APERTURE'S HOUR fills the gap between Portal & Half-Life by giving a look at Aperture Laboratories during the Black Mesa Incident and the resulting Seven Hour War. Taking the role of an employee stuck in a testing cycle following GLaDOS' complete takeover on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, make your way through and escape the now malfunctioning facility.

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April 2012 Update

April 2012 Update

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A few bits of news. - Welcome Razor792 the new mod leader who is also doing mapping for the mod. I've been working on some graphics for the ModDB page...

Development of Aperture's Hour

Development of Aperture's Hour

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The Mod has been on development hiatus for quite some time now, and I have been unable to work on it due to a few circumstances.

Opening Up

Opening Up

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The Mod seems to be starting off well. 3 Mappers, a Composer, 2 Voice Actors, a Public Relations Adviser and a Playtester.

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