Welcome to Company of Heroes: Back to Basics!

Back to Basics is a full conversion mod for Company of Heroes and its expansions. Along with new units, abilities, upgrades and commander trees, the mod adds a balanced but entirely new weapon damage system. The focus is on improving and expanding gameplay while adding additional tactics to both aggressive and defensive play.

Overall, the damage model is much more lethal than vanilla Company of Heroes, adding realism and more consequences to mistakes, but at the same time it is also as fair as possible with almost all instances of instant squad wipes removed from the game. Those who take the time to understand the depth of all the units and the entirety of the mod's damage model will find that the battles are less static with a huge spectrum of different play styles being viable. Combined arms, support weapons, officers and unit positioning are extremely important.

Penetrating vehicle armor can have strong consequences - there are much more critical hits involved in vehicle combat. No tank can take endless punishment. That said, the element of randomness is minimized as much as possible, there are practically no one-shot kills, the accuracy of each weapon is redone completely, the penetration values are intuitive and fair. Experienced players can have a good understanding of what the outcome of vehicle battles will be.

Artillery damage model is completely redone as well. While it is still perfect for accruing damage over long games and flushing out dug in enemies, the splash of artillery damage works very differently to vanilla. Each impact has a large area of effect, applying a lot of damage to squads nearby but the lethal radius of the explosion is not very large, minimizing instant squad wipes. Infantry in trenches can actually be shielded from the blast and the same logic applies to armor - only the shells that hit very close-by are most dangerous. Artillery as a tool is extremely powerful but comes and a high cost of all three resources in the game. Munitions income is very important in order to use it consistently as every barrage has a munitions cost associated with it. Munitions denial can be a good method of stopping the damage from coming in.

The mod includes a slew of aesthetics improvements. Graphics, sound, UI, unit skins, ground textures, physics all have been improved:

  • New weapon and engine sounds
  • Weapon tracer beams have been completely reworked
  • Additional "fake" ambient occlusion shadows for infantry added
  • Custom made ground textures with additional detail added
  • New unit skins for every unit in the game
  • Improved models and model details for some of the more iconic units
  • Improved crater textures with additional specular maps and fixed crater depths
  • More realistic and less floaty physics. Increased ground friction, modified gravity which allows for more realistic look for those massive explosions where sometimes you see a crew member of a tank flying half way across the map
  • Additional minimap icons for specific unit types allowing for quick reading of the battlefeld
  • New high quality unit icons, symbols and portraits
  • Modified camera controls - increased default zoom, showing a larger portion of the battlefield, faster transitions allowing for lower response times and overall more responsive controls and experience.
  • Improved unit descriptions for each unit providing full information about their features

The AI in Back to Basics receives almost as much attention as the rest of the features. AI features and improvements include:

  • A completely new decision making system for units. AI will choose its attack approaches very carefully, flanking constantly and hitting you where you're most vulnerable
  • Improved decision making regarding defensive play. The AI can now actually make a decision to become defensive, stop attacking you and consolidate its forces until it sees a new vulnerability or has enough units to push again. This is also influenced by number of Victory Points remaining, by the percentage of territory it already has and other minor factors
  • Vastly improved unit preservation - AI will keep artillery behind the lines, away from harm. The retreat logic is completely redone by a completely custom script that controls it, allowing for proper retreat decisions to be made
  • Improved point capture decisions - AI will try to avoid capturing points under fire, capture key points to break off your territory, capture points in an order which lends to its faster arrival to the frontlines, capture high resource points faster
  • Improved game start for AI. AI will appear near the frontlines much faster, especially near high resource points, and try to keep the pressure on you from the very start
  • A wide variety of game breaking AI bugs fixed
  • Full support for all the mod's units and abilities
  • Vastly improved usage of standard game abilities
  • A custom script controlling where AI targets its offmap abilities
  • Improved build decisions for all structures
  • A comletely overhauled decision making system for purchasing units. AI should always spend its resources and buy every unit in the game while still trying to counter what you have and make logical decisions in regards to any type of special units
  • Vastly improved defensive structure placement. There are now ~70 markers added to every vanilla map that allow the AI to use additional logic with, including placing defensive structures. AI should always build defensive structures near the front line but not directly in harms way. Decision making for which defensive structures to purchase at which point in the game is vastly improved as well
  • Custom scripts added which control the behavior of mortars and MGs for AI. This prevents AI from ever running in with these support units into your defensive line and instead places them in strategic positions facing approaches that lead to the enemy
  • Custom script added that controls British HQ placement. The script makes decisions between travel distance, overall danger of the area, whether or not the point is a high resource point and other factors
  • Officers will now follow and support other units in a logical manner
  • Improved other unit behaviors, such as tank flanking and entering buildings

Launching the mod

Make a shortcut of the game using steam, go to shortcut's properties and add //-mod Improved -dev to the end of the target line.
The entire target line should look like this:

steam://rungameid/228200//-mod Improved -dev

Note, that LaunchBtB.bat shortcut that comes with v3 release of the mod does not work with steam

Alternative method hiding the prompt

Go to your steam install directory (for example: C:\Program Files\Steam) and make a shortcut of Steam.exe
Move the shortcut to your desktop, change its icon if you want
In shortcut properties add -applaunch 228200 -mod Improved -dev to the target line. The result should look something like this:

"C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 228200 -mod Improved -dev

Additional target line parameters

You can add some additional parameters to the target line which will slightly increase game's performance, unlock all campaign missions without you needing to finish the campaign from the start and skip playing game intro movies

-novsync -unlock_all_missions -nomovies

Download Back to Basics v3.0

Before downloading Back to Basics, please make sure that you patched Company of Heroes to v2.602
Back to Basics v3.0 FULL
Mirrors: Mega, StrategyInformer
Does not require a previous installation of Back to Basics. Make sure to
remove any existing Back to Basics version before installing.

Download Back to Basics Update v3.1

Back to Basics Update v3.1
Requires a v3.0 installation of Back to Basics.


We really appreciate all kinds of feedback. Let us know here on ModDB or on RelicNews what you think about the mod and we are sure to reply

A special thank you to everyone who helped us make this mod possible

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Wehrmacht 75 mm PaK 40 Anti-Tank Gun American Armored Infantry Wehrmacht Waffen SS
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7 comments by AGameAnx on Mar 24th, 2013

Visit the download section on moddb here to download the patch. Additional mirrors will be available later on as we upload the patch archive to them.
Full changelog:

- Fixed reported typos.
- Improved unclear descriptions of units, abilities and upgrades.

Global Balance Changes:
- Turret Machine Guns firing arc decreased from 360° (180° to both sides) to 120° (60° to both sides). This makes it slightly easier to flank tanks and vehicles with a turret mounted Machine Gun.

- Fixed a bug where the M4 'Assault' Sherman could not target Bunkers and other Structures.
- Turret M2hb .50cal HMGs weapon tables fixed. This is a flat nerf for the weapon, as it had a way too high DPS at all ranges.
- M2 60mm Mortar Setup time increased from 1.5s to 2.4s, to match all other mortars.
- M26 Pershings come no longer with a Tank Commander by default. An upgrade which also gives the same modifiers as all Tank Commanders can now be purchased individually for each tank.

- Added a special Campaign-only Canadian Infantry squad to the Headquarters Command Truck, who can be deployed in certain missions. This squad is more similar to the Infantry Section:
* Three upgrades available: Flamethrower, Bren Light Machine Gun or a Boys AT Rifle.
* The ability to throw Grenades and Sprint.
- Fixed a bug where the Tetrach was unable to fire its main gun after upgrading the Littlejohn Adapter.
- Fixed the missing Flamethrower for the Canadian Infantry.
- PIAT reliability at medium and long ranges has been increased.

- Fixed a bug where the Sturmhaubitze 42 could not target Bunkers and other Structures.

Panzer Elite:
- 81mm Gr.34 Mortar Halftrack setup time increased from 2.2s to 2.4s, to match all other mortars.

- Liberation of Caen: M01 Authie
* Increased initial munition count to 600
* Decreased emplacement build time from 0.5 of original build time to 0.35
- Liberation of Caen: M03 Carpiquet
* Fixed missing Canadian Infantry in the Headquarters Command Truck
- Liberation of Caen: M04 Carpiquet: The Airfield
* Fixed missing Canadian Infantry in the Headquarters Command Truck

- Crucial AI attack priority logic improvements for Easy, Medium and Hard AI
- Fixed an important bug where AI would stop controlling its units
- AI reinforcing is now controlled manually through scar making AI not waste any time reinforcing its units
- Improved heavy weapon setup logic
- Improved early game attack logic slightly
- Improved axis AI logic for purchasing pak38
- Slightly improved AI artillery targeting logic (preventing AI from targeting single squads too often)
- Decreased priority for some AI point types to prevent it from clumping units
- Removed low priority markers from all the maps to prevent potential issues with them (they weren't placed properly)
- Decreased Assault Sherman priority
- Decreased Fuel bonuses
- Increased Munition bonuses to match manpower bonuses
- Slightly changed 3rd level of production purchase logic, eliminating the cases where the upgrade would switch back and forth

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Back to Basics Update v3.1

Back to Basics Update v3.1

Mar 24, 2013 Patch 7 comments

[REQUIRES BACK TO BASICS V3.0 AND COMPANY OF HEROES PATCH v2.602] This patch addresses some gameplay bugs and imbalances, fixes some language errors and...

Back to Basics v3.0 FULL

Back to Basics v3.0 FULL

Feb 25, 2013 Full Version 47 comments

Latest full release. [REQUIRES COMPANY OF HEROES PATCH v2.602] Patch v3.1 available for this release of the mod.

[OUTDATED]Back to Basics patch v2.1

[OUTDATED]Back to Basics patch v2.1

Jun 15, 2012 Patch 6 comments


[OUTDATED]Back to Basics v2.0

[OUTDATED]Back to Basics v2.0

Jun 6, 2012 Full Version 8 comments

[REQUIRES COMPANY OF HEROES PATCH v2.602] Back to Basics v2.0

[OUTDATED]Back to Basics v1.2.2

[OUTDATED]Back to Basics v1.2.2

Apr 18, 2011 Patch 19 comments

A small patch that fixes various gamebreaking stuff.

[OUTDATED]Back to Basics v1.13

[OUTDATED]Back to Basics v1.13

Nov 9, 2010 Full Version 14 comments

After a long delay, we are proud to annouce the release of version 1.13 of Back to Basics. We have been working very hard on this, perfectionizing things...

Post comment Comments  (1090 - 1100 of 1,108)
Celution Jun 24 2010, 8:09pm says:

This mod is not a new mod actually... It's more in a final stage. No more new units will be added, except maybe for new vehicle models.

Development won't stop though, we are still doing tonnes of stuff, at the moment especially improving the AI and overhauling it, so it won't spam off-map units anymore.

+1 vote     reply to comment
impgoon Jun 26 2010, 4:05pm replied:

one more thing i found. Wermacht has unfair atvantage in the tank batallion tree. wermacht can call 2 tigers and ticki from offboard and can produce two to three more in tankfactory so you can have 6 tigers at once if popcap is big enough. us armor tree can only build two pershings at once this is very unfair and need to be balanced.



+1 vote     reply to comment
impgoon Jun 26 2010, 11:04am replied:

played a few rounds and must say nice mod so far...but two little things come to my attention.

first: most of infantry uniform colours and camo patterns looks like a little washed out and blurry. i knew some of the skins used there from other mods and must say the colours were stronger there and it look better. is this intended this way?

second: the stuh42 is only a piece of artillery with indirect fire here like in the most mods. would it be possible to implant a firing mode that make it possibe to use it in its main role as close infantry support in close combat with direct fire? only mod who is historical correct in this point is n44 and there it worked great and is not op.



+1 vote     reply to comment
Celution Jun 27 2010, 4:43pm replied:

In v1.12, all these things are fixed, and the Allies get an M36 Jackson Battlegroup instead of the Pershing call-in. These Tank Destroyers are equiped with a 90mm gun, which can beat up axis heavy tanks.

Here are only a few of many changes:

- M36 Jackson Battlegroup (replacing the M26 Pershing call-in, since it is buildable)
- Grille Self-Proppeled Artillery (replacing the StuH 42 call-in)
- Further developped weapon system
- 75mm Pak 40 emplacement (replacing the 50mm Pak 38 emplacement)
- Lots of new user interface artwork
- Tonnes of random changes (yes I know, should keep a changelog, but I forgot once again)
- American Radio Operator moved to the Weapons Support Center
- American Radio Operator only available with the Airborne and Infantry Company.
- American Logistic Engineers now have Advanced Repair
- American Logistic Engineers only available with the Armor Company
- American Off-map Artillery is normal again
- American T17 Reinforcement is now a regular reinforcement
- Wehrmacht Waffen SS Trupp can no longer build Trenches
- General Anti-Blob system inplemented, Blobbed squads will now gain recieved accuracy modifiers
- Schwere SS PanzerAbteilung 102 Doctrine reworked, it it much more balanced now.
- Panzer Elite Vampire Halftrack MG42 removed; somehow it still was there while it never was intended.

As you can read, at the moment the StuH 42 is completely removed. Maybe I'll add it later again as an upgrade for the normal StuG IV.

+1 vote     reply to comment
impgoon Jun 28 2010, 6:05am replied:

forgot to mention the marksman AA issue is mostly a problem on small or mid sized maps up to 4 players on larger maps it is not that big problem as long as you stay away from mainbases or defended areas but still it makes the airborne doctrine airattacks a little pointless esspecially when Sdkfz222,Puma and 88 is on the field besides the Vierling its kinda hell to get your airstikes on the map.

and for the lack of AA on allies especially US side maybe you can add a second AA unit or maybe a stationary one like axis have. an 37mm or 75mm or maybe the US 90mm like an 88 for axis or at least an quad .50 emplacement?


+1 vote     reply to comment
impgoon Jun 27 2010, 8:16pm replied:

will there be any changes in the offmap artillery or airstrike cooldown timers in next version? cause the airstrikes in axis luftwaffen doctrine are to powerful to be this cheap and to soon reaviable. same for rocketartillery barrage on axis side. and it seems that most artillery like the allied 105 are snipers cause almost every round is a direct hit. are there intended to be such precise?

me and some buddies tried this out in several games and it looks a little inballanced.

before someone says or think we are allied players who wants to wine about OP axis we are not! most of us play WH or PE normaly but we think game should be fair and ballanced for all nations in the game.

saying so...another thing is accuracy of german armoured cars and flak vierling against incoming planes. in 4 of 5 they get shot down even before they apear on the map. allies (US the most)have another disadvantage here cause they only have one AA unit each (m16 halftrack/40mm bofors) and they are not nearly that accurate than axis AA.

one more thing we found: if you try to play a compstomp against allies anything works fine except UK. they dont call in their tanktruck and when, it aint produce some. another issue on UK AI is that once HQ or all trucks are blown it stops all actions and is not calling for backup or replacement from offmap. it even stops to produce units in remaining trucks.

i know you made this mod mostly for PVP but a working AI would be a nice extra if you could fix it.

before i come to and end here let me point out...

dont get me or my buddies wrong. we dont wont to blame or tear down your mod or your team. we hope and we try to help to improve this mod and make it fair and well ballanced for all who play it. and we hope they enjoy it like we did as we play it(and we do play it allot).

my personal hope for this mod is that someday it would be, what bk mod was (one of the best known and most played mods for coh) before it was patched to death!



+1 vote     reply to comment
Celution Jun 28 2010, 5:28am replied:

Yes, the Henschel Bombing run has been nerfed a lot, this includes:
- Damage decreased
- Cost increase
- Warning smoke (forgot to add those)
- Very long recharge

The 280mm Rocket Artillery has been nerfed in damage aswell. I think we nerfed all weapon accuray, so also for the Howitzers, but I'll look into it again. Artillery will be more costy anyway, and all artillery recharges will be slightly increased.

I never noticed this with the Anti-Aircraft, I'll have to see it myself.
I really want to thank you for this bug/inbalance testing, because it helps a lot.

+1 vote     reply to comment
impgoon Jun 28 2010, 5:48am replied:

no problem. like i said before my buddies and i just want to help cause we think this mod have a lot of potential!

it is great to hear that this is appreciated. some other mod developers here act a little kinki if you open such posts like mine on their mod sites or even ignore or delete it. it is great that you take the time to answer such posts and even try to solve them.


+1 vote     reply to comment
clown_of_war Jun 24 2010, 12:02am says:

what new units will you be adding? :DD

+1 vote     reply to comment
DevilDog982 Jun 23 2010, 10:05pm says:

looks great cant wait

+1 vote     reply to comment
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The mod is very realistic and the models are goodlooking.

This is worth trying. I enjoy it, and i'm sure, hundreds of people with me.

Mar 21 2011, 4:29pm by Boogie85

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