Back to Basics: A Company of Heroes mod merging realism with balance and improved design. This mod reworks all aspects of the game to create a Company of Heroes experience that we feel is what 4 years of evolution of the original game could have looked like. New units, new damage model, new strategy and tactics while keeping damage output, technological rushes and all unit statistics in tight check. This mod also features massive AI improvements, spanning from fixes to broken features to total overhauls of AI combat behavior and strategic decisions.

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First thing to notice about the Jagdpanther in v3.0 is that it no longer has the Branches all over the tank. Though it looked cool up close, the quality of the branches were a bit low on long range, as well as that I missed the real Jagdpanther look in general.

The Jagdpanther also got some rebalances in v3.0. The changes include that the armor will be quite weaker than before, it will be equal to Panthers upgraded with Armor Skirts. Next to that, the horizontal main gun firing angle has been decreased to match the animation, which results in that the Jagdpanther has to turn more often if it's aiming for a moving target.

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