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Armored Core, When did you start? (Mods : Armored Core : Limit Release(OVA) : Forum : General Chatter & Feedback : Armored Core, When did you start?) Locked
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Aug 1 2011, 8:18pm Anchor

This is just a little thread i decided to throw up since MoodyDave's a big fan of the armored core Series... I just want to know fellow Followers (Ravens, Next's, or just downright lowly MT Pilots) when did you guys get your career as a Armored Core fan?

Feel free to post up the following or just chat.

Your first experience of Armored Core

Your favorite AC Design

Your favorite AC Opponent (be it from the Arena or Mission... or player... >.>)

Pictures (if you want to show off one of your armored cores... or in the case of moodydave, Create the damned thing in Max and throw them up for all to see)


Very first time i have experienced armored core was when my older brother bought a playstation X (First generation playstations folks, the ones in Red boxes that were wide and fat), the demo disc had the 4th mission of armored core on it as a demo piece with Reverse joint mech or heavy mech combination to play against multiple flying MT's and a few heavy armored MT's with long range artillery on a highway above the waterways, some minor turrets included that shot HE rounds against you.

I got hooked on the game since then and i started my collection from the very first armored core up to todays For Answer on the Xbox (i swapped when PS3 was out of my reach).

My favorite design of AC has to be reverse joints coupled with Long range rifles, they make ideal for stabilized shots and movement along with quick target acquisition when boosting about... Hover and tank were stuck between 2nd place for me but reverse joints were my personal all time favorite

My personal enemy to the game had to be my older brother, constantly creating AC's that were broken, damn Hovers with Chainguns that just were OP in AC2
Personal Favorite Boss though was Leos Klien from AC 2, He was a badass who betrayed the frighteners and seeked to cause anarchy to the whole mars government... Really brought the story in closer towards the Armored Core universe in my opinion.

but please go ahead and say something guys

Aug 6 2011, 10:49am Anchor

I got into AC with the demo disk for the original playstation that had AC on it, the Eliminate Squatters mission and the mission in which you raid the island fort with the artillery guns on it, after that I ended up getting a chipped Playstation and got an Illegal copy, but I wasnt satisfied, AC2 came and went and I enjoyed that and AA alot, and eventually ended up getting AC3 and Silent Line after starting going out with my Girlfriend.

I finally ended up getting the original AC game after 7 years of searching in real life for it without the use of Ebay, so by sheer dumb luck around the same time Last Raven came out, and then slowly moved onto AC4 and FA, I have always loved highly mobile ACs that trade off a small ammout of AP for being mobile and hard hitting when it comes to damage, that or going for the bullet hell style ACs that are just covered in gattling guns and missile pods.

My Fav boss battle has to be the Large MT on AC1 that ambushes you when your mopping up Chromes remnants, that fight plus the music was awsome :D


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