Azure Sheep is a single player mod for Half-Life. The player is one of the Barney guards that is on post in one of the entrances of the Black Mesa facility When the chaos starts you realize that Kate, your college, code name 'Azure Sheep' is in the complex and in big dangers. You decide to rescue her... Compatible with Steam. Download links can be found here. The above page also includes a patch to make Azure Sheep more compatible with Steam.

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1 of the 20 greatest half life mods ever made


the true Half Life Blue Shift, with so many epic and unique moments. Nuff said.

One of the best mods ever! Great atmosphere, gameplay, level design! 10/10 !



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As much as I like Blue-Shift, I do feel that it lacked some things that would have made it on par with Decay and Opposing Force. But Azure Sheep? This fixes those problems nicely.

You play as a generic "Barney" guard who is on duty with his partner Kate "Azure Sheep". The mod takes the object of playing as a security guard from Blue Shift and makes it much better with a better story and the fast pace shooting that made Half-Life popular.

I was really impressed by the New weapons include the Iron Bar, A Prototype Rifle and a Beretta 92FS.. The new enemies Super Alien Slave and Special forces, and the story overlapping with Point Of View. (Another mod)

The only complaints I have is that Kate is very easy to kill and as in Vanilla Half-Life, She and guards can get stuck in the doors or on corpses.

Greatest mod ever!

It is super mod

It has new characters,high def stuff,and a own storyline! and anything a 10/10 raters can say except bad idea/stuff :D

[Sorry if im bad at english :(]

An excellent game with wonderful storytelling and one of my favorite mods altogether.

sus personajes: fantasticos! aparecieron 2 de los personajes legendarios de half life, como a veces chocaban en el transcurso del juego y te ayudaban. Muy bueno, se sintio genial formar parte de la historia principal del juego (como en el momento en que que se llevan a Freman)
Historia: bastante bueno, como un guardia apuesta su vida para salvar a una amiga (y amada, por cierto). y en el momento en el que todas las esperanzas se pierden la ayuda viene y es de la que menos te esperas.
Armas: encontre 2 nuevas , una me parecio media, por que tiene 2 filos, y la otra esta genial, sobre todo el daño que hace xD
Personajes que chocan en otro lugar inesperado: no pienso decirlo, pero muy buena la idea del creador con esas 2 historias que creo (esta y otra)
Enemigos: esos enemigos ni me los esperaba, si que te dan caña! casi me matan en una ocasion, y la cancion no me ayudaba mucho, me la ponia mas dificil, pero me divertia xD
por cierto, la grafica es muy aceptable ;D

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