Awakening of the Rebellion 2 is something completely new compared to version 1.1, as you now get an improved techsystem which is linked to the shipyard system, story events that let you reenact famous situations from the moves, as well as a completely overhauled balancing. Videos, voiceovers, new sounds as well as particle effects let AotR 2 become the most intense StarWars experience you ever had.

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Jul 10th, 2009
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This is actually english Awakening of the Rebellion 2.5 Openbeta(incl. Hotfix 1). The Openbeta 2.5 is a AddOn to AotR 2.05 What the mod contains... Many AotR2.05 fixes, Black Sun playable with new story events, new units, new balancing and AI improvements: The AI was totally redone for this mod. Nearly all aspects of it were improved. Requirement: AotR 2.05 fullversion important: Please read the "Read Me" file after the install in the Force of Corruption folder.

This is actually english Awakening of the Rebellion 2.5 Openbeta(incl. Hotfix 1). The Openbeta 2.5 is a AddOn to AotR 2.05
Requirement: AotR 2.05 fullversion
important: Please read the "Read Me" file after the installation in the Force of Corruption folder.

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AotR 2.5 Openbeta
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Peace_Monger Jul 11 2009 says:

OMG this is like christmas in summer this is going to be amzing!

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Trackmaster Jul 12 2009 says:


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AdmiralTade Jul 13 2009 says:

for the full release can you keep this a exe or zip file. i would be very gratful.

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mikey1871 Jul 14 2009 says:

I certainly would read the darn readme file IF there was one included!!! I've installed the 2.5 open beta, but there isn't a readme file included with it. It's very nice that u do include an uninstaller program though.

another thing and i've repeated this before with every MOD from SMG... how do I increase my tech level and mine on planets??? NO one ever answers those 2 questions. C3PO doesn't do a damn thing in ur mods and that is the way in which one increases their tech level.

OK there are smugglers to steal credits, but is that the only way in which one gets any $$$$ in the game?

Now, I DO like a challenge and smg's mods are always a challenge, but that cause you guys never ever make a mod that is remotely like the originals in the way in which the game is played. BUT, come on guys.... if your gonna change the basic game play then instruct the people who u want to play ur mods on how to go about playing them!!

It's a very different set of strategies when ur opponent is clustered together and ur spread out all along the rim. and i'm NOT a big fan of retreating. But where is the 'readme' file u keep talking about on here?

It's not included with ur open beta :)

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Jedi_Lu Author
Jedi_Lu Jul 15 2009 replied:

README_ENGLISH_AotR2.5_beta.txt, after the installation in your Force of Corruption folder
and the other questions ... please use english SMG Forum

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Ryslan Jul 14 2009 says:

Wow i should download it :)

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obliterator789 Jul 15 2009 says:

thanks m8

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Ind-BorG Oct 26 2009 says:

I am using the German Version of AOTR. Does this beta version also work for the German version? I am experiencing many missing text in the German game and this is getting on my nerves.
I had a look in your updated MasterTextFile_ENGLISH.DAT. There are some updated text tags. DO you think it would work, if I just take your new tags and put them into the MasterTextFile_GERMAN.DAT?

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Jedi_Lu Author
Jedi_Lu Oct 28 2009 replied:

Quote:This is actually english Awakening of the Rebellion 2.5 Openbeta!

Please read the news:
German version please download here:

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arbiter2553 Oct 27 2009 says:

how do i get this mod to work i added it to were it needs to go but i dont know how to get it to work plz help

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Jedi_Lu Author
Jedi_Lu Oct 28 2009 replied:

download AotR 2.05 install in the Mods folder
download AotR 2.5 Openbeta install in the FoC folder
start the mod with mod launcher or batch file

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Omnifarious_Nef Nov 11 2009 says:

uhhhhhh... ok a little confused here, read the instructions but i'm not that good at modding... i'm hearing put facy named file here and have this file there with quotations... and i have like 3 aotR files near mods with one named mods... its all rather confusing, can some one speak retard for me and help me out? not sure how to install it right.

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fenix02 Dec 30 2009 says:

hey after downloading the mod, i managed to play a skirmish once, but now theres no AI for the mod. in the GC they do nothing and in skirmish again nothing.

is there summin wrong or is this just me?

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blu_magic101 Jan 23 2010 says:

how to make the batch file for aotr

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blu_magic101 Jan 24 2010 says:

i installed it but i still didnt get anything new like i cant be the black sun i dont have any new units and there is no new gc maps

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Jedi_Lu Author
Jedi_Lu Jan 27 2010 replied:

??? In this Openbeta is the Black Sun playable. Please read the Read Me for install instructions and requirements!
Or you wait of the english release version AotR 2.50

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Stormtrooper_GE77 Apr 25 2010 replied:

hey, great beta from what i've been able to play but i've been having a Ai issue and no ones been able to help me, when i play 2.05 with or without the hot fix the AI works fine, but sence i did a clean 2.05 install then the beta the AI is galacticly dead in the water, in battle they will attack but they dont build anything in skirmish or GC, any ideas?

other info if it helps:
i have the 1.1 Foc patch
i've tryed fiddling with the AI files multiple times but to no avail(i do a clean reinstall after a failure to make sure i dont stack issues), the Black Sun will work but the Rebellion and Imperial AI is dead.

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Stormtrooper_GE77 Apr 25 2010 replied:

sorry for the extra post but i remembered more info.

This is the only mod i have installed.
I did have to use the Ram fix as i have 4Gbs of RAM.
on a simple clean install of 2.05 then straight to the beta i get a perception error upon starting it, only after messing with AI folders can i start but there dead.
i've easly moved the AI folders from AotR2.05/data/XML to /data but i noticed no effect

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ssyoda Mar 28 2010 says:

Wow! Huge thanks for doing an open beta! A lot of the missions weren't working for me. Thanks to the changes in the lua files, they're working now. Thanks!

Two big changes I'd like to see in space is craft size, I think they're too small. And fighters get stuck in the hangars on space stations too easily. Sometimes it takes a while to get them out.

As for land combat, I love the system. Adding "XP" to troops is cool. But, can we maybe tone down the AT-AAs fire power against ground forces. Holy COW! I can hold off half the Rebellion with two of those things. lol

Can't wait for the final! Great job!

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mountainman0916 Nov 17 2010 replied:

Now thats fun! Just played your open beta and many thanks to your entire team. The game has a few glitches and an exception every now and then but its new and it's still a load of fun to play. I disagree with SSYODA that the fighters are to small, it gives the game the feel of realism when a small fighter zips past one of your ships or launches a torpedo into it. I will say though it would be fantastic if you added battle damage like smoke and fire to the space ship battles and starbases. SMG Team you have my vote for MOTY. Looking forward to playing the full version soon with a detailed guide and may Awakening of the Rebellion 3 come even sooner.

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kebir Nov 13 2010 says:

how do you do the mission at zhar?

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tednugent1 Feb 5 2011 says:

Anyone know how to make a good .bat file? Here's mine:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption\swfoc.exe" MODPATH=Mods\AotR2.05

Unfortunately it doesn't work... I CTD as soon as the game starts loading up.

Any advice? Thanks!

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discipulus Feb 23 2011 says:

How I got this to work with windows 7 64x

Installed FoC and 1.1 update

Installed AotR2.05 full, 800 + megs into the ...\FoC\Mods folder. If it is not there, make it. Can't make a folder? go play checkers.

Installed AotR 2.5Beta english to my ...\Foc Folder, as it writes some material to your basic data folder. This is important. Read the txt included in the 2.5 download.

Run the Vista64x update available from lucasarts for FoC. It works it's mojo by removing incompatabilities in your root FoC\Data folder with the graphics mojo of your windows seven system.

Rename the Data File in your Root FoC folder "data2" and transfer the data folder from Foc\Mod\AotR2.05 up two levels into the FoC folder.

Run the Vista64x again. This time it will be removing the incompatabilities in the Aotr2.5 data folder, as it is occupying it's target space.

Move the Aotr data folder back down two levels from ...FoC to ...FoC\Mods\Aotr2.05

Rename "data2" back to "data"

Write a .bat for aotr 2.5
Go to "start" then type "notepad" into the search bar.Open the program that appears. Copy and paste the line "swfoc MODPATH=Mods\AotR2.05" onto the notepad, no quotes. Save it. Important, name the file aotr.bat, that .bat part is crutial, the aotr not as much. "save as..." then "save as type - all files". If you do not it will save as a useless .txt file .Store it in your root FoC directory. It will not work if you put it elsewhere.

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discipulus Feb 23 2011 says:

The mission at Zhar? I presume you mean with ace azameen?

Follow the instructions carefully until you ready, as soon as you have the shuttle break southwest with both ships, away from the station. Make for the belt in the south center of the map. If fighters are on you block with the corellian, the shuttle has no balls.

Dodge around the edge of the map, avoid the open midspace... or don't, why not fly out there and see what happens?

Or.. you could follow the fringes of the map, blocking and scouting with the corellian while the shuttle ducks from belt to belt. The objective is to get the shuttle to the jump point near the northeast corner, (there is a small green arrow on the map). Once it is away the corellian can jump from anywhere.

good luck

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discipulus Feb 23 2011 says:

Jedi and sundry...

This mod revived an old tired game and made it once more the center of my attention. My respect and regards to it's creators, both in tribute to it's craftsmanship, and in thanks for the many ...many hours of pleasure it has provided.

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hquiggers Mar 24 2011 says:

hi, i downloaded this and it always crashes as it starts up
is there something ive done wrong? something else i need to download?
i know ive installed it right, ive used loads of mods.

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TheOmegaPyro Aug 11 2011 says:


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o2876 Sep 22 2012 says:

I can't get any version to work I'm running windows 7 32 and I've tried every trick I've read about and always with the exception on launch so I give up I played this mod once on my old computer but couldn't handle the Lag now I can't even get it to work so not really caring any more

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