse is gone i hate it and i have to like guess where im clicking

Aug 8 2007, 5:47pm Anchor

thats not a 0.2c bug, so can't help you there.

Aug 8 2007, 7:46pm Anchor

I noticed something wierd, and i know it's not a bug, but what is the deal with tommy's gang? Everytime i punch one of my gang members, they're supposed to fall down and lay down for a minute, but each time i do that they just attack me. If i accidently run them over they also attack me. They look different too, actually they're still diaz's gang. So did you do something to them or what?

Edited by: Tomwalla

Aug 8 2007, 10:01pm Anchor

i did nothing to them.

Aug 8 2007, 10:22pm Anchor

its bacause it says the first mission but stats say 100

Aug 8 2007, 11:02pm Anchor

Oh alright, kinda wierd. I got a bug, i used kitt to bump the delorean to 88 and while i waited i drove around with kitt and the speedometer disappears and then reappears when the delorean comes back. Is that supposed to happen?

Aug 9 2007, 5:37am Anchor

unintentionally, yes. That was to get rid of the speedo in cinematic mode.

Aug 9 2007, 3:58pm Anchor

Sorry to keep brothering you, but i got another quesion. I can't change weather at all in the game. If i put in a cheat code turns right back a second later. Then i started using a wheather tool but the wheather keeps flickering. I'm just wondering is the beta affecting the wheather and ain't we supposed to have random wheather when time traveling because it stays the same on rentry.

Edited by: Tomwalla

Aug 9 2007, 6:06pm Anchor

the real time mod has to keep the weather the same. Otherwise, at each time the gta clock would change, you would see flickering weather going through sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc. So the code keeps the weather the same way. No cheats or tool will work with this mod.

Aug 9 2007, 8:04pm Anchor

But isn't there supposed to be random wheather when time traveling?

Aug 9 2007, 8:14pm Anchor

um, no. Thats in 0.2d.

Aug 10 2007, 1:49pm Anchor

Can you code a stormy weather on october 21, 2015? at least until the gta clock hits 04.31 PM....

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