Assault Coop Mod is all about co-op! Each map will include save points, objectives, events, and even a mini-storyline to it. Players will be able to make tactical plans to take out enemy strongholds. You will fight to complete the mission along with your friends and along with some AI allies. Coop mappers can customize their maps with over 20+ custom/edited triggers. Survival, Waves, Campaign, Escort, Tower Defense style maps? Yes they can be made in Far Cry with Assault Coop Mod

So far its just myself(flameknight7). I am recruiting people to join the team!

If you'd like to turn your map into co-op style for this mod, plz inform me.
recruiting members to join the modding team. let us expand the co-op of farcry :D
for suggestions, questions, and so on
e-mail me at

-completely redid all scripts
-remove over 200+ unnessary scripts
-opimized scripts
-updated to work with dedicated servers
-client can hear idle/death AI sounds
-added team spawn points
-added medictool/scouttool pickups
-added notify text for keycards
-upddated creature generator
-add custom creature generators
-added custom triggers - custom triggers work on dedicated servers
-added preset AI behavior scripts for creature gen
-add custom AI characters
-stealth sniper
-only coop gamemode
-customize color and character select for coop gamemode
-updated prox/proxKey triggers
-better zoom focus
-flashbangs work with AI in mp
-cleared out class registery
-added friendfire for speices
-AI melee works on dedicated servers
-update currentMission for custom HUD messages
-helmets/shields/lights are synced with clients
-new AI multi behavior for easier mapping/setting up patrols
-added price/shen weapon pack
-music mood works for clients
-AI mission paths (AI defined path for an objective)
-included house,city,graveyard,road,vegetation, etc model packs
-updated zombie behavior
-3 adjustable difficulties. newbie, amateur, and realistic
-scouttool can be used as landmine
-single fire mode for weapons
-updated sound scripts for weapons
-added admin spawn command to spawn chosen entity script
-added AI wave entity
-added admin AI wave set up commands
-AI wave setup for creating server
-added respawn ticket system
-added toggle on/off for ticket system and reinforcement time
-added admin ticket commands
-added player/AI counter and tickets on hud
-added show AI on radar command
-added sound signal command (useful for mission text)
-sound player/ sound event custom entities sync with client
-compass feature (see AI on radar)
-added bomb entity
-added multiply signal entity
-spawn generator random spawn point option
-updated hit flesh particle effects
-added player model change entity
-admin spawn entity go to all player positions
-added projectile mortar entity
-updated creature generator - up to 5 models can be spawned randomly
-updated zombie generator - up to 10 models can be spawned randomly
-added 4 preset texture mercenaries for each mercenary type
-added gr_crosshair option
-added total AI kills to scoreboard
-automatic doors work on dedicated server
-delay trigger work on dedicated server
-updated creature generator- added random up to 3 AI character and 3 weapon-pack
-area trigger work on dedicated server
-flying fox work on dedicated server
-added waveGenerator entity
-added PresetMercGenerator
-added PresetZombieGenerator
-added score trigger

campaign maps to campaign coop:
-Training- 100%
-Carrier- 100%
-Fort- 100%
-Pier- 100%
-Research- 100%
-Treehouse- 100%
-Bunker- 100%
-Steam- 100%
-Regulator- 50%
-Control- 30%
-Rebellion- 30%
-Archive- 30%
-Cooler- 20%
-Boat- 20%
-Catacombs- 20%
-River- 20%
-Swamp- 20%
-Factory- 20%
-Dam- 20%
-Volcano- 20%
*note: each map has to converted
*work to do: player spawning, AI spawning, hidden weapons, reinforcements, sound adjustment, optimizing, balancing, testing, debugging, mission objectives

-Lobby- 70%
*great level for players to mess around and decide what available coop maps to play.

work to do:
-scripting -complete 99%
-mapping -10/20 maps farcry campaign 60%
-additional maps
-all original stock maps modified for coop
-object package - complete 99%

for more progress and updates check out

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More Pre-Textured Mercs! ac_UnsafeSituation ac_UnsafeSituation
Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: Assault Coop updates and Campaign Coop

8 comments by flameknight7 on Sep 22nd, 2010

Assault Coop is nearing its completion with more bug-fixes and additions each coming moment. Campaign coop will be featured in the first release of Assault Coop v3.0. Also, there is a new implemented random spawn system that turns each experience to a new one.

Campaign Coop will change the original far cry single campaign to work for coop. In Assault Coop the campaign maps have random number, position, and behavior of the AI so that each play through won't always be the same. Players can expect a much more difficult campaign with stealthy snipers, greater number of AI, fierce gunfire, and even hidden item spawns.

Here is recent game play footage of a original map and convert to coop.

The updated random spawn system allows easier and faster map setup. Mappers can complete AI setup much quicker, allow players to have a different experience, and give more re-playability to the maps.

Here is another video of gameplay with ZOMBIES :D The setup time for the zombie waves was around 5 minutes and you can achieve some fun results.

More updates include additional pre-textured models and improved blood particle effects. They are added to give much more variety to the enemies. No more seeing the same 10 models like in the previous versions. With the updated spawn generators, mappers can choose a much wider variety of mercenaries to face the players. Also, who doesn't want more blood when killing the bad guys?

More Pre-Textured Mercs! Improved Blood Particle Effect

Custom maps by me(Flameknight7) will be in the release and shall include the .cry files so coop mappers will able to use them as reference. In case if you missed it, here are several shots of custom maps.

ac_UnsafeSituation Map: ac_TownSwipe ac_QuietVillage Map: ac_Chua

The release of Assault Coop v3.0 will include:
- Campaign Coop (yes all 20 original maps for coop)
- FFA/TDM maps - wave game mode (waves of enemies spawn)
- ASSAULT maps - coop game mode (clear out the bases)
- ASSAULT PX maps - defense game mode (defend the flag from enemy capture)
- custom maps
- custom model packs
- Flameknight7's Assault Coop mappers guide
- a whole bunch of other features and bug-fixes that can't fit here

I'm (Flameknight7 aka Jackie Siu) the only person working on this mod.
If you would like to contribute, help, give suggestions, have questions, and so on just drop me an e-mail at

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Assault Coop v3.0 beta patch 01

Assault Coop v3.0 beta patch 01

Mar 24, 2011 Patch 1 comment

quick fix for 3 mp stock maps. fixed AI spawn issue for mp_monkeybay,mp_monkeybay_n, and mp_surf.

Asssault Coop v3.0 Beta

Asssault Coop v3.0 Beta

Mar 23, 2011 Full Version 21 comments

Hello this is Flameknight7 aka Jackie Siu! Assault Coop mod was put together for your coop gaming enjoyment. This is a beta of version 3 of Assault Coop...

Assault Coop Zombie Teaser

Assault Coop Zombie Teaser

Jan 16, 2009 Trailers 1 comment

a little teaser for the updated zombies for Assault Coop mod.

Assault Coop Campaign Gameplay Video

Assault Coop Campaign Gameplay Video

Jan 11, 2009 Trailers 7 comments

this is some test gameplay for the campaign coop gamemode with me(flameknight7) and my brother(aquaknight7). This vid shows footage from the 1st and 2nd...

Assault Coop Spawn Menu Demonstration

Assault Coop Spawn Menu Demonstration

Jan 5, 2008 Full Version 3 comments

This is a demonstration of using the spawn menu in Assault Coop Mod

Zombie pack preview

Zombie pack preview

Oct 7, 2007 Movies 1 comment

this is a preview vid of the zombie pack add on for assault coop lan.

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deathteam15 Jul 2 2011, 5:43pm says:

Hey, I was wondering how to turn off the time limit for a campaign map? Thanks :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
RedDawnMod Jun 12 2011, 4:50pm says:

How do you spawn NPCs in the editor? I added the target line as the readme said, but I can't access any new NPCs or NPC behaviours.

+2 votes     reply to comment
flameknight7 Creator
flameknight7 Apr 17 2011, 2:26am says:

There is still that main issue of which to follow:
1. Mod coop for farcry 1.4
+can spawn many AI
+can play online
-most animations are unsyncable
2. Mod coop for farcry 1.1
+preset AI
+cut scenes
+always synced
-only works on LAN
-map changes sometimes crash seriously

i can follow either but i'm not sure what players really what to go for.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Jerkakame Jun 3 2011, 6:10pm replied:

Is it possible to make 2 versions? :P

+2 votes     reply to comment
``~Scre@m~`` Apr 26 2011, 12:04am replied:

I didnt tested all of those features. All what i can say, is put all features from campaign as much as possible! I guess we all here can have or DL original v1.0 and then patch it to 1.1... BUT ! Do not forget about Steam users ! They got the latest build ! So IMHO the best way is make something like standalone antipatch or make standalone bin32 folder that will consist all needed core files, however i am mostly sure that u need to fix the core scripts either.. BUT as far as i know all core scripts are packed inside of archives, and they will be overriden by scripts, that are put outside of the archives. (and btw if u remade all core scripts files in the mod we dont need to worry about it)

So basically u making a choice who do u want to support ? Retail\pirates or users with digital download services..

Personally i am have both steam and retail version. But for mods im using retail, just in case...

+2 votes     reply to comment
Marvin_hun Apr 20 2011, 8:49am replied:

hmmm, to be honest I liked more the 1.1, the new version lost something from the original feeling, sry. The question is that can we play with the 1.1 on Tunngle? (Tunngle = LAN over internet, but it's working unlike hamachi)

+2 votes     reply to comment
deathteam15 Apr 17 2011, 5:04am replied:

100% 1.1 if it means a better co-op experience! I really hope you chose 1.1 and great work with everything so far! :) thanks

+3 votes     reply to comment
DocHoodia Apr 16 2011, 10:40am says:

Eh, well, after playing it, the coop campaign is more of a shooting gallery with really accurate, ridiculously stupid bots who hear a sound and home in on it, often moving in a straight line, to camp around your respawn point after swarming you like a horde of zerg. They don't even speak to each other like in the campaign, they don't run from grenades, they don't take cover. I know this is because they've been replaced with Assault Coop bots, but overall the experience is very sterile and devoid of the immersion of the original game.

Which may or may not have been the goal of the mod to recreate, but FarCry campaign this ain't.

I know this works in the bot war gamemodes, but I was expecting something closer to the original Coop mods, sans the god mode bugs, invisible helicopters and vehicle pilots, and unplayable levels. This is fun in a survival mode kind of way, but in a campaign kind of way, why not play default AC because this is basically just a map expansion. *shrug*

The mod is fun in its own right, but as for the campaign, I guess the pacing and immersion of a real FarCry coop just isn't possible.

I also know this is a one-man operation and it's extremely hard to pull off. It just got my hopes up.

+2 votes     reply to comment
flameknight7 Creator
flameknight7 Apr 17 2011, 2:11am replied:

but from what i guess i can do really is tone down the "difficulty" of the AI to make it feel like the original. SO what is breaking the immersion i might ask? In my option it is would the limitation in AI, vehicles, and animations.

From what i'm trying to achieve is allowing the clients to experience what the host(server) is experiencing. But in order to keep the clients synced with server, the server has to cut back on much data being sent to the clients.

+2 votes   reply to comment
flameknight7 Creator
flameknight7 Apr 17 2011, 2:00am replied:

its actually quite impossible to get the full single player experience onto a multiplayer due to the fact that the clients are not able to stay in sync because of the farcry 1.4 patch changes. Due to the 1.4 patch, servers are not able to handle more than 30 AI on the server at a given time.

What the mod is trying to achieve is allowing a stable and playable multiplayer experience but sadly having to take out several restrictions.

i know many of the limitations of far cry 1.4 in concerning the possibility of coop but to be honest the closest you can get to having a playable coop with "the pacing and immersion of a real FarCry" is with FarCry coop beta v8.2 however only works with 1.1 patch of farcry.

+2 votes   reply to comment
flameknight7 Creator
flameknight7 Apr 17 2011, 1:39am replied:

from what i was trying to achieve was more hardcore bots than that of the easy default AI. To be honest, realistic difficulty on vanilla Far Cry is much more easier. and I am not sure what you mean about them not avoiding grenades, taking cover, etc bc they do take cover, form groups, etc like the original. The camping spawnpoint thing is due to them coming to your body after death except you never notice it because you'd restart the whole campaign in single player.

replaced with "Assault Coop Bots" i'd say not true due to the fact that they are the same AI but more aggressive and spawned on the map.

+2 votes   reply to comment
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