Zombie mod for M&B, new faction and other ! Mod in english and french(60%)

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The mod would've been good if I was more immersed.

The zombies all look freshly infected, which, quite frankly, is a real turn off.

I was also expecting to be a zombie myself, seeing as how being a vassal for the zombie faction as a human is a little awkward and strange.


This mod is very far from finished, feels like hey rushed a release and called it a full version. The "zombies" get stuck in walls, teleport around the battlefield, and dissapear to unkillable areas randomly. i tried playing it and it just felt like someone went out of their way to screw up the native as much as possible and this was the result. took me 4 restarts just to finish the first fight you have to do in the town

verry good mod :)


Mod is cool, i like it!

Fun mod i very much enjoy the new armor and faction.


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