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AFP mod Main Developers

Menudos Game Development Studios:

pedagogue - Project Lead / Scripter
JoseThePork - Mesh editor / Mesh exporter
MackThePotato - Sounds designer / Mapper
DatuTheSoy - Private Tester / Consultant /Assistant
ExclusiveSauceYum - Private Tester
piNnaclebeN - Video editor
KiraYamato152 - Voice actor
Michael Palmero - Voice actor
LaGNeVeRFaiLs - Texture artist
Sniperwarfare97 - Texture artist / Consultant
DDogpatch - Mapper

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Hello everybody. For those who living under the rock in the past months, I'm here to get straight to the point on the mod status; the previous skipper who maintain this, stepped out last May 19 due "personal reasons" thus I took over it as a new herald, oh for those who don't know about me I am modder also (mainly from Generals and Red Alert 2), coming out of retirement to support this for one final run. Nevertheless he remains as a Mod Author, and a assistant to me, a God send to him ;-) . We'll so much for the passing on the torch let's get to the unveiling some more of new gizmos on the said faction.

Also special thanks to him and the staff who handed to me the info of this, I am more of a spokesperson of the team working of it.

First we will start off with our mounted Humvee known as the Marine Multi-purpose Vehicle which uses the .30 Cal M134 Gatling style machine gun. Credits: model author; daofeng, tweaks; ArmorPH.


mmpv 2

mmpv 3

Next up their main APC the GKN Simba. Known for it's sloped armor which makes it the best protected APC/IFV in the Philippine Army arsenal. The previous rendition of the model mesh is too repulsive & awful thus I made a suggestion to the staff for a immediate replacement thus it ended up like this:


simba 2

simba 3

Credits: model author; Fat_Nerd21, tweaks; JoseThePork.

Next is the LAV-300 courtesy from Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. With it's 90mm gun you use it as a Tank destroyer (similar to Stryker MGS), and a APC due to it's 4 seat capacity. Credits: porting and tweaks; JoseThePork.

lav300 1

lav300 2

lav300 3

Next up we have a really awesome armor unit. It looks like an M1 Abrams, and it performs like an M1 Abrams, but you are half-right, this is an M60-2000; essentially an M60 Patton in a M1 Abrams shell. For the sake of game balance it will only appears in a specific maps related to Combined arms. Credits: model; This comes to us courtesy of this, tweaks; JoseThePork.

120s 1

120s 2

Now we have a very recent addition to the mod courtesy from Battlefield: Vietnam. This M113 will be served as a mobile AA alongside the M35A1 Gun Truck in which it will be ported soon. Effective against helicopters but when engaging Jet aircraft it needs some tactics & coordination. Credits: RCW model;, porting and tweaks; JoseThePork.

m113aa 1

m113aa 2

Before i proceed to the Aircraft section lets have a detour on their unique stationary emplacements:

M55(in the mod; it's known as Mk. 56) comes from Battlefield: Vietnam. A semi counterpart to the PLA's QW2 Vanguard.


The M40 Recoilless Rifle comes to us from the made).


Last but not least we wanted to show off their Air assets:

Known for it's service in the Vietnam, the UH-1 huey is the signature helicopter of the air cavalry. Credits: model; porting and tweaks; ArmorPH.

uh1 1

uh1 2

Next is the MD-520MG which served as a both scout and attack helicopter. Credits: model; DICE(BF2), tweaks; ArmorPH.

mg520 1

mg520 2

Lastly, the F-5A Freedom Fighter will taking the role as a multi-role aircraft. Credits: model;, tweaks; JoseThePork.


Before I can wrap this up there are changes in P.H. handheld weapons category, two to be exacted:

This particular M1 Garand from the engineer class was edited to be resembled after the M1E5 and T26 (popularly known as the Tanker Garand) Credits: model; DICE (BC2: Vietnam), tweaks; JoseThePork.


Another weapon that has significantly changed in the Medic class was the M60E4 in both model(based on the E3 variant) and the stats. Credits: model; Smilegate(Crossfire), tweaks; JoseThePork.

m60e3 cf

Both of these guns was done under the request on one of the staff's main consultant.

That's all for now til next time ;-) ....

P.H. Handheld weapons showcase

P.H. Handheld weapons showcase

News 19 comments

Not convinced? in our last post? You want to show on what weapons of Armed forces Philippines used, and what it looks like? Grrrr, fine!!!

Mod is not dead (whatever it is)

Mod is not dead (whatever it is)

News 3 comments

Just to prove that our development is still on going as of now.

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)


These are the Frequently asked Questions that mostly spoken by the BF2 modding community, enjoy.

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Feel free to suggest any kind of ideas we would gladly accept your suggestions :)

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How's this going[seriously]? Last year or two found out the radio files came from an old CS files.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

It's going great fredboy yes the sound files of the guns came from CS files do you have any suggestions? we would gladly accept suggestions feel free to say :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

That's nice, I'm fan of both games.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
DyordsTheBell Creator


Thank you for the complements ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)=b.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

We'll said fella, also they don't post very much for the sake of secrecy and they also follow their doctrine:

"Slow but better output. "

Am i right Fat_Nerd21?

-Steve, BF2 AFP

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Yup we like he said we dont post very often because we wanna surprise the supporters and the people in this community when it's released, Also our progress is a little bit slow because we dont want to rush our work so that when it comes out it would Beautiful

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
DyordsTheBell Creator


Solid true 21 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Reply Good karma+4 votes
JoeTheKasim Creator

*found out the radio files came from an old CS files = We did implementing the HL1/CS sound files as a tribute, whats wrong with that?

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What are you trying to say Filipino?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Use of voice [Fil] or English is nice.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DyordsTheBell Creator


Nah, we will stick to Taglish.

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