ARX INSANITY MOD is a full inmersive mod. With a new re-designed gameplay, remastered HD graphics mod, new playable levels, quests, characters, items and more extended story-line. Adding new elements based on Dishonored and Dark Messiah games, you can play with a lot of new ways to kill your enemies. This mod also includes new remastered textures, new sound effects and soundtrack, improved code scripting and more changes. All the game has been changed and improved. You can replay the game over and over again with a variety of different ways and new powers.

A short list of basic changes:

-An updated and new redesigned gameplay, game difficulty now is more hardcore.

-New playable level: Miguel's fight Arena, available to play as demo intro and as a game new quest, you can fight in the club, bet for fighters or simply have a relaxing day of fun and beers.

-New playable level: The Underworld Void, meet the Outsider and get special gifts from him and use new powers like blink or rats domination.

-New playable level: Arx Rituals Room, now you can play and complete a new quest of investigation in a new area, the room where Fallan Orbiplanax was killed.

-New playable level: The Council Room, now you can visit and play inside the council room at the human kingdom.

-A new mini-game: Arx Fatalis Zombies, used to unlock new weapons and special items.

-Complete the game with letal or non letal ways, play as the most ruthless warrior, mage, assassin, thief, achemy weapon master, a lot of more ways or with your own original and creative way.

-Gameplay is based now in more action, with Dark Messiah based new elements, now player can run faster and do adrenaline special attacks, depending his Dexterity atributes.

-Arx have been remastered with some new high definition textures and visual aspect, sound effects and remastered soundtracks.

-The game is more inmersive introducing new quests, shops, characters, items, weapons, armors and more.

-Re-designed gameplay on levels and new lighting design, more dark and dramatic scenes.

-New Adrenaline ability, You can do especial adrenaline attacks, impale and killing your enemies instantly but only when You fill your adrenaline to the max level, You can refill your adrenaline status cover again fighting with your enemies

-New Shadow Kill ability, now You can do special stealth attacks, killing your enemies instantly attacking behind, unaware or once you're not In sight. Only available when You reach a high stealth points.

-The pied piper: Lead, dominate and feed your own herds of rats, rats can follow you as their leader and they will defend you of hostile creatures.

-Updated Am Shaegar animations: improved agility, run and some fight animations

-All game scripts are being modiffied and improved.

-More weapons and visual effects, when You use your weapons and if you're attacking someone, your weapon will change to a blood weapon, the intensity and blood depends of your use and hits (You can clean dirty swords with a bottle of water).

-Introducing the outsider, a new carácter taken from Dishonored™, used under permisión and only for a fun crossover.

-Introducing the guild of travelers In the game, now you can find them in a somewhere place.

-Introducing new 'elixirs' and special doses, used to heal player, increase mana or attack enemies with new posibilities and ways to go like gore explosions, shrinking, poison and anesthetic doses.

-Heal elixir: it can heal player in high levels, you can make your own heal elixirs and make these more powerful.

-Mana elixir: it can increase the player's mana in high levels, you can make your own mana elixirs and make these more powerful.

-Shrinking dose: player can shrink enemies and animals and can kill them easily or simply stepping on them (Player can suffer temporal similar effects if you drink one), you can make your own shrinking doses and make these more powerful.

-Reagent bomb extremely powerful : it can explode and kill enemies instantly, turning them to a splat of gore meat and bones, you can make your own reagent bombs, not necesary make powerful.

-Poison bomb: you can posioning people in high levels with these bombs, you can make your own poison bombs and make these more powerful.

-Anesthetic dose: it can sleep your enemies instantly but it don't do any kind of damage, but you can attack unaware a enemy while this is sleeping. you can make your own anesthetic doses.

-Dementia dose: you can make your enemies being stupid or make dance them for a short lapse of time, you can make your own dementia doses and make these more powerful. When the NPC back to reality, if player is in sight, the NPC will attack player, if NPC don't see you after waking up and he isn't in the enemies group, will be friendly but confused of what happend.

-Some new general and experimental animations.

-New types of guards and NPC's: for example normal guards, kingdom blinded guards or semi-blinded, goblins and a big new specie of gob called Giant warrior goblin, they are very dangerous.

-Trolls now can walk faster and with a very powerful strength.

-New merecenaries ratmen with masks.

-New charms, as exclusive gifts of the outsider, will help you with some modest and special abilities.

-Now you can hit and break barrels (Be careful with things inside barrels, you can't recover items after break a barrel).

-New stealth roofs for assassins, player can use this for slide on shadows and kill enemies in places of great height.

-New weapons: bloody, rustic, luxury and powerful new weapons.

-Introducing new golden weapons, luxury swords of gold or gems incrustations.

-Now player can make new weapons at the dwarf forge, can make 2handed swords, long swords, sabers and feather swords and all can be meteoric, mythril or of gold!.

-Improved and new food system, player can make a delicious pizza!

-New rare and common item on the mod: Bimbo donuts, only a funny and crazy idea I had.

-Some variations on general NPCs behaviors.

-New golem types: iron golems now can be murdered, ice golems, mithril golems and black golems.

-New types of ratmens: different textures and variations on stats.

-Spoiler alert: black beasts now are playing an important role in the game and the storyline, be careful with this.

-Spoiler alert: now, you can find a live dwarf on level 8.

-There is a lot of hidden secrets and cheats and easter eggs in the mod.

-A very powerful and very hard Akbaa at the end of the game

-Clarisse, the twin sister of Alia have his new own apparition.

And it is a very short list, hopefully soon bring you new updates and new changes, thanks!.


Programming all the mod, very long journals and too much hours for the last two years only on my spare time and only by me, that is the reason for the long waiting.

Re-designing the whole line story and adding new quests and things.

Working improving and fixing the new gameplay.

Working on all the game textures.

Designing new and custom scripts for NPCs and the new quests/events for the whole game.

Making experiments with some ideas that I had recently for the mod.

Re-designing the game and levels.

Designing NPC new code scripting and singular characters programming.

Testing gameplay and fixing all possible bugs.

Probably the game will have new 6 different endings, new primary and secondary quests, enough new NPCs on the levels and new shops, there is a new shop of a goblin called Shok, and a kind of rare blacksmith place with new primary character called Alessandro.

Too, too much work to do yet and I don't have any idea of when this will be finished...

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AIM only will be compatible with Arx Libertatis 1.1.2, vanilla 1.21 bring several bugs, bad graphical renders in some new levels, fatal memory crashes with the new HD textures, and missing sountracks, new dialogues and sound effects, also might cause rare bugs with some elixir effects and deaths on enemies, elements added to the game are affected too.

If you want to enjoy the original and the full mod experience, you need to install Arx Libertatis in their lastest version (1.1.2 Rhaa Movis), it is recomended for run the mod without system problems and play it with all the mod features, thank you.

Pedro Ordaz.

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merci d'avance pour ce mod que j'attends avec impatience !

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Pedro_Ordaz Creator

Merci beaucoup, je n'ai aucune connaissance du français, désolé s'il y a des incohérences, je travaille sur le thème graphique et la résolution des bugs

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello again Pedro!Looking forward to seeing what u have in store for us and hoping u keep up the hard work and at the end amaze us with something awesome!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Pedro_Ordaz Creator

Hi kolto7! I apreciate your kind of words, time is my nemesis cause I don't have enough time to work it but I will launch a short video about gameplay and to show you a little idea but without spoilers, I'm uploading the video right now. The video is an alpha-built old version :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

so pumped to play this, was just fondly remembering the storyline of arx while playing wizardry 8 and decided to look at the mods again, can't wait

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pedro_Ordaz Creator

Thank you again guys, I really like your feedback!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hello Pedro, I can only have the textures in HD??? The mod Arx Libertatis work but I had to get around the installation to maintain the original version in Italian, otherwise play in English. I do not know if I can use your WONDERFUL mods (Arena Miguel and prison goblins etc...), since my version of Arx is in Italian. PLEASEEEEE you can put the textures download in HD? Only folders with all the textures in HD then I put me hand in the game folder. Anyway, thank you very much for the great work you're doing with the mods, you're great!!! Sorry for my bad english i'm italian.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pedro_Ordaz Creator

Hi cyberpc thanks for your kind of words, that is wonderful. The mod is only compatible with libertatis, the vanilla/original game is very inestable and buggy, missing dialogues, new remastered sounds and bad quality renders with some scaled models and the HD textures are a very big problem, they bring crashes and fatal memory errors. Well I'm mexican and my native language is spanish, the mod will be available in Spanish and english versions only, I don't speak others, the dialogues, descriptions, books and other stuff were designed for these translations. In this days I'm very busy, I go to study at university in the mornings and work as employee in afternoons, I'm recording my own music album in weekends, is very hard work the mod now but in march for sure I will release the full demo with some features and the HD textures, be patient :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Infinitely thank you for your time and passion dedicated to this game. Do not worry about crashes and bugs, I will manage to make them compatible with my version in Italian, do not worry. I await textures in HD. March is near :-) Thanks to exist ... can not imagine how I want these textures HD. I love Arx Fatalis is a one of the best RPG!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Also tiny suggestion ; please make a new higher definition torch fire particle effect (:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pedro_Ordaz Creator

Yes I'll try with particles

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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