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DDogpatch - Mapper

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Hello everybody, here is our yearly update for Battlefield 2: Armed Forces of the Philippines. Just like the title says this will focus only the Abu Sayyaf Faction but, before we get to the weapons showcase, I need to share this explanation stated by the mod author on why they choose this faction over the later ones.

"Reason on why we picked Abu Sayyaf as a antagonistic faction instead the other Radical groups (e.g Maute, BIFF, and "Turaifie") is because of their infamous accomplishments in the past alongside their sheer amounts of brutality. Also this group is part of the FBI's most wanted list as a feared terrorist group even though the previous leader was KIA. For me personally ASG is more notorious than Maute, period. "


We'll I have to respect their decision, kudos to them :). With that being said lets get to the showcase:

Lets start with this Melee weapon here.

A staple of every Filipino muslims since the early times, the Talibong bolo knife will be found in many kits for the Abu Sayyaf. Thanks to Valve for this bladed weapon.

Talibong 1

Next we have these unqiue two handguns. These are known as Paltiks; homemade inexpensive guns that are commonly seen in average criminal individuals. The pistol one is available only to Assault, Support, Medic, class Anti-tank, while the revolver one is only available to Sniper and Spec-ops class. Thanks to my pal DyordsTheBell who provided contributions on his personal collection.

Paltik1 2

Paltik2 2

Now we move on the primary ones; the Armscor M30 shotgun is a another unique weapon for close quarters, thus the Engineer is the perfect who will hold this weapon. The author who modeled this is gun is currently unknown but I'm pretty sure it is Filipino.

Armscor 3

Next I have this awesome SMG which is a good alternative to the UZI or MAC-10 during the mod's developmental time.

The KG-9 was a favorite of the common criminals, also it's a variant of the venerable, and infamous TEC-9. The KG-9 is what the Anti-tank class will gonna use on the Abu Sayyaf faction. Thanks to Valve for this awesome gun.

KG9 4

The next one is kinda obscure but it is unique nevertheless; the AK-2000(Philippine's first indigenous Kalashnikov) will be issued to the Abu Sayyaf's Medic class. Credits to DICE for the model and JONES™ for the textures.

AK2000 5

The Israeli Galil SAR(which is a carbine version of the Galil AR) was also another favorite used. This weapon is the primary firearm for the Spec-ops class. Again thanks to DyordsTheBell for his contributions.

Galil 6

Before we move on to the next weapon, let's have a short road block for a while to give all of you a vibes, in a previous post; there was originally an F-5A Freedom Fighter aircraft to be in the AFP faction arsenal but, all thanks to the blessing and good samaritan, we finally have this FA-50 as a proper modern multi-role aircraft. Credits to Karabiner for modeling, and Fat_Nerd21 for tweaks.

RB FA50 1

Now we continue; this M16 fitted with FIC-203 launcher will be utilized by the Assault class. Credits to DICE for the model and Tailer76 for the textures.

M16 203 7

The Abu Sayyaf insurgents will be using the awesome Ultimax 100(some Filipinos are mistakenly called it "Thompson" due to it's ergonomics, specifically the forward grip). For better accuracy, the weapon must be fired at prone position. Credits to Smilgate(Crossfire) for the model and Nexon for the texture details.

U100 8

Next in line is the unusual one for the sniper class; this weapon doesn't have a official name. Some say it's a Barrett sniper, while others it's a Arctic Warfare. Whatever the case is, I will call this a Syndicate sniper to fit the needs. Credits to Easy Studios/DICE for the model and textures, and JoeTheKasim for the mesh edit.

50calSniper 9

This next one is first to appear in the Battlefield 2 modding scene, the M67 recoilless rifle. This weapon is equally deadly against humans and vehicles, it will take a few hits to take out more heavily armored tanks, but nevertheless it is force to reckon it, the Anti-tank class will be issuing this launcher. Thanks to NEXON(Counter Strike Online) for this weapon.

M67 10

And finally from top left to bottom right, these IEDs have different purpose but it will leave devastating results. They are basically the same as the vanilla ones (BF2 M67 Grenade, BF2 M18 Claymore, BF2 AT Mine, and BF2 C4) only differ in aesthetics. Thanks to for the various bomb models, and JoeTheKasim for exporting them.

IEDs 11

Before i conclude, I just want to know that they don't have any vehicles in their arsenal as they are only focus on speed, and ambush, as well as surprise attacks and utilizing IEDs.

That's all for now folks, until next time for our next post ! ;)

P.H. Vehicles showcase

P.H. Vehicles showcase

News 21 comments

We're back! I will address something on what happened on this mod in the past couple of months.

P.H. Handheld weapons showcase

P.H. Handheld weapons showcase

News 19 comments

Not convinced? in our last post? You want to show on what weapons of Armed forces Philippines used, and what it looks like? Grrrr, fine!!!

Mod is not dead (whatever it is)

Mod is not dead (whatever it is)

News 3 comments

Just to prove that our development is still on going as of now.

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)


These are the Frequently asked Questions that mostly spoken by the BF2 modding community, enjoy.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 256)

Ok i had enough of this:

I received complaints from my team while working day-in, and day-out on my mod that some of the Filipinos out there simply posting none-sense/gibberish comments on the comment section. Here is an example based on their personal reports:

"add nyo po si cardo hahahaha "

"bakit may jeep dito "

"irelease nyo po yan please "

"How about adding SAF vehicles "

"how to be you po Sir "

Unless you are a good reader of this Notice:

Very pitiful isn't it? Let's be realistic I'm not really good at speaking nor understanding Filipino, but I tell you this; if you are really3x seriously interested in our mod; just simply Register(just like whats writted on the Summary), that's the only Rule we had, and please speak with respect. But if not, you better leave us alone. Here is the worse part, the more someone violate this rule, chances of me posting new mod updates will become slimmer, so give us a time to work it slowly in short:


Let me remind you I am the "mod leader" of this project, not the 'other one' from the previous years.

One more thing: "Guests" are not welcome here. They're spamming, and are just writing gibberish and nonsense, and are not interested in people's work, they only want to be annoying or insulting, they are not welcome here, Therefore don't waste your time, throw it. Again only registered people are. I've had enough of their spamming on my mod page. If you have any problems on our work, or on my development team, you have to go through Me.

Have a nice day, everyone. :)

Credits by: EchoOfDestruction

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

oh boi a scooter? now i want to play this mod lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
DyordsTheBell Creator
DyordsTheBell Reply Good karma+5 votes

I'm glad that this mod is still alive, it's got a lot of potential! When you get a chance, can you guys please add proper 3D ironsights to all the infantry weapons?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
DyordsTheBell Creator


3D sights to all weapons? ain't gonna happen because that's considered a realism feature. We want to maintain our mod as stable as possible otherwise it will be filled with CTDs and glitches if we gonna add that feature. Do you want let that happen?

Reply Good karma+6 votes

Yeah, I kinda see what you mean. Great mod still, I'm looking forward to the update!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

We'll said....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Is this mod still alive?
I'm looking forward for this :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes


Hmmmmm are you the one who co-developed the Battlefield: BF1943 mod, Kudos to you by the way :D. Anyway as far as current status of our mod goes; the team are still currently working on it ("not dead", period), along with the promised upcoming blog, I can't tell you when, they love surprises, so do I. Cheers!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Yes I am :D
Ahh glad to hear that, I really interested into this mod since the Battle for Marawi is over. I like the gear of the Philippines Army and Special Forces :D
May I asked how's the Soldier looks like in this mod? (Pardon my English)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
JoeTheKasim Creator

Hello sir timotimotimo, we'll the Battle of Marawi city is considered our own "Syria", many people especially our supporters wanted to have that in our mod :). In the we end we listened to them, but in our terms that the Maute faction will not be added, instead the Abu Sayyaf will take it's antagonistic place. You mean what PH soldier will look like in the upcoming release? I must say that it's the same from the screenshots but with a minor changes, get it?

Reply Good karma+6 votes

Alright that's fine too.. :D
I've just watched the video.

I really curious on how the soldier looks later XD
I'll wait for the updates of this mod later :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes


Thank you for the commendations fella but since I am not an expert to those kind of suggestions, my apologizes, but 'Interesting'. It's best that you will wait for one of the staff to respond it. Again thank you for the support, very appreciated ;).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
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