The Plot:

The story or plot will be set in the not too distant future in the bleak depths of society in a once thriving city (London) which is now under the oppressive watch of the governments counter-terrorism act. Surrounded by check points and police, held under the grasp and control of the Army everyone is being watched.
You are a normal man, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Framed for a crime you did not commit... A terrorist attack at Piccadilly Circus and the blame has been set up on you. You are now on the run from the police SO19 unit and reckless Armed forces as you despiritley try to find out the truth and in the midst accidentally starting a revolution. You will have your vengeance!

• Your Adventure:

It will take you from some of the city's famous locations. Marvel in the wonders of Piccadilly circus, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, Battersea power station and some of the less popular underworld of London as you go on the run from the government in search of the truth.

• Challenges:

Facing waves of tough and reckless enemies, you must navigate and battle through London's underground stations, streets and dark ally ways using your brain and observing your environment to help you get from map to map.

• Your Arsenal:

Use an exciting array of weapons for different purposes as you silence those who stand in the way of the truth. Beat the bones of who fight you with the classic crowbar, punch your target across the room with the Remington 870 shotgun, spray run in guns blazing spraying multiple targets with the MP5A3 or remain deadly at distance picking your targets and sinking the 7.62mm into the skull of an unaware victim with the L129A1, The British armies newest rifle!

• New Features:

Implementing new features to make your game play more enjoyable. Longer sprinting time, bullet time, headbobbing, comic book style cutscenes and much more..

The Team:

Daviz1987 - Project Leader, Writer, World Builder, Texture Artist, 2D Artist, Sound Engineer.
NF Mynster (GOD) - Assistant Project Leader, Coder.

Joey3918 - Texture Artist, Modeller.

James Miller - Special Effects, Modeller, Texture Artist, Animator. -
Six5Music - Composer.

THIS ORDEAL - Music (Random Radio's playing throughout). - -

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