You survived the Apocalypse, but what will you do, when you are scared, alone, and your hope is dead?

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Very impressive atmosphere
Good Work

Really enjoyed it, It would have recieved a 10/10 if it was a bit longer, but It was good anyway.

I really liked what you did here.
Although it's too short, the feeling "loneliness" is pretty impressive and you've managed to create that atmosphere.

Some of the technical details were a bit bad. Like invisible walls and visible walls that we are able to walk through them. Very slow walking (of course for the atmosphere, but even running is too slow), narrow doorways that I barely managed to get through. And there are parts might be frustrating for some players. I died after jumping from a windows and game sent me back to the point where I reached to the town.

Other than that, it is really good. Due to story, making it longer might ruin the atmosphere.

Absolutely brilliant!
spasibo bolshoe za takuyu prekrasnuyu igru! nadeyus vas vosmut delat filmi

Great game

i may not know what the narrator is saying but this is a well put together story combined with some amazing mapping.

Я на одном сайте заметил рецензию... И вот я решил скачать. Прошел, но мне он понравился, но не совсем. Частый переход между картами, все сделано в декорациях Half-Life 2. Даже задействованы куски карт... Но карты в некоторых частях (метро, например) бесподобно выглядят. Я конечно же завысил немного оценку, хотел поставить 6, ну и так сойдет.
Очень хорошо, но на мой взгляд чего-то не хватает. Это квест в духе Dear Esther. Такой же по геймплею, становится в некоторых местах скучновато. Делать... Точнее, приходится бегать. Только дизайн вытягивает... Музыка так же... Речь главного героя...

От души, спасибо тебе)

I enjoyed the game itself. although some are addicted to the fast pase of an FPS the silent little story telling mod are few and far inbetween. unlike others who say this mod is too slow or boring didn't take the time to really slow down and look at their surroundings. the world has ended, so slow down and take a breather!

1. the story:
Your story ark is a real enjoyable one. the fact that the game itself is subtitled just adds to the games overall feel. the fact that you meet one person that roots the player to setting adds a sense of a lost life. overall the story really puts this mod ahead

2. Mapping:
I have to say, coming from the source mapping scene i have to say your mod is really well mapped. a few spots such as the skybox for the last map having a small leak, making the skybox error and the small white lines on the support beams at the end of the subway need work. overall the mapping is supurb and makes the feel of the mod stand out.

3. Gameplay
i have to say the gameplay is sort of blan. some rooms seem under decorated and the fact the player has to craaaaaaawwwwwllll through those holes in the apartment building is anoying. Although the path that the player has to travel is pretty easy to follow. the background music is supurb and is the offset that makes the environment stand out.

4. Conclusion
In conclusion i have to give this mod a 9 (being generous, i am a big fan of story mods) which might be a bit high. your story was good although the wakeup scene could have been better played. This mod is creepy and full of dispair which keeps me playing the same about 4 times now. good work and keep it comin.

The story is uninteresting, slow and borring. the abiant sounds and musics are at worse anoying at best unpresent. At least they created a quite good maze.

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