Back to Basics: A Company of Heroes mod merging realism with balance and improved design. This mod reworks all aspects of the game to create a Company of Heroes experience that we feel is what 4 years of evolution of the original game could have looked like. New units, new damage model, new strategy and tactics while keeping damage output, technological rushes and all unit statistics in tight check. This mod also features massive AI improvements, spanning from fixes to broken features to total overhauls of AI combat behavior and strategic decisions.

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American Armored Infantry
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Looks good! :D

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So, what, our Panzergrenadiers with Panzerschrecks will be swrewed by these guys? Is that why I spent 75 munition to get a Panzerschreck?

I don't mean to sound offensive, and sorry if I did but it SOUNDS a bit unbalanced.

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AGameAnx Creator

What exactly do you mean? Please elaborate.

But yea, firstly, They still don't outperform elite infantry.

Second, tank combat is still based on criticals and is very lethal (though we might redo this in a near future, but then we'll rebalance these guys too).

Panzerschreks are still amazing and these guys don't affect that in any way.

They do have advanced repair but it's still quite slow in case you mean they somehow counter smaller bits of damage vs armor from light antitank... But if you catch an m10 with panzerschreks it's going to hurt, a lot.

Also, they're now more expensive than they used to be.

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Alright, I understnd what you're saying. I should admit that I have not played Back to Basics in a long time.

Thanks for the clarification.

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Armored Infantry were completely rebalanced for a more distinguished role and more consistent performance.

"Call-in a squad of Armored Infantry. Combat engineers trained to protect vehicles from infantry attacks, equiped with wire cutters, grenades, sticky bombs as well as Advanced Repair."

Armored Infantry had a quite poor performance in any situation, while also lacking a specific role in combat. They were never really a viable option to get, so with this rebalance they will perform much better against Infantry.

Changes to Armored Infantry include:
- Armored Infantry reinforcing time increased from 6 to 7 seconds.
- Armored Infantry squad size increased from 4 to 5.
- Armored Infantry entity health decreased from 100 to 90, increasing the squad health from 400 to 450.
- Armored Infantry M1 Carbine DPS at long and distant range slightly increased.
- Armored Infantry now have "Riflemen Elite" infantry armor.
- Armored Infantry can now Sprint.

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