One lovely morning. I wake up and I noticed a letter on my desk. Then I go to see my servant, because he has important things to tell me. Later, I sleep overnight, and then all of a sudden I wake up and hear strange noises. I realize that all is not well. I'm going to watch and I noticed that William is kidnapped and he left a letter on the table, where it says that I need to save him.

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Nice custom story.

-good story
-plenty of supplies
-select one of two endings

-gramatical errors (maybe i didnt play the latest version)
-objectives were unclear at times

A decent custom story with very good mapping, great storyline and two endings.

This custom story its good, have interesting maps in the beggining but fall in too big mess in the middle.
The scares are interesting, with things breaking or door closed hard, and unique ones like the dungeon ghosts, but surely they can be exploited in a more useful way.
The story its simple, nothing out of the ordinary, but have two endings, so it gives a litle replay value.
By far an interesting modd, with an imaginative way of dealing horror and that its always good.
I think that the developer could make an awesome custom story if he/she can work it a little more, this one shows true potential so i hope to see more from this developer.


Humeba says

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I loved it! Excellent work. The only problem I had was getting the orb to go together. I finally got it though.


Awesome story!
Not a REAL story that grabs you, but very descent!
Mapping is Very good and done with a lot of love!
Scripting is also good\very good.
Sounds are good - no new sounds
Voiceactor are good too, better then average story's around.
Overall 8.5\9 for this guy.
He proved that a custom story could be awesome and scary,
Even without new stuff.
Everyone must play this if you havent even played this before.

It was a pretty creepy and well designed, although there was a overload of doors and not enough connection between them. A well designed area is one that make sense in the way it was built, this has little. The scares are good and theres not to many. The scares are good and well paced out. I also like having to find something else for a change then just keys, so it delivers for that. Theres some good new music to.
It relies mostly on this and being a decent length.


I'm giving it a 5 because this story is really well made until it gets to the hammer and chipper bug. I played this story for a very long time until it got to the part where you are supposed to combine the hammer with the chipper to continue. That combination didn't work so I had to stop playing.


1nd3x says

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Best CS ever!


blazingkow says

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In the bsement, when the monster first shows up, I had a pewdiepie momment. Unoticed by me, the monster went in to the other room, where I needed to go. I went in there, and thinking he was in front of me, shut the door. As I turn around, he's there, and hits me! So I ran saying "OHMYGOGOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD" Great cs man, keep the scares up!

This was a very well made custom story, it had VERY scary moments and the story was very good. The nightmare part at the beginning was the scariest moment and made my brain tingle. However, the only bad thing about this is that the puzzles are WAY too difficult and numerous, it took me hours to solve them. Other than that, it is a very well made custom story.

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