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AFP mod Main Developers

Menudos Game Development Studios:

pedagogue - Project Lead / Scripter
JoseThePork - Mesh editor / Mesh exporter
MackThePotato - Sounds designer / Mapper
DatuTheSoy - Private Tester / Consultant /Assistant
ExclusiveSauceYum - Private Tester
piNnaclebeN - Video editor
KiraYamato152 - Voice actor
Michael Palmero - Voice actor
LaGNeVeRFaiLs - Texture artist
Sniperwarfare97 - Texture artist / Consultant
DDogpatch - Mapper

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Today we wanted to show off all of our AFP handheld weapons. Most of this stuff was created by my two best cousins Joseph did the mesh exports, edits, and tweaks, and Matthew also handles it's sound effects. Without them, none of these stuff will emerge in our mod.

First up is our F88 Austeyr which is a australian variant of a famous Steyr AUG. Widely used around the world, including the Philippines. This is the standard weapon of the AFP Spec-Ops class (representing the Scout Rangers). As far as i remembered; I got this model from my collection of CS Source weapon skins.

f88 1

f88 2

f88 3

Next is one of DatuTheSoy personal favorites, the Ferfrans Enhannced Battle Rifle (essentially a license produced Mk14 EBR). This weapon is loads of fun and great for long ranges without sacrificing it's semi-auto capabilities. It has two zooming options for better accuracy, similar to the one from Counter-Strike. This is the standard weapon of the AFP sniper class (representing the Marine Scout Snipers) Thanks to Easy Studios for providing us a permission to use their Play4Free content in our mod.




Next up is the Remington R4A3 for the AFP Assault class (representing either a PH Marines or AFP Light infantry). Supposedly an Government Arsenal 5.56mm Dissipator will gonna use of that said class but due to the public demand, it is replaced by the R4 to please them obviously. Before I forget, it is now a standard issue weapon for both PH Marines and the Army rifleman replacing their obsolete M16A1. It is a fairly balanced weapon, having low-moderate recoil and a good rate of fire making it suitable to any situations, alongside semi and full auto capabilities. Thanks to ReapFreak for the mesh export, MasterChiefRulZ reskinning it, and [id]Angel for a very good suggestion.

r4 1

r4 2

r4 3

Now we want to show off our other unique goodies, the Ferfrans SOAR (Special Operations Assault RIfle) for the AFP support class (representing the PNP Special Action Force, request granted, I think). This weapon excels only in close to medium range engagements due to it's short barrel. This fires the same rounds as the R4 but has a select fire mode (semi, or full) and is fully-automatic by default. Over the past couple of months, the model has changed from the mesh hacked vanilla M4 Carbine, up to the recent one obtained by MiƂosz23, cheers.

soar 1

soar 2

soar 3

You may know about the M1 Garand from BF: Korea and Forgotten Hope, right? This will be the standard weapon of the Engineer class (representing the CAFGU conscripts) not the M14, as that said weapon will issue only to the NPA medic class in our future posts. Thanks to Nexon for giving us a whitelist permission to use their CSO content in our mod, cheers.

garand 1

garand 2

garand 3

Next we have a very awesome weapon, the famous LMG the M60E4 for the AFP Medic class (representing the AFP Combat Medic Battalion). The model has evolved from the previous one up to this which is belonging my old CS Source skin collection, blessing for me I downloaded it right away before the main website (i think is went offline soon after for unknown reasons. I really like this model not just the size itself but also retain the classic look from the older M60s. Again, thank you cousin max for using a KOS M60 sound effect to implement this LMG.

m60e4 1

m60e4 2

m60e4 3

For the Anti-tank class (representing the AFP Mechanized Infantry Battalion also, no longer as a Mechanic class for balancing reasons) they will issuing a G36C mocked up as the K variant to replicate the one from CrossFire. I tweaked it to perform only for close to medium range.

g36k 1

g36k 2

g36k 3

For the anti-tank weapon of the said class, we have something very special. This is our Armbrust launcher which came introduced in the late 1970s. The real-life one can only disable or knockout tanks whereas the in-game one can destroy armored vehicles in just a couple of shots. Also, their projectiles are guided missiles, not rockets, similar to the vanilla SRAW or ERYX, sort of a tribute to Half-Life HECU RPG, this weapon also replaces the M72 from EoD2 mod which is only a placeholder. Thanks to Crowbar Collective team for giving us a whitelist permission to use their Black Mesa content in our mod, cheers.

armbrust 1

armbrust 2

armbrust 3

Next we have an Colt 45 pistol we want to thank Easy Studios for letting us use. This weapon is one one the most classic American guns of all time, and was used throughout the world for over 100 years, still to this day. The model what you see here is the replica of the Government Arsenal M1911A1 standard issue for the Philippine Army.

45 1

45 2

45 3

Originally all of the selection class (except the Anti-tank) will using the iconic MK 2 "Pineapple" Grenade. But i felt it's kinda overused so we made an alternative by making this Grenade based on the Belgian Mecar M72.

m72 1

When it comes to melee combat, Regular knives are not very common for the PH military personnel on their CQC basis, so we decided to put this Bolo as a standard melee weapon for all AFP class kits. The stats are different to the standard knife, a single slash will instantly kill an enemy at the cost of slow attack rate and a slight increased range. One of the attack animations looks similar to the Arnis/Eskrima (which is our national sport) in terms of execution. Thanks to Satnav and MasterChiefRulZ for implementing both the codes and the model itself. Cousin Joseph changed the blade with the one belong to my CS Source skin collection.


Bonus for our next post:

The LAV-300 was used during the assault on the jungles of Mindanao in Operation Enduring Freedom - Philippines, and subsequent liberating Jolo, Sulu from Muslim insurgents. This vehicle has 1 × 90 mm Cockerill gun and 1 × .30-06 Browning M1919A4 Coaxial MGs. I didn't get this model from Armored Warfare but i ripped it from BF2: Modern Combat (Xbox 360) all thanks to my power of quickbms. Yeah looks kinda similar but the polycount and the render is different. The stats are similar to the 'xpak_bmp3' abeit it runs only on wheels not tracks making it a Tank destroyer/APC combo.


And lastly; for our APC, we have the GKN Simba Armored Personnel Carrier, which is a custom made model from different meshes. With the capacity of 5 troops, it is armed only a M85 machine gun this APC can harass enemy armor from long distances along with the higher speed as a advantage. By the way the Simba replaces the overly used V-150 APC to represent their uniqueness in terms of rarity, making a debut to the BF2 modding community alongside the LAV-300.


That is all for now! I would say the working in this mod on a very slow state is way better than working in a rush mode which the output is kinda bad. But compare to slower one, the output is the best there is no question about it.

To all haters/trollers, and stupid idotic 'Guests', Be Careful.

With that said I will see you on the next one, God bless!

Mod is not dead (whatever it is)

Mod is not dead (whatever it is)

News 3 comments

Just to prove that our development is still on going as of now.

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)


These are the Frequently asked Questions that mostly spoken by the BF2 modding community, enjoy.

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Does this mod have Philippine Navy for special coastal mission?

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Brian (Fast&FPS;), I talked to the guys a while ago and they said that Philippine Navy is already included. Instead of a individual faction(eg. SEALS from BF2 Special Forces) that specializes in one task, the Philippine Armed forces in the mod itself is now an all in one faction(no more selecting branches whatsoever) that can handle any situations in the field, get it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
DyordsTheBell Creator


Reply Good karma+3 votes

Huge thumbs up from me. I wish best of luck to developer for making South East Asia warfare mod!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Very great mod!!,,,btw can you add kopassus?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Indonesian army? I don't think so....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Check your PM please sanggithanda.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

This is great! I wish everyone dedicated to this development good luck. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
DyordsTheBell Creator

Thank you for your complement sir ChaosExhaust. :)

Reply Good karma+4 votes


Aside from what you saw here, there is more to come in the following days :) . No promises.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Let's hope so, looks great so far and I'm absolutely pumped to see a mod based on my country. :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes


Check PM mate.

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